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The 25 most popular WordPress themes on ThemeForest (2018) ThemeForest is by far the most beloved place to find and buy WordPress related content. As of the date of going to press, they currently have 34,915 premier artwork and theme offerings - nearly 10,000 of them for WordPress! Here's a look at the 25 most beloved of them: many of them have become some of the most beloved WordPress topics ever made!

Stand out features: Hot topic for 5 years in a row. Enhanced option system and fully imported demo allow you to create any style without knowledge of the codes. Wonderful ready-made layout, black and bright skin, extended headline option, user-defined background. Enhanced blogs, types and portfolios as well as a wide range of user-defined widgets. Optimize for performance, built-in basic search engine, automatic topic update, integrate with key common plugins.

Children's topic compatibility, multi-site testing. Stand out features: Switch from a box outline to a broad outline, user-defined background, and side bars with a single click. A number of one-of-a-kind asset management product suites, predefined page styles, user-defined mail styles. A number of one-of-a-kind themes, categorised into 4 stacks, plus a number of stack-specific choices. Modern thematic option panels, child-friendly, multi-site proven.

Stand out features: Broad and bordered layouts, extended headline choices. Several slide show choices - 2D /3D /layered /fullscreen /parallax. Built-in WooCommerce, WPML-enabled, 20+ voice file including, optimised for searching engines. Children's themes supported, multi-site activated. Stand out features: The bestselling creativ topic with 210 demonstrations. High-performance 500+ shortcuts and optional modules, modulare shortcuts.

Twenty-four layouts, several head and menue style, full of portfolios, slider controls and a unique design, 15+ Bloglisttemplate. It is WooCommerce compliant, translatable, WPML and RTL capable. Simple, user-friendly, powerful management surface, simple design. Stand out features: Adjustable headers in 20 different style, supports sub-headers. Integrated MegaMenu, different submenus for different pages, integrated spreadcrumbs.

Includes children's topic, as well as demonstration contents in HTML-format. Stand out features: Up to 500+ short codes and configurations, graphical short code generation, 4 icons packages. Several user-defined slider controls with gentle pallax scroll, image/video background. WooCommerce Premium integrated with Ajax shopping basket, customized shopping basket and enhanced layouts. Integrated MegaMenu, off-screen meal, Ajax-finder.

Gear up. Stand out features: 130+ website templatas, one click installation templatas, 18 headerstyles. Enhanced Visual Composer, customizable headers, live preview backgrounds, more than 100 adjustable items. Stand out features: The Design Wizard function to adjust functions, and then click Just Build, 750+ Topic Option. Unrestricted headers layout, 4 portable headers layout.

Made WooCommerce compliant. Multi-lingual and translatable, already in 10+ language versions. Stand out features: SEO is a top priorit when designing this topic. The Slider Revolution with picture preloader, unparalleled transfer effect, embedded videos, auto play and other controls and jQuery slider. There are 11 widgettized areas that cover the width of the homepage in a dynamic way, many user-defined widgets.

WPML and WPML capable. Stand out features: Multi-purpose WooCommerce topic with one click demonstrationtent. Front-end user-defined page creator and large item libraries to create any website. Integrated sliders and banners, pull & dropping picture grid. Provide access to our Topic Option Panels and our own Drag-and-Drop Headers builders to customise everything. Integrated real-time scan.

Translatable, 12+ supported tongues and WPML-enabled. Stand out features: Bestselling blogs and newspapers of all times, integrated translationsupport. Featuring supported youtube/Vimeo clips, customized playlists, downloadable thumbnails, and a scoring system. Dozens of headers with top bars and their own commercials. AdSense and Google Ads supported, 13 pre-defined ads, 5 customized ads available.

The design recognizes the standard Google AdSense or banner and lets them react. Lots of customized Widgets - Wetter Witget, Exchange Witget, Instagram Witget, Social Counter Witget, Favorite Categorie Witget, Advertising Junction Witget and Authoring Junction Witget. New tickers, rotten shop, tailor-made light boxes and gooey menus. Stand out features: There are 60 colour options, head and foot shadow, one-of-a-kind page layout.

Integrated MegaMenu, 7 clear overlays for headers and footers, with user-defined picture download. Fully WPML compliant, pre-installed in 13 different tongues, RTL capable, including children's theming. Stand out features: Headers Builders Add-On to provide flexible headers, footers and portfolios pop-ups. Thirteen hundred+ symbols, multi-site capable. With parallax effect background, motion graphics of column and picture on each page.

Preparation for translations, RTL assistance, children's topic assistance. Stand out features: Eighty-six predefined page layout, multi-header variants. Individual background, para-lax effect, multi-hero sliders. Speed dialer for creating breathtaking items, 3 built-in customized Flickr, Twitter and Movie Widget wizards. Children's topic including. Can be used in several languages, WPML compliant. Stand out features: Integrated modular system with automatic release and several different kinds of windows.

Twelve homepage themes, epic shots, customized page themes, price list. Multilingual and WPML-enabled, translatable and RTL-enabled. Stand out features: No. 1 in the sale of blogs and newspapers with one click integrated demonstration importers. Ten user-defined page styles, user-defined background, several homepage slider, grid slider, flex slider, elastic slider. Mail Mail, Mouche View System, Ajax Live Search, integriertes Reviews System, Ajax Live Search, Flying View er, Flying Viewer.

Stand out features: The integrated demonstration importers and customizable options help you create your own layout. Includes Visual Composer with over 40 user-defined page creation items.

User-defined footing and headers creation, user-defined monochrome filtering options. You can enable or disable most topic functions separately. User-defined mail type, Symple MegaMenu and user-defined hidden effect including. User-defined para-lax wallpapers, user-defined headers videosupport. Own logos, favoricon, iPhone & iPad symbol up-loads. Children's topic compatibility, built-in community release for contributions.

WooCommerce, WPML certification, preparation of translations and press releases. Stand out features: Tailor-made Visual Composer, uniquely designed contents blocks for creating header and contents areas, footer lines, and user-defined archive. Includes 6+ menus style, one-sided menus, automated built-in MegaMenu, advanced raster system, excluding identical hights. User-defined iLightbox, user-defined service page. Intelligent cascading choices, soft scrolling, one-way scrolling.

Stand out features: Seven different homepage sanders, seven page styles, three user-defined mail items, 404 errors page. 100+ shortcuts, short code generators, 16 user-defined widgets. Multi-site WP capability, including kid themes outline. WPML-tested design with additional WPML-related functionalities. Stand out features: There are 7 different gallery options, full-screen wallpapers, user-defined home page slide mailings.

Create your own Widget, 35+ shortcuts inclusive, Full-Width-Audio-Player including. Define a customized mailbox for your portfolios. Topic Option Backups. to WooCommerce. Stand out features: Adaptable 7 predefined headerstiles. Vertical merry-go-round slide control plug-in in full width, various customized side bars. Integrates WooCommerce et WPML, thème enfant prêt. Stand out features: Three picture controls, four customized mailboxes.

Incorporated shortcuts, pricing charts. Four preview choices, preview manager. Integrated interpreter, WooCommerce-enabled. Stand out features: Click on the demonstration tool, 25 pre-configured layout, several user-defined mailboxes. More than one design, adhesive posters, user-defined background on each page. Seven user-defined page-based caption bars, premium $44 slider, plenty of touch-optimized short codes, easy-to-use short code generation, built-in user-defined Widgets.

Integrated MegaMenu, user-defined page layouts and page choices inclusive. Fully integrated WooCommerce, full translations and children's topics including. Stand out features: Quick and easy to use, full featured page creator for the photographer and creative mind. Prefabricated section designs for prototype, over 50 style building blocks, more than a dozen head and meal style.

Videobackgrounds, para-laxes and full-frames. Assistance for children's topics. Supported by WooCommerce, WPML compliant. Stand out features: Senseei e-learning system plug-in inclusive, 700 Fontello icon inclusive. rtMedia-ready, enables medium encryption, data protection, share, front-end file upload and more. Prepared for affiliation, various affiliation and accessibility tiers. WooCommerce capable Facebook log-integration.

User-defined mail type, mail format and 40 inside pages. It is WPML and RTL compliant, ripe for translating. Here's the 25 best-selling WordPress themes on ThemeForest ( Note: Do you need help selecting a ThemeForest topic? An indispensable guideline for finding - and buying - topics on ThemeForest! Of course, there are many other places where you can look for quality WordPress topics, so if you haven't found the perfect topic yet (see our general, all-encompassing guidelines for selecting the perfect topic for your website), you should definitely take a look at some of the other great themed stores.

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