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Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme. Brücke - Creative multi-purpose WordPress theme. BeaTheme - Fast response multi-purpose WordPress theme. Excellent - Reactive multi-purpose theme. The Jupiter Multi Purpose Reaction Theme.

Achievement test: Top sell WordPress themes on ThemeForest

Power is one of the most important facets of any website, but it is something that humans seldom seem to take into consideration when they buy WordPress themes. This summary will look at the ten best-selling themes on Themeforest in order of presentation, guide you through some fundamental proficiency testing and see what lessons we can learn.

The ThemeForest' Top-sold WordPress Themes page is refreshed every week, but you'll often see well-known gamers taking top places for some while. We took the top ten (see below) and played them off against each other with some joint achievement testing. Pagespeed Insights,, Pingdom and Chromes development utilities.

The majority will give us feedbacks about how quickly a website is loaded, its overall size, how effectively their asset is being forwarded, and how they finally get some kind of point number. Using these utilities, we have performed a demonstration on each topic and compiled the characters (see chart at the end of this article). Additionally to these testing, we used the Accessibility Audit plug-in for our development toolchain.

It is not related to how the topic performs as such, but the results always give an idea of how the topic is structured. Please note: These demonstrations are all host by the different topic-writers. There was a chance demonstration where several different choices were available. Nor were any openly distorted themes (e.g. photo portfolios) used.

Topic demonstrations are often designed to leave a strong impression, full of high-quality images and as much feature as possible. That means that demonstrations are hardly an exact representation of how a resulting website might look and act. It is likely that with your own copy you would improve the performances of all these demonstrations.

Topic writers are invited to increase their score in these demonstrations. Access audit: The ARIA attribute follows best practice, the element is well organized, and the tag is used correctly. Outstanding results all along the line. But ThemeFusion was able to significantly increase the numbers by optimizing the pictures used in this demonstration.

Pageview Insights went up from 48% to 88% on the back of the picture and shows how important it is to optimize the picture! It is nice to see that Avada was also constructed with a view to access. Access audit: Certain picture items do not have old attribute, the colour balance could be better for some texts (relative to their background).

However, by and large the design is well organised and the access is sound. In general, this demonstration downloads quite quickly; its pictures and files are not too bulky, and the site is relatively quick to use when loading. Access audit: 80 percent neglect contrasts (this is a rather obscure, brooding subject) and the flawed use of art rolls.

The topic is loaded very quickly. Like so often pictures make up the lion's part of the side weights (69.5%), so it wouldn't be hard to bring the homepage of this demonstration below the 1Mb-barrier. Access audit: Correctly used attribute on items, as well as role names for role names in Art Assemblies. Although the loading time of Impreza's restoration demonstration is not poor, its output is hampered by over 2Mb pictures.

Remarkable are also the shortage of CDN and the bad reaction times on the servers; two issues that are specifically for housing this demonstration and that you can slightly enhance. Access audit: One of the higher score topic demonstrations for barrier-free access that shows a fundamental strong point in building performance.

Again, no CDN is used for host this demonstration, which means it looses some points on Typically, this demonstration is trapped in being as visual as possible, breathtaking and losing page weights for picture clarity. With over 5Mb, this is the heaviest part of the bundle, but the picture is always something that is easy to fix.

Access audit: #91% A very sound #11y scoring that is only affected by a shortage of old characters in some pictures, a low level of contrasts in some areas (this ecclesiastical motif is quite muted), and the missing of a caption character on an israme. One of the few that does a decentjob to reduce overhead to a bare essentials, this demonstration gives us a sound 97/100 for imaging comps.

Instead, the low values come largely from hosted; no CDN, no HTTPS, bad startup reaction times, and a shortage of keep alive known as persistent HTTP connectivity, which can be turned on readily. Access audit: Little points lower the total points, but ARIA features track best practice, and page items have recognizable designations, describe their contents well, and are correctly organized.

This is one of the easier demonstrations here, but slider will always increase the page size, even with well optimised pictures like this. Editing HTML and other content would have aided Pagespeed's Pagespeed insight, even though the desktops scores are very good. Access audit: Poor contrasts in some items and duplicate item IDs are also simple solutions.

From Pagespeed Insights not seen with good eye, although the other rating numbers definitely like Flatsome! A good host is efficient for the site (pay attention to topic authors), asset values are reduced and sluggish download pictures help, which would otherwise be a medium page burden progressive. Access audit: Due to the impressive character of the graphs (which, by the way, I love), text on some of the pictures causes poor contrasts.

Page layout and the description of the use of features as well as the correct use of ORIA compensate for the lack of contrasts. I' m going to be sounding like a broke recording here, but five minute picture enhancement would significantly cut the cost of this demonstration. home-bg-08. alone, the jpg alone weights almost a whole gigabyte; the run through TinyPNG instantly shaved 87%.

Pingdom and Webpagetest show that most other features are very good. Access audit: Excellent results across the front, standards enhancements (image enhancement, JS and CSS compressor/concatenation ), but keep in minds that this demonstration is also equipped with a large excerpt that promotes other releases of the topic (additional complications that your own release probably wouldn't need).

With little efforts this demonstration could be upgraded to the Sub-1Mb family. Our summary of the results is now complete. After you buy a WordPress topic, how can you improve the website you create with it? You won't be surprised: A simple first point of contact when optimising your website is your pictures.

Clear away junk pictures, zip the ones you need, store JPEGs as "progressive" (so there's at least something to see while they're loading) and you'll have a good launch. We have seen that very few of these demonstrations prioritise picture optimisation, but that means at least that you will be able to enhance your results.

As for the known volatile Pagespeed Insights results, you will have found that all of these demonstrations (except one) for the desktop perform better than their portable counterparts. It no longer mirrors the way the web is used, so Google (and users) must carefully consider the power of cell phones to satisfy Google (and users).

However, you should do your best to add important early views style online to and make your site available as soon as possible by avoiding render-blocking scripting to slow down the loading time.

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