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The Divi is the flagship WordPress theme from the Elegant Themes team. Since its first release, Uncode has worked its way up the charts to become one of the most popular WordPress themes available today. The Ultra is a super-flexible, truly versatile WordPress theme suitable for all types of websites.

#12 Most Popular Premium WordPress Topics 2018

So if you are looking for the best WordPress themes you can buy for cash, this selection of the most beloved WordPress themes will help you find what you are looking for. You will find topics in this compilation that are filled with demonstrations for any kind of work. You' ll also find topics that include page creator customized or third-party editing utilities that make building customized themes for your WordPress site amazingly easy.

Some of the most sought-after premier themes also feature a broad set of functions that enhance your WordPress site from a regular blogsite to a high-performance publication site. So if you want to build a fully functional store or just offer a few articles for purchase on your website, most of the themes in this line have good e-commerce functionality.

WordPress themes that have made it into this compilation are characterized by high-quality themes, stunning selection of demonstrations and ready-made layout and template, many adjustment modes and choices, and really useful functions that make your site more effective. They are the most beloved WordPress topics for a specific reasons, and no matter which one you decide on, you will be on your way to create a great website.

The Divi is the WordPress Topic from the Elegant Themes Group. It is the culmination of their $89, 87 worth of excellence featured content and it is a powerful utility that can help you create almost any kind of website with WordPress. The Divi Builders is one of the best things about this favorite WordPress topic.

It' s simple to build and customize your WordPress Web site pages, home page included, with this drag-and-drop tools. The Divi Builders UI allows you to build customized page layout consisting of more than one row and column. Divi Builders module, which can be inserted into your customized layout, includes essential features such as a set of text and picture layout, button, gallery and pad quotation marks.

The Divi Builders module can also be used to extend the functionality of your website, which would otherwise require you to have installed extra plug-ins to use it. These include slide shows, price charts, test reports, e-mail opt-in reports, annotated counter and much more. Whilst the Divi WordPress themes and its build tools make it easy to create your own design from the ground up, the increasing choice of pre-built page styles provides an excellent basis for your own work.

Vivi also offers full e-commerce assistance which makes it a good option for shopping on line. In a recent upgrade, a separate test utility was added to the topic. As Divi becomes more and more mobile, this makes it a good option for web designer who want to quickly expand their preferences and integrate them into a new work.

The topic is packed with positive feature and opportunity, and you can get a complete overview in our handy Divi Reviews. This, and its great pricing label, has contributed to making it a favorite option that for many is the best WordPress topic you can buy. Since its first publication, Uncode has worked its way up the chart to become one of the most favorite WordPress themes available today.

In order to make it one of the best-selling WordPress multipurpose themes, Uncode is equipped with an ever-growing feature set. Uncode was first published in 2015 and has been continually upgraded and fine-tuned to stay a powerful and steady vendor on the ThemeForest space. Uncode 1.8 now offers an enormous collection of Uncode user libraries with individual ideas or website demonstrations from which they can select for their own work.

As with many of the other best-selling WordPress themes in this compilation, Uncode makes it very simple to bring your selection of WordPress themes into your website's Dashboard. In order to help you create uncode demonstrations of your own person, this topic contains the WPBakery Page Builder plug-in - formerly known as Video Composer - which gives you the option to edit the demonstration contents by dragging and dropping them with a powerful graphical viewer.

In addition to the Page builder, there's also a high-performance themes option pane that gives you even more control over the look and feel of your website, regardless of the kind of website you're working on, from an e-commerce shop to a simple blogs. Additional Uncode bundled premier utilities such as the Slider Revolution and LayerSlider Sileshow Builder plug-ins give you everything you need to create compelling website content.

It is also important that the functions of integrating online and offline data should be useful for anyone who wants to view contents from their own newsfeed on their WordPress website. Using demo files that cover agencies, portfolios, blogs, e-commerce and business engagements, you can really build any WordPress website with the Uncode topic. This is another WordPress topic bundle of power that can be used to build any kind of website with WordPress.

In order to showcase X's versatile skills, this beloved WordPress Topic offers you four major category of pre-configured demonstrations. Therefore, no matter what kind of website you are planning, from store home pages and line portals, to e-commerce shops and periodic blogs, your site covers it all. In addition, it contains one of the best WordPress page builder on the market, Cornerstone.

A highlight of the Page Builder tools is the drag-and-drop frontend UI. There are also a number of enhancements in your site that make it even more functional. It' a very compelling topic, and if you want to know more, be sure to check out our detailed feature report on our WordPress Themes.

But if you like what you've been reading so far, the shortened one is that it' s a very versatile feature, with many functions that have made it one of today's most favorite WordPress themes. Them is a new complement to this compilation of the most beloved WordPress Themes.

Featuring over 50 different imaginative approaches to your choice, this versatile topic can be used to build almost any kind of website with WordPress. Across several catagories and designs, each of TheGem's website demonstrations was created to a very high level. Actually, it is reasonable to say that each of these demonstrations can be purchased one by one.

But anyone who decides in favour of them will have easy entry to a very powerful collection of website demonstrations. Customising your website is no issue either, and the choices offered will help you understand why ThisGem is one of the most sought-after WordPress topics available today. In spite of the firm emphasis on aesthetics and ready-made contents, TheGem's makers have not missed the other key elements of creating a winner-issue.

Just as you'd expect from a bestselling topic, MyGem has been engineered to work fully with third parties' cutting-edge plug-ins such as WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Yast and more. There is also a good choice of useful plug-ins at no surcharge. No matter what kind of website you create, you should be able to use them to help you get your website off to a stylish start.

Since its first publication in 2014, Bridge has continued to be a favorite WordPress topic. The latest version of the Bridge WordPress topic contains over 145 fully loaded demonstrations. That means no matter what kind of website you create and what kind of look you like, there's probably a ready-made demonstration that's right for you.

But if there is no preconfigured demonstration that fits your plan, you can simply blend and match the various items of each options to make a custom look and feel for your WordPress website. You' ll also find the Visual Composer plug-in in the box, which lets you change any of the contained themes with ease or build your own from the ground up.

One of the most striking aspects of this topic is the amazing number of demonstrations. Bridge has much more to provide when it comes to building and maintaining your own website with WordPress. While the Core WordPress topic may not have 145 demonstrations to pick from, it has 16 different modi to help you create your website.

The 16 demonstrations covered a wide variety of project types, so there should be a suitable options regardless of the kind of website you are considering. The import of your chosen demonstration is easy and the one-click import utility makes the whole thing amazingly easy. That means you get full Page builder functionality that lets you modify the contained demonstrations or build your own extended page layout from the ground up.

Since both The Core and Unyson were developed by ThemeFuse, they both work harmoniously together. Its core incorporates full e-commerce assistance and the on-line store demonstration will help make this WordPress topic a good option for anyone who wants to market your product on-line. Learn more about this beloved WordPress topic in our test of The Core.

One of the most accessible WordPress themes, The Core is available individually or as part of the beloved ThemeFuse Clubs packs. Massively Dynamic is an interesting topic that, despite its recent publication, is already on its way to becoming one of the most beloved WordPress topics you can buy today.

However, Solid Dynamic is not your signature multi-purpose WordPress design. Rather than overwhelm you with innumerable demonstrations, this topic focuses on a website building tools. Neither is this your usual build ersool. Instead, it's a powerful, easy-to-use drag-and-drop Pagebuilder utility with an amazing front-end usability. Using the Builders API, you can click and drag-and-drop to user-defined themes that would simply not be possible with a default WordPress install.

Even though Masssive Dynamics is designed so that you can create your own website with the Builders utility, it contains 37 stunning demonstrations covering a variety of different work. Among them are corporate home pages, blogs, web pages of agencies and portfolios as well as advertising pages. There is also a good choice of e-commerce demonstrations for building stores on line and the massively driven build engine offers full e-commerce assistance.

All this makes it easier for you to design your own individual shop windows to advertise your product in the best possible way. Massively Dynamic is an up-and-coming talent in the field of WordPress topics and is already developing into a powerful candidate for the best WordPress topic prize. The Foodie Pro is different from most other topics presented so far.

Rather than be prepared for any given endeavor, Foodie Pro is focussed on assisting you to build a foods blogs or other kind of dining website. The Foodie Pro was developed for the Genesis platform. That means your website is solidly grounded, with Foodie Pro's classy styling and the WordPress capabilities.

So if you are building a website for foods and don't want to be swamped with decision making, then Foodie Pro and its sleek thematic style could be a good one. The best-selling WordPress themed book of all times - at least on the bustling ThemeForest plaza - Avada is a dignified addition to this compilation of the most beloved WordPress themes.

It' s full of features and features that make it a good option for those who have a powerful view of their projects and want to use it on their WordPress website. In addition to the advanced topic option controls, Avada offers a burgeoning collection of pre-built demonstrations.

Avada website demonstrations span a variety of category areas, among which include photographers, agencies, gyms, businesses, churches, cafes, fashions, entertainment, travel, e-commerce and many more. You can customize all your demo pages using the Fusion Builders built-in utility. Designed specifically for the page creator, this utility makes it simple to build user-defined page layout and then insert a variety of items into it.

Avada's clearly different demonstrations make this a real multi-purpose topic that can be used immediately for almost any work. is one of the best-selling topics for WordPress magazines and newscasts. Whatever your website publishes, from serious stories and stories to prescriptions, fashions, culture or travel ogues, the topic of newspapers has a ready-made pattern that fits.

Indeed, with so many different demonstrations to select from, there is a great opportunity that your news or magazines website will have an appearance that fits perfect with the kind of contents you publish. Following a recent upgrade, the newspaper's design now includes a all-new drag and drop page creator to help you tailor your website.

The bestselling WordPress topic also includes several ready-made templates for articles and pages, all collected in the tagsDiv Cloud Library. Using user-defined widgets such as weathers, money exchanges, pop-up reviews or a variety of online services, you can give your users useful information and make it easier for them to find more of your work.

When you want to monetise your website, the topic Zeitung contains an ad administration tools and many sites for advertising. It has a host of functions that will help you create a professionally designed WordPress website for your magazines and newscasts. The Soledad and its 250 demo versions have perhaps the most to show when it comes to ready-made designs and layout.

Soledad demonstrations covers almost every website categories you can think of. Whatever kind of projects you are considering, there should be a demonstration that you can use either as it is or as a basis for your own webpage. Indeed, if you want an inspirational for your projects and a better understanding of what this topic can do, there is a sample of practical samples of sites that have been built with the Soledad topic on its selling side.

There are an amazing number of themes and choices you can use when it comes to customising Soledad demonstrations and page layouts. Changing your website is very easy, thanks to the use of the WordPress Customizer interfaces. When you plan to use WordPress to create your own Web portfolios, you should consider the six different types of portfolios that Soledad has.

It is also a good option for building an on-line storefront, thanks to its full endorsement of the WooCommerce Storebuilder plug-in. For every event, Soledad has a trial edition that explains why this is one of the most beloved WordPress topics of the day. The Flatsome is an e-commerce topic that brings together the best e-commerce trend designs to help you create an appealing and highly convergent storefront.

Flatsome WordPress Topic was developed by the UX Themes Project and is an apparel company specializing in the development of WooCommerce-based e-commerce themes. That means that if you select Flatsome for your on-line business, you will gain many years of expertise in producing these kinds of WordPress templates. In addition to several e-commerce demonstrations to select from that cover a variety of different styles of stores, the Flatsome WordPress topic also features a drag-and-drop build toolset.

It''s a simple way to design and layout your website individually, complete with your window front and the pages of your store's products. The Flatsome theming is completely reactive to make sure your site visits are as simple to make shopping as your desk-bound customers.

The Flatsome is a very favorite e-commerce WordPress topic that contains all the functions you will find in the best stores on the web.

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