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The Vlog is a unique and powerful, creative and beautiful, elegant and smooth, easily responsive WordPress video blog website theme. The best Video Responsive WordPress theme is a great theme for any videographer, with clear design and minimal layout. #10+ Best Video WordPress Topics When you want to start a website that will record video as the primary source - created by you or gathered from somewhere else - WordPress will certainly be able to do that. If you want the results to be appealing to your audience, you need a high-quality WordPress video themed.

Whether you only want to post third party video or want to have it hosted on the site. In order to help you, we have reviewed some of the best deals on the web and put together a listing of the best WordPress video themes available. Every one of these WordPress themes is both nice and feature-rich.

TeMotion is a very stylish and neat topic for video sites. It' TheMotion's aim is to put your video asset at the center of attention, because it provides a nice, versatile and memorable look. Functions: reactive layouts, WooCommerce compatible, easy on your iPhone, optimised for performance, user-defined background, alternate homepage, widget pedal. Vlogger is a nice and stylish Vlogger phone designed with a clear and clear user surface.

Topic includes a full-width video controller, raster playback lists, and one underneath - all other current video. Overall, a very easy user experience and an effective way to broadcast your video. Functions: fast-reacting styling, automated video imports to YouTube, video play lists, automated recognition of video mini views, later display + movie modes option, over 200 post-layout combos, easy to advertise, 12 customizable shortcuts.

The VideoBox is a great topic for video, and it looks like a messaging website. There is a great sliding control and a clear and concise lay-out. Comes with a broadget pedal and many broadget roundabouts for your video. Functions: Visually customizable, fast response and retina enabled, WooCommerce capability, auto video thumbnailing, widgettized homepage, multi headers lieouts, feature rich images for category.

Videobased blogs with a clear and minimalistic look. It' intended for video enthusiasts and Vlogger since all contributions have video format. The video subject is very versatile, so that every subject fits very well to it. So, if you'd like to share and annotate video, try this one.

Featuring: fast-response interface, like/dislike options linked to dynamic channel, three distinct mail formats, widget-ready, AdSense optimised, optimised for performance. This is a neat and easy video WordPress topic, with a blogsayout that manages video grids. Comes with a slide bar and support various video configuration as primary contents.

The VideoTube is the ideal option for those who like both blogs and video presentations. Functions: fast response layouts, simple to integrate video, self-hosting video, Visual Composer plug-in, AdSense prepared, six colour schemas, automated video mini views. Cleaner design that can be used for streaming web sites, messaging, blogs, audio, and video.

Comes with a full width slide control and horizontally scrollable, many category and mail format options. Designed to support streaming video and video that can be either embeded or self-hosting. Filters your video by category and decides how you want it displayed on the site. Functions: drag-and-drop page creator, video side bars, fully reactive, limitless layout and color, WooCommerce ready-made, integrated super menu, retina-safe, customized Widgets.

Contemporary and highly engaging video gallery topic. Comes with a beautiful gridstyle on the homepage and a beautiful full width sliderstick. Video integrated with the slide control so you can watch any video directly from there. The SocialPlay has both black and bright skin, and you can use its multifunctional designs for any type of website.

Functions: fast-response interface redesign, voice and video managers, revolution sliders, video page creator, widgettized footer, fast video channel integration, user-defined page styles and page choices, Facebook logon capability. Drag Snaptube is a neat WordPress topic for video blogs. Snaptube can be what you're looking for if you want to make your own video, show it to the whole wide community, or just want to enjoy the best video from the Internet.

They can also use video advertisements and let them publish their own video. Functions: fast-response video creation, embedding or uploading video, user-defined widgets, limitless page bars, extended topic choices, drag-and-drop page creation, AdSense-enabled, video module. This is a minimalistic video blogger topic where you can mainly pose and present video and sound clips.

It looks neat and neat and has the default logout. There is a YouTube video Widget, photogalleries and a portofolio. With its slim body, WP-ClearVideo also provides space for advertising space. Functions: fast response, flexible layouts, page styles, fast and straightforward brand embedding, marked post slider/feature page sliders, multi-widge, integrated authors page.

It is an engaging and contemporary WordPress topic that has been conceived as a one-page topic for every conceivable use. There is a full width video in the back, great animation and an engaging look. It has a cheerful, colourful and very memorable look. Zerif lets you build gorgeous video art gallery and portfolio. Functions: user-defined topic Widget, infinite color selection, localisation (ready to translate), user-defined topic option (logo, soft link, page layouts, etc.), fully reactive, para-lax effect.

The Divi is a WordPress topic for everything. Designed as a single- or multi-page design, it offers useful drag-and-drop capabilities, para-lax scroll, an integrated slide bar, integrated mediafiles, and can handle many types of video - whether we're talking about background, video clips, or display cases. Functions: fully reactive, drag-and-drop page creator, video and video background, pre-built layout, fully customized, full integrated library of content elements.

Colourful and cheerful WordPress topic with many great cartoons, stylish and memorable specials, video wallpapers and an on-line store area. This is designed to accommodate many video types (the homepage can be customised to have several video wallpapers and tapes). Functions: Animation wallpaper, animation progressbar, WooCommerce store, infinite layout (Themify Builders integration), fully customizable, video wallpapers, asset mail style.

One of the best WordPress themes of the year. There are several different style themes and comes with a whole set of different themes and demonstrations that can be used for any kind of website. There is also a full-screen video headers and many ways to include or load your video.

Functions: Infinitely customisable, video wallpapers, shortcuts, layouts option, navigational option, fast response and retina capability, easy one-sided navigational setup. Beautiful and colourful WordPress topic for video blogs, with a classic and easy look. Comes with a videolider, a full featured video presentation suite (including videos), a multi-format postal supported blogs, and WooCommerce integrated for stylish shopping experiences.

Altogether a nice and minimalistic video WordPress topic. Functions: fast reactive desing, resize video and images, OEmbed function, self hosting video, simple customization, multi color, multi layout, Visual Composer plug-in. A sleek and contemporary look for WordPress on-line shops. Comes with a gentle and calming scroll effect, along with a clear and attractive styling.

The ShopIsle has a full-screen slide control on the homepage and classic animation. The best of all is that you can create fantastic video wallpapers and tapes that give you the sense of spaciousness. Characteristics: WiCommerce enabled, fast response time, video wallpaper, translatable, simple online forms, web browsing, soft-sign. This is a minimalistic video blogs topic, with a clear and straightforward homepage and an interesting grids outline.

There is a video-based headers, user-defined widgets, banner ads and a lightweight function for each video on the site. Functions: fast-response interface, gallery-style layouts, contents merry-go-round, video instantly viewing, video compatibility with any embedded video formats, SEO-friendly, banner ads, user-defined preferences. This is a great WordPress topic for journals and blog posts that focus on video.

Its multi-purpose minimalistic styling has a black complexion. It allows your visitors to contribute their own video, so you can build an engaging online audience on your site. Functions: simple video embedding, video sliders, auto video mini views, black and white ink color scheme, video comment coding, reactive designs, full width video mail, user-defined backgrounds and logos.

This is a great and easy topic for video portraits and blogging. This topic, if you are a filmmaker, can help you present your best works in a nice way. There is a full-screen video headers, a pull-down pull-down list and a minimalistic look. Featuring: reactive style, user-defined navigation, dynamic content management, translatable, SEO easy, widescreen easy, full-screen video, library area. reactive style, 9+ nicely crafted and pre-built template, Visual Composer feature, translatable, optimized tracks for performance and smooth editing, 6 different slider heroes, infinite color, retina easy.

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