Best way to Convert your Android to an Iphone

The best way to turn your Android into an iPhone.

Move to iOS from Google Play. When you live in China, learn how to download Move to iOS. Make sure your Android device has Wi-Fi turned on. Touch Move data from Android. Start the Move to iOS app.

Changing from Android to iOS (and vice versa)

Might be the appeal of the iPhone 6, or maybe the promise of the new Nexus handsets, but one thing's for sure: with all these unusual new versions of handsets, you wonder if you're using the right operating system. Changing between different operating systems is more complex than an upgrade to the latest iPhone/Galaxy from your old one.

Fortunately, both Apple and Google have tried to make it simple to skip their competitors by sharing utilities that will help you with this one. At the Apple conference on September 9, the Move to iOS organization heralded an application that you can get from Google to leave the Google environment.

As soon as you get over the gigantic idea that Apple has run an Android application that will help you leave Android, or the evil hatred review of the application, you'll find that the application really does help make the move easier. In order to launch the trial, please install the Move to iPhone application on your Android telephone. Then, take your iPhone out of the packaging and begin setting up your iPhone.

It can be a nuisance if you've already begun to set up your iPhone. After you have launched the iPhone set-up and passed the "Hello" screens, please obey the instructions. Finally, you will see an "Apps & Data" dialog, and from there you will see "Move Data from Android" at the end of the listing.

Now run the Move to iOS option on your Android telephone. Accept the General Business Rules, then click Next on the Find Your code page. Now you should have the possibility to input a 10-digit number. You will see this on your iPhone after selecting "Move data from Android" and clicking Next.

Once the passcode is displayed on your iPhone, type it into your Android telephone and let the transfer begin. Then your Wi-Fi devices will use their own Wi-Fi networks to talk to your Android phones. As soon as you have selected which information you want to transmit, the transmission begins.

A few things that are transmitted are images, sounds, emails, contact information, your web browsing information, your account information, and text. On the other side applications are not transmitted. In addition, you should probably verify that your file has not been committed before you send your Android mobile to retirement. When there are directories that get hung on your Android telephone, Apple proposes to use Android File Transfer to move them to your computer and then from your computer to your iPhone using manual file transfers.

Although there's no Move to Android application in the iPhone Retail store (LOL), using a Google Accounts to back up your information on your iPhone will make the transmission much simpler. This ensures that all your documents are transmitted. So if you want to move them, make sure your Google Accounts on your iPhone are synchronized.

Go to Settings > Mail, Contact, Calendar > Append Accounts and type your Google ID. Then, set the contact and calendaring switch to On. Now if you don't have a Google Account yet, get one. And you can synchronize your friends by connecting your mobile to your computer, opening Apple Store and locating your mobile for you.

Then open the About page and select the Synchronize with > Google Contact with > Google Contact option. As soon as you've entered your Google ID, your iPhone starts synchronizing and all your friends and calendar will be synchronized with Google's blog. Even if you already have Gmail, all you need to do is sign in to your Android telephone and you have full Gmail email coverage, which includes all your old email.

Unless you have a Gmailccount, you will need to install and login to a seperate e-mail application that will support your old adress. Unfortunately, your old text messaging will not be transferred to your Android mobile like this. When you want to transmit old text, you need to use a special feature like iTMS2droid, but it only transmits your text and not your message.

One more important thing is to make sure that you turn off your old iPhone's iPhone messages before you give it up. Unless you do, your friend with iPhone will continue to deliver your old iPhone your iPhone with your iPhone and you will never get them. It is very important because the standard configuration for IPOS device is to transmit text as IPmessages.

From your iPhone, browse and browse the Google Photo application and log in with your Google Accounts. As soon as your pictures are fully synchronized (which can take a long time!), you can watch them from your Google Accounts on your Android phone. In order to synchronize your iTunes to your Android phone, make sure you've already synchronized your iPhone with your iTunes libraries, and then set up Google Player Sound Manager.

Up to 50,000 free iTunes tracks can be downloaded from your iTunes libraries and saved in theoud. When you sign in to Google Play with your Google Account, you can view and hear all the tracks you've up-loaded. Remember that your tracks are saved in Google's Musikplayer in the in the Cloud - if you want to save them on your mobile local, connect your new mobile to your computer and copy the file.

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