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Recent website creation platforms are constantly evolving with the best technology to offer their users the best. Overworked:: The A. I. Powered Website Creator has passed stringent tests.

Also in the era of modern digital communication the construction of a website is an important stage to establish your website. There is not enough functionality in your community to really make your new business stand out. Recently I resolved to build a website for the publication of my books, and created two completely different websites.

They used the Joomla program idiom, which I tried a few time ( thanks to my son-in-law who did most of the hard lifting). And the other one used Wix, an application for creating websites. I had a few goals for the Joomla page. And I wanted many hyperlinks to the bookshops, quotations from the books themselves and from those who supported them, and an extract that would let readers see.

My son-in-law made a website that met my needs in about a fortnight. In order to programme the page containing the extract, he provided hyperlinks to click through the text. Having to re-learn the registration and host processes of a website site, configuring my own e-mail, and looking at Google web analytics myself.

With Wix I chose to begin with the fully automatic A.I. functions. Typing in the words "book" and "author", I found out that Wix did a great job to format a website that looks something like what I wanted, with a few optimizations. It had a large section in the center of the page for the hardcover or an illustration that supported the subject of the novel, and it was simple to choose some page parts such as a bookshop and contacts information.

At the bottom right I've added a popup that works with the Wix application on my mobile device - when someone is chatting through the website, my iPhone displays an alarm that someone wants to speak. Just added an e-mail newslettersheet - that was a bit more complex in Joomla.

The Wix allows you to keep up to date on subscriptions and newsletters, which is much more than you can do in Joomla. A Wix ad ultra-basic website will cost $5 a month, but to take full benefit of Shape Builder, Google Find Optimizer capabilities and an on-line shop, you can be sure to spend more than $25 a months.

Wix, however, offers more features in the end - the subscription to the newsletters, the Supportchat and the backend tool for advanced search, an on-line shop and additional merchandising make it inexpensive.

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