Best website Builder for Bands

Best-of-Breed Website Builder for Bands

This is one of the best for a simple setup. Many artists find the idea of creating a musician's website frightening. It's very easy to create a website with a music-oriented WP theme and host it on Bluehost.

Musicians' guide to creating a website

Lots of performers find the notion of creating a musician's website frightening. It' s tricky, it can be costly, and is it really necessary with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Spotify, Bandsintown and all the other websites you need to keep track of? Whilst a tremendous amount of commercial and support expansion is taking place on online community content, if you don't have an efficient website, you will have a tough job finding and getting attention from supporters and the community (bloggers, manager, A&R repos, etc.) as well.

It' s quite possible to make an efficient website at an accessible cost. There' a worldwide market place with marvelous plattforms and gifted designer (like ours) who can help you make a nice website for a few hundred bucks. Or if you're willing to do some of the work with a predefined theme, an efficient website can be built for less than $20/month at no outlay!

Lots of performers make themselves mad to create web pages because they forgot that ease is the keys. There are two things your website can do: it does not do anything: GoDaddy is the simplest way to create a registeredomainname. With GoDaddy you can either registrate a domainname in almost every land or you can use other country-specific pages like (AUS).

Please registrate the name of the domains you want to use. TIP: Try to buy a domainname that corresponds to the addresses on your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.. That way, if someone googles you, he will find your website and all your search able online portals easy. Collaborating with a website builder can get you going quickly, and if you're computer literate, you don't need a web design professional to create the website for you.

It' simple to use, there are lots of great template choices and the first months are free! Websites come with a free customized domains, and they make it easier for you to build a nice, pro website. When you are confronted by the clients (they are navigationable, but not so easy!), you might consider employing a design engineer to help you first.

Getting puzzled by your website will make them go quickly, so keep it straight! All your website should be easily navigable, with a navigation bar at the top of every page so your visitor can see it (not bury it where they need to go to scrolling down). Make sure your homepage includes your name and your tone of voice, or a compelling picture that makes your audience comprehend who you are and how you ring.

Below are some efficient and inexpensive musician sites we've recently created. Those artists sites were created with Bandzoogle: Sorry, this website was created in Squarespace: The majority of the website builder presented above will help you. Their website should be a focus where a new supporter can find everything you do in your area.

Having a Spotify follow badge is also a good complement to a homepage. You don't have to have a long tune to be efficient; it just has to describe your tone in a few words or phrases and, if possible, include it on your homepage or make sure it really sets itself apart in your biography.

Integrate your best video, compile your best media citations, create a hyperlink to an audio band that you have interviewed. Ensure that they can find out where they can buy your iTunes, Amazon, etc. songs. Today, humans are so used to streamed that if your homepage doesn't have an easily accessible sound cloud or spotify connection, they may loose interest.

A Bandcamp encapsulated hyperlink is a good trade-off (people can broadcast it, but there is still a purchase opportunity, or better yet - buy what they want). Bandsintown is recommended. All you have to do is instruct others to subscribe to your newsletters! An " free of charge e-mail replacement file " field is an easier way to create your own lists.

Set up an artists album, load a song (or two, or ten), then go to the Tools section and down scrolling to 'Embeddable Widgets'. It will give you a nice little knob that you can place on your website. Ensure that you have your contacts information with an email adress or a contactsheet, so folks like you for advertising on line, making reservations or just telling you that they like your tunes.

You' ve got to make it easier for them to find you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or wherever you want to be found. Keep in mind that your media should also reflect the sound and styling of your website! Would you like us to create a musician's website for you?

Please click below to fill in a request blank where you tell us your needs and we will make an appointment to call you to create your website as soon as possible.

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