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Best-of-breed website creator for companies

It gives credibility to your company, organisation or personal brand. #3 Best Website Builder for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups Join the website builder community. Allowing you to bring your business on-line with a minimal storm and stress. While your website may not be a valuable gem that ignites the globe with imaginative integrity, it allows you to spend even more of your company's valuable manpower and effort on key business operations.

From the countless choices there are, Squarespace, Wix and Weebly have climbed to the top to give your aspiring business an appealing web experience. Square Space (see our review) is one of the highest ranked website builder on the market and an outstanding business startup tool. Squarespace was founded in 2004 and supplies 1.

Eight million sites, much less than Wix and Weebly, although this is largely due to the absence of a free schedule at Squarespace. Squarespace users are Wired Magazine and Cisco - if you use Squarespace to support your company's web site, you'll be in a reputable organization.

As one of the few website developers who has established itself in the minds of the general, Squarespace is obviously doing well enough to buy a Super Bowl ad with Key and Peele. Unfortunately, unlike many other website developers, Squarespace does not offer a free trial although you can try it for 14 free day. Usually the free schedules provided by website farmers are quite sparse and missing eCommerce and other important functions, so you probably want a payed schedule for your business anyway, no matter which website builder you use.

With dozens of choices of templates, Squarespace doesn't have the largest choice of template in the business, but the ones it offers are really distinguished by excellence and sophistication. In addition, they are fully customisable and can be adapted to the needs of your company. Particularly suitable for those in the creativity business, they will provide an embarrassing wealth for dining, photography and music.

The Squarespace solution incorporates a rugged eCommerce system that allows customers to track/manage their inventory, monitor payments, and generate vouchers and promotional code. This means unless you are adding widgets that refer to other payers, which allows Squarespace. Note that Squarespace will charge a 2-3% additional to Stripe's transactions charge.

Squarespace's own deal charges will be eliminated in its seperate and more expensive e-commerce schedules. Squarespace provides 24/7 e-mail technical assistance, a knowledgebase, online communities and online chats (weekdays from 3 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST), but no telephone assistance. There have been a number of individuals who have reported difficulties in reaching client service - and indeed we have.

Square Space has a great deal to offer, but its client services might require a little work. Detailed information about Squarespace can be found in our Squarespace reviews. WebBly (see our review) is a highly acclaimed and respected website building tool with many functions aimed at addressing the business owner. Established in 2006, the business currently hosted over 30 million Web sites and is available in 15 different language versions - making it the perfect choice for the global business.

At Weebly we offer a free and unlimited schedule, so it's great if you're just getting started and aren't yet prepared to get involved with eCommerce or other enhanced functionality. When your business is mature, you will probably want to choose one of the remunerated schemes. At Weebly, we offer 24 highly reactive styles that are categorised by theme and not by sector, although all are customisable to your specific area of expertise.

Weebly' neat little thing is the possibility to include communities in your website if you want to offer a place where your clients can share their experience. In fact, you can even mix this with Weebly's member functionality to build a home users board. Weebly' s eCommerce system is powerful, though slightly less than Squarespace or Wix.

Four different methods of handling payments are offered by Weebly: All of them charge a deal charge, as does Weebly itself in its Starter and Pro Schedules. Weebly' transactions commissions are remitted in his first-class business blueprint. If you want to resell your goods digitally, have a stock administration and want to provide voucher code, you also need a business planning.

When it comes to third-party integration, Weebly's recently added App Center provides comprehensive features that update Wix and others with Wix. WEBLY provides real-time chats, e-mail alerts (via the Ticket System ), a knowledgebase and, contra Squarespace, telephone alerts, but only for Pro and Business Plans customers.

We' ve found that Weebly's support is fast and useful. Find out more about Weebly in our Weebly test. The Wix (see our review) is a huge player in Website Building and offers an abundance of choices and functionality for the business to be. Wix, with operations on four continents and 77 million unique visitors in 190 nations, is a truly globally recognized trademark and one of the few website developers ever list on Nasdaq.

Wix has over 500 originals, and although they're a little less beautiful than Squarespace's, they look better than Weebly's... and did I say that there are over 500 of them? Wix template does not respond completely on the move in comparison to Squarespace and Weebly sites - it does not adapt itself to different display thicknesses.

Wix's eCommerce is powerful and highly appreciated. Those payments processor calculate a per transactions rate, but unlike Squarespace and Weebly, Wix itself does not calculate a per transactions rate. Note, however, that Wix's online store is only available with Wix's two most expensive schedules, and Squarespace/Weebly will forego their deal charges in their most expensive schedules anyway.

As Squarespace and Weebly, Wix provides functions such as stock control and voucher code. A real benefit of Wix's eCommerce is that it allows you to receive off-line payment - money, cheques, bank transfers, etc. - and to make the payment in the most convenient way. In addition, Wix listeners can freely resell Wix Music mp3 and other sound file content without having an eCommerce or personal service plans.

You can integrate all kinds of functions into your Wix page via the Wix App Market. Wix's after sales services are not as complete as some others. There is a toll-free number, knowledgebase and forum, but no online chats or e-mailing. A lot of people have found that this telephone assistance is much less than immediate.

Learn more about Wix in our Wix-Test. So which Website builder is best for your business soul? Our three shortlisted companies are offering similarly low-cost pricing schemes, but a more detailed analysis shows that Wix customers are paying more for eCommerce and prioritized services than Weebly and Squarespace customers.

Unlike Squarespace, however, Wix and Weebly provide free start up maps for those who would rather go into the swimming pools first. Overall, I give Squarespace a light advantage with its best-in-class template (rest assured, no matter what site builders you use, most of them will stick quite close to the provided templates), feature-rich features, robust e-commerce, and competitively priced, easy to use.

In third place, Weebly comes close with its member functionality, customized videoplayer and great support.

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