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Top Website Design Templates

An index of the best WordPress themes and website templates, handpicked by quality. Your selection: Every designer strives to be a reactive. free website templates, all templates are free CSS HTML templates, open source templates or creative commons-templates. Do you want to create an amazing website for your non-profit organization, but you are not so technically savvy? View the best non-profit website templates that make design a breeze.

And who has the best design templates for websites?

Are you not a web design specialist (like me:)), you're probably interested in having fun, cheerful, SEO-optimized templates that fit your specific needs perfect, right? As I always prioritize qualtity over amount, I can suggest templates that can be found on Ucraft. Each template is subdivided into several chapters that are appropriate for each kind of business: 1. Kickstart your entrepreneurial careers with a professionally designed and unforgettable templates for your website busines!

Personally - Sharing your mood, your dream or your business with your own website templates! Restaurants - Present your excellent menus and your dining ambience with tasty website templates! 4th Travel - Sharing your wacky adventure and tales with pristine website templates! Sports - Go with something you passionately like and create a sports website template for your hit website!

6th kind - Get a stunning arts website submission to make this fantasy realizable! Design - Build a design website that is deadly, looks like one eyes, senses the other! Photo - Sharing your memories of your lifetime with an eye-catching photo album! Portfolios - Your portfolios are the real value of your jobs, so make them look great with website templates!

Blogs - Tell us about your company, your adventure or anything that inspired you - start creating your own blogs now!

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Start your projects with templates, logo downloads and design elements. Find the designers of your dream in our designers portfolio section. Send your drafts to our presented design gallery. Let the word get out that your design has made the difference at the CHP with these classy Badges! If there is another convincing contribution that you can agree on next year, I will certainly wait for it.

Top 8 non-profit website templates (no coding required!)

Build a nice website that attracts the interest of your contributors without requiring any technical knowledge. Build a nice website that attracts the interest of your contributors without requiring any technical knowledge. Specializing in nonprofits? The stand-out functions include: This is a series of non-profit best practise templates. Simply adapt a set of templates developed with non-profit best practices in mind. Find out how you can do this.

Ready-made donations, memberships, meeting registrations, and other materials will help enhance your efforts. Web site policy and unrestricted technical assistance. The templates offer the added benefits of web design consulting and limitless technical assistance. The Inspire is more than a model; it is a convenience! The DIY Inspire bundle begins at just $90 per month.

Specializing in nonprofits? The NativeChurch is a WordPress submission that is intended for church use, but it can also be used for other kinds of organisations. The stand-out functions include: It has a one-of-a-kind sermon management function that allows a church to directly generate and load multi-media messages on its website. NativeChurch's submission contains a donation gateway where church members can receive and follow the tithe.

Submission begins at $59 for a normal licence. NativeChurch templates have some uniquely useful functions. One of the most remarkable are a sermonager ( previously mentioned) and an eventmanager that allows nonprofit organizations to register meetings and administer RSS feeds directly from their Web sites. Specializing in non-profit?

is an HTML style sheet developed specifically for church use. A few outstanding functions are: Multipage originals. There are 7 pages in the original version of the Peace Web site that will help you create several pages on your site. One of the biggest drawbacks of the lightweight of peace topic is that it was created with HTML and not with a website builder (like WordPress), so maintaining it will require programming.

You can start the original $14 package for a full licence. There are 7 different pages in the original version of the Peace Kit, 4 colour charts and a typeface function that allows church and nonprofit organizations to customize the kit. Customize the design to your own individual needs and make your website reflect your business.

Specializing in nonprofits? Sports is a HTML and Word press based form of a game. The stand-out function includes: Reactive design. Sports templates use an appealing design so they look and work well on any machine. And it even incorporates side-swing GPS that' specially developed for portable use! There are 45 HTML page templates, several galleries style sheets, limitless colour variation and over 400 symbols to use.

It is also SEO-optimized and comes with a Google Analytics plugin that helps companies keep track of the power of their pages in keyword ranking. Sport-HTML templates start at $20, WordPress-Templates at $64. The Sport-Template is very adaptable and versatile, allowing non-profit organisations to create a number of looks that mirror their own distinctive brand names.

Specializing in nonprofits? Lifeline templates are supplied in both HTML and WordPress versions. The stand-out functions include: Functions of the sliders. Lifeline artwork contains a uniquely designed slide control function that allows companies to animate their pages by choosing from a variety of different types of animations. In addition, their templates are assured to be highly reactive so that every supporter on every machine can navigate to an easy-to-use website.

Lifeline HTML templates start at $18, WordPress templates start at $69. In addition, they provide both HTML and WordPress capabilities and are targeted at non-profit organizations with different level of technology. Specializing in non-profit? is an HTML submission developed for non-profit organizations and corporations. The stand-out functions include: Functions included. The name of this product comes from the one-of-a-kind slide-jump function, which smoothly skips to a specific page instead of going to another page.

The Jump Eco submission contains an integrated transactions formula where you can receive gifts and other gifts. Remember that this HTML templates was created with HTML, so your company needs a fundamental programming knowledge to adapt it. Jump Eco submission is only $20 for a standard licence.

For nonprofit organizations that want ease and keep their Web sites to a minimum, our one-page page design and slide-jump themes are ideal. There are also extra features such as animations to make your website look different! Specializing in non-profit? Your nominee is a website submission that is available in a wide range of formats:

HTML, WordPress, Drupal and Photoshop. The stand-out functions include: Candidates come with a large number of ready-made pages that have been developed for a number of requirements, as well as 3 homepage templates. With an easy-to-use diary of activities, this templates gives donors easy access to pending fundraisers. There are also touch-capable contentslider functions, a portable design and much more.

18 HTML, 59 WordPress, 58 Drupal and 10 Photoshop. You can not only adapt the design across several different plattforms, but you also have many functions available to adapt your website to your needs. Specializing in nonprofits? Charity templates can be obtained in either HTML or WordPress format.

The stand-out functions include: When your company sells goods to collect funds for your purposes, you can simply create an on-line market place with Charity's trading page templates. Charity WordPress topic also contains a donations gateway from Stripe, a visually minded songwriter who offers extra functionality, customization, and much more.

Charity WordPress themes cost $49, HTML $21. From multi-purpose fundraisers to produce marketplace plug-ins to Eventmanager plug-ins, the Charity WordPress charity makes fund-raising for your purposes simple. To say nothing of the fact that it was developed to put your concerns first so that your supporter knows what your organisation is all about when they get to your website!

Check out 22 bits for stunning non-profit web design. View star website samples from non-profit organizations like yours. See the best non-profit web design companies. Rate the best non-profit website builder.

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