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Have a look which topic you like best! #7 Best WordPress Website Themes for 2018 Video Artists Videotape has a big influence on the way we capture our memory. As interest and the number of consumers offering high value videos increases (Youtube and facebook are overcrowded with options), it becomes unbelievably hard to differentiate and attract users' interest. But if you are serious about your film making carreer, consider creating a good-looking, uniquely designed website that fits your styling and your brand-to show off your personalities and provide an unforgettable storefront for your work.

Please note: For quick page load, we suggest using embed embedded movies over self-hosted movies. Every list of galleries you can see in demo files works perfect with pictures and/or movies. It is a vibrant, engaging website topic that offers enhanced features and designs for the videographer and those who integrate camera and cinema in their work.

The WordPress website creation is about creating rich, engaging and engaging WordPress website preview. The predefined page layout displays your videographic assets in a charismatic way and provides a refreshing, contemporary touch to your videographic website. It' ideal for all those who want an easy and effective way to present their videos to weddings, travellers, lifestyle or advertising people!

Leon is a cheerful, versatile website topic developed for filmmakers, photographers and creative people who want a vibrant, entertaining and contemporary look for their website and display case portfolios. Most of the advanced features of the Moody Classical Style Kit are presented in Movie Option and Pad mode, but can be used in any of the three different styles or on a user-defined page tree that you create with the available pads.

There are 3 styles - Classic, Lifestyle and Dark - that you can change between, customise all colours, lettering and layouts to create your own videographic website. Postage provides several ways to view your movies in slide shows or block movies by embedding them on your favorite websites like YourTube or your favorite websites like your favorite TV or your own host movies for the slide.

The Cube is a visual refinement, courage ous and sophisticated website topic developed for video filmmakers and professional photographers who want a content-driven look and feel to present their portfolios on-line. Whilst offering its patrons a neat and elegant look, it is full of functions and layouts to help them select and create the ultimate videographic website.

Imprise your customers and supporters from the first seconds they visit your site by presenting some of your favourite clip right at the top of the full display on your home page. Continue to dazzle them through an exhibition of your videogalleries. The four individual galery items found in our Style Kit 1 & Style Kit 2 are perfect for embedding your movies and pictures.

Crown is a contemporary, artistic subject with an sleek, contemporary touch and a variety of customisation choices, slide shows, portfolios and blogs listings. You will be amazed at how much this redesign has to say with its out-of-the-box functionality, while its advanced pull &drop backend makes the website creation experience pleasant and engaging.

Offer your customers and prospects full size screenshots or neat, sophisticated online photo galeries. View your work using one of 3 breathtaking individual photo galery themes. Easily attach a videoset of YourTube or your favorite movie to any page or posting. Or, insert a self-hosted videotape into a ribbon in your home controller.

You' ll also be falling in love with the Creative grid, an aerial 2-column raster that shows all your presented pictures for the full-sized movies. Just click on one of the pictures and your movies will appear in a pop-up slide show. Or, use a masonry raster that easily downloads your entire videogallery as the viewer navigates down the page.

You can click on one of the pictures to see your video in a pop-up slide show. The Osaka design provides a refreshing, almost breezy look that adds a special touch to your corporate identity and your imaginative visions. Add a WOW effect by looping one of your nice video movies, add it to the Master Slide Show, or add it to a contemporary right-aligned slide showallery.

This is your topic if you are looking for more creativity for your web site and your product range. So if you have fell in Love with one of our topics that is not listed here, you can still try it. Just drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram and we'll be happy to help you determine the best look for your company.

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