Best Windows 10 Launcher for Android

Best-of-breed Windows 10 Launcher for Android

The best Windows starter for Android 2017. Android Launcher allows the user to experience the Windows 8.1 theme and does an excellent job of getting the most out of it. We' ll see some of the best iPhone launcher for Android in this article.

Best 7 Windows 10 Starters for Your Android Phone

Undoubtedly, Android is one of the most widely used portable platforms currently available. From Samsung to Sony, portable vendors use Android as their preferred OS. For Windows 10 customers, however, the portable OS may seem a little too far away from home. Fortunately, a number of Android starters are available to deliver the full Windows 10 runtime to your Android handset, and we've looked at the best of them.

As an Android customer, if you want to get a dash of the Microsoft OS onto your portable devices, you can't be much off with the following choices. When you want to add the look and feel of Windows 10 to your Android phone, Win 10 Launcher is undoubtedly one of your best choices.

Android Launcher is designed from the bottom up to look and feels like Microsoft's Windows 10 OS. In this sense, you can look forward to the same level of customization that you know and enjoy from the Microsoft OS on your Android machine, plus a host of Windows based color choices.

Although Win 10 Launcher is conceived to look and feels like Microsoft's OS, it still fits seamlessly into Android. Win 10 Launcher is unbelievably simple to setup, import ing all your latest Android applications and offer them a Windows 10 link on your home page. Another Android launcher developed to render Microsoft's Windows 10 visual, especially in the Windows 10 Styles-version.

SquareHome 2 - Windows 10 Styles is available for free from the Google Play Store and imitates the tile look and feel of Windows 10 while preserving Android functionality. SquareHome 2's great thing is the fact that it is also fully interoperable with Android equipment. While most Windows 10 Android launcher are primarily intended for use with smart phones, the SquareHome 2 designers have gone a long way with the integration of tray compatability.

Basically, you can turn your Android tray into a user interface! Launcher Metro 10 takes a rather simplified stance to Microsoft's Metro styling ethnos and still does an incredible amount of work to bring the Windows look to Android. This is mainly due to the lively use of tiling and simple customisation, similar to Microsoft's own portable OS.

Indeed, the launcher even has its own custom icons package, so Android surfers can drop the Google icons and use the IE icons to mark their browsers. Launcher Metro 10 was clearly built to transfer the full Windows portable computing power to Google's portable OS, and definitely does a good job, even though the edge is a little harsh.

Although it doesn't look like Windows 10 like other launcher on our launcher roll, Arrow Launcher gets a place of honor because it was developed by Microsoft for Android. In order to bring a touch of Microsoft affection to Android patrons, the organization has published its own launcher for the site. Arrow is lightweight and efficiently engineered and fits smoothly into many of Microsoft's Skype telephony solutions on Android, which is great if you're an office productivity customer with Skype Voice over IP telephony apps.

We' re not quite sure why Microsoft should waste its valuable resources developing a launcher for Google's portable OS when they have their own. Arrow Launcher's output, however, is an unbelievably elegant ANDROID UI that offers great interoperability for Microsoft end users. In the course of this paper, we reviewed both Android launcher that offer the Windows 10 features and the OS look and feel.

Win 10 Smart Launcher succeeds, however, in combining both elements. Launcher is conceived to look and feels like Windows 10, similar to SquareHome 2 and Metro 10, but it also includes some of the features of Microsoft's own Arrow Launcher, which predominate in the Launcher's contact area.

However, both the look and feel of Microsoft's Windows 10 has its cost, and this launcher is the most instable on the roster. Launcher 8 WP Styles is undoubtedly the best Android launcher for Windows themes, if you don't mind retiring for a few years.

It' been around for several years, but it does have the Microsoft Metro look that many people are looking for in a launcher. In addition, there are great customisation options that compete with Microsoft's own portable platforms. Indeed, the launcher is equipped with a number of built-in stores, which means there's little work to do to create your perfect launcher setting.

Adding the last launcher to our launcher listing is something completely different because it is not a Windows theme launcher for Android. Nova Launcher definitely merits a special note, however, if you want to make a customisable Windows-like mobile experiences. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that Nova Launcher is one of the most versatile and beloved launches on Android.

That means you can customize the launcher to make your own Windows experiences. The Nova Launcher software provides user-defined symbol packages and widgets, so you can customize your startup display to look and touch like Windows 10. It' s noteworthy, however, that many of the Nova Launcher functions are blocked behind their premier versions, which means that those who are serious about building their own Android Launcher experiences will have to spend some money.

There are so many awesome Android starters that can help you get the full Windows 10 excitement to your smart phone or combo. Indeed, the shortlist is only likely to increase as Microsoft's own portable platforms become more popular. Use a Windows theme launcher for Android? To find Windows troubles that could cause your computer troubles, click the " Scan Run " button.

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