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The best Wix pages

Best 15 Wix Websites Gorgeous artwork in over seventy different catagories - e-commerce, businesses and service, weddings, fitness, movies and entertainments, hotel and restaurant, photo, face to face and much more. Click here to see all the nice Wix-models. It''s easy to create a website quickly and effectively, with an easy-to-use user experience, a simple draft and dropdown menu, as well as thousands of template files.

Moreover, with the recently added Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), you can effortlessly build breathtaking Web sites in all your designs. Zoe-&-Amelia is a free, nice, contemporary Wix marriage mat. This Wix pattern allows you to send your buddies and your relatives an invitation to your big outing. Take a look at this free Wix wedding pattern.

Romance Engagement is another nice Wix marriage draft that you can view here. Bootcamp Gym is a fresh Wix pattern that inspires and motivates. The use of contemporary colours and lettering makes this a great choice for trainers, gurus or consultants. This Wix Fitnesscenter templates allows you to put your gym on line.

Take a look at this free Wix Wellness & Wellness kit. Gynaecology San Alora is a nice website of the Wix Klinik. Nearly all of the pictures on the doughnut homepage are of sugar-coated, enamelled, or rainbow-strewn donuts, along with enticing picture caps, which can certainly attract anybody. The Speckled Wood is a wonderfully designed website that enriches the pictures of several handmade designs such as decorative elements, hangings, brooches or works of artwork.

The Blush beautiful is a breath-taking website site dedicated to a wedding make-up artists portfolios. Both the homepage and the pictures show the artists professionality, excellence and expertise. The Little Paper Warriors is a breath-taking website with just as breath-taking pictures of maps and presents based on inspiration from China's forms and designs. The French Knot Studios is an elegantly designed website with gorgeous pictures, specially designed for scheduling, creating and creating all kinds of event such as wedding, private meetings, campaign or event management.

This page shows some great colours and pictures. The Hernan Parra is a breathtaking range of a professional photographer. Beacha Swimwear page is a gorgeous screen with cheerful, colourful swim suits, description and call to action button. The Yama jewellery website beautifully shows his breathtaking array of jewellery design prints in 3D.

A breathtaking homepage picture of the Seven Gramm Caffe is enough to tell you what the café is all about. The Takenaka Bento Box shows the nice Bento boxes in Japan, in which every colour and every type of products is well described and attractively designed.

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