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Deciphering, but to detail all this, thousands of words would be needed just to give a brief overview. Get 6 designer tips for Word: Use of themes, styles and templates When it comes to drawing tooling, Microsoft Word gets a poor reputation. If you''re thinking about creating in Word, do you see grainy clipart and rose comic sans? Topics, style and, most of all, style sheets can help you keep your brand consistently branded without asking a stylist or communication partner to clear every single outline.

Check out these six hints and you'll see how simple it is to enhance the aesthetics of Word files. A template can serve as a good place to start to create a new Word Doc. Since wildcard text and fundamental reformatting already exist, you can change font styles, color, and space as needed (see #3 below) without having to start from the beginning.

Word Online provides a large number of Microsoft Word Online layouts. I go nine out of ten with an empty paper and then pick a topic. Topics are a compilation of paragraphs and drawing style. When you' ve applied a design, you' ll quickly start applying the paragraphs and characters in it to quickly adopt font types, size, color, and distance.

At any time, you can verify where these types are used within a single documents by using the Types panel. I' m a big fan of light, cool themes like Pixel, Summer or Woveform, as well as the more proffesional look of themes like Black Tie, Formal or Median. The following samples show the application of titles, headline 1, regular paragraphs, and powerful drawing techniques.

This is the topic pixel: Next, here is the same paper, but with the subject formal: As soon as you apply a style, it's simple to fully modify the look and feel of your doc by simply changing topics! Move topics to the next layer by changing or add themes. To keep your changes for your next generation project, store a customized design.

Unfortunately, this customized design is only stored on your computer. If you save your documents as templates (see tip #4 below), other people can also use your customized design. Microsoft says that "a Template is a kind of paper that makes a copy of itself when you open it.

" When you save your Word documents as drafts, you can keep all the great enhancements you've just made AND let everyone else use the look in their upcoming documents. You can even use your customized Word Online style sheets with Word Online. As you create a style sheet, add wildcard text to show the available style choices in the style sheet and how to use them.

In the case of a longer version, add page break to make sure that there are no uneven subdivisions in new versions. Store your artwork on a desktop hard disk or on a cloud-based hard disk. Others can then use your designs and your style in any new created work. If you want to go outside the system scripts to improve your designs or remain on the mark - or if you work with a large group of contributors who all have different scripts on their computer - try free downloaded scripts.

Like to use Google scripts (not all are available for download, but many are), squirrels or DaFont. Note that not every free typeface is available on-line for use in a commercially available environment. Find out more about the successful combination of typefaces and some good Google typefaces you can try in my prior posting.

Word offers a good selection of default themes, but these have been around for some time. Refresh and customise the look of a sketch with your own colour scheme. They can be applied by making your own colour scheme. Or you can further enhance the look by customizing the colour of each one.

Empower your bureau and your staff to use designs that best match your churches trademark to enhance the look of your document and ensure consistent designs.

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