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More than 50 best WordPress themes of 2018 If we take a look at the markets of the premium WordPress topics these days, it seems that there are only two kinds of topics: Reactive WordPress topics (1) and obsolete topics (2). The use of an appealing WordPress topic will not be the magical way to make your website a success on its own, but at the same the use of an unattractive topic is like a shot in the foot and then trying to run a running run.

So let us take a minute to take a look at the over 50 great WordPress topics that make your contents available to most of today' web browser and device users. The Divi is the flag ship of Elegant Thémes. It has been developed to act as a base-reactive WordPress topic that you can use to create your own work.

Functions: the Divi Builders - a powerful draft and fall drawer with 18 ready-made layout templates, large set of custom page creation tools, endless color possibilities, various headline choices. This is a minimalistic and classy subject for different companies. Our designs are adaptable and can be adapted very well to your needs.

It also offers macroscrolling, a one-sided lay-out and subtile animation. Characteristics: WooCommerce-compatible, fast-reacting materials designed, newsletters subscribed to the campaign, customized colours, live customizer, marked slide control, product range integrates with Jetpack. Cerif PRO is a very beautiful one-sided topic of para laxity. Its one-sided architecture makes this WordPress topic ideal for website publishers who don't plan to have a large amount of information on their pages and want to concentrate on creating contact and lead for their business.

Featuring: customisable home page contents pads, slide-in effect, built-in contacts forms, user-defined pads for members of the teams, topic option for simple management, user-defined topic widgets with additional functions, infinite colour scheme. Characteristics: 100 percent reactive artwork, drag-and-drop power page builder, 9 pre-built themes, 4 blogstyle layouts, 2 eCommerce choices - WooCommerce & Ecwid, headers and footers style choices, Cherry themed wizard plug-in, Jetimpex dashboard for update & back up.

TeMotion is a nice and smart topic for videophiles, with a blog-like design and two homepagevariations. It looks contemporary and has a styleful bright colour pattern, along with a stylistic about page and clear laidouts. Functions: WooCommerce capable, Call to Action tapes, cell phone compatible, two different home pages, endless colours, WooCommerce compatible, ideal design for your cell phone.

A multifunctional and minimalistic style with a clear and welcoming look, colourful details and a full width slide control. Functions: fast-reacting look, black and bright skin, shop artwork, various colour choices, 5+ user-defined Widgets, extended types, 12+ Widgetareas, extra tophead. There are many ways to customize this topic, a musical artist, nice designs, many page layout and much more.

They all have a very sleek look, beautiful pallax scroll and a beautiful look. Functions: highly reactive frameworks, limitless color, integrated portfolios and blogs, WooCommerce compliance, Widget, page header, adjustable headings, menu and slider, optimised for performance and AEO. This is a light-weight topic for journals, on-line stores and reviews-sites. Besides, Schema is one of the quickest WordPress topics out here.

Characteristics: reactive designs, banner ads, optimised for performance, infinite background, light weight coding, wide formatting, user-defined style-setting. This is a great and classy subject for the photographer who wants to present their work in a fantastic way. You can also use this topic for photo blogs. R7KoPhoto is contemporary, offers slider and carousel, a range of portfolios, fantastic adjustable straps and has an sleek one-sided look.

Gentle scanning of the palladium makes the passage from one section to the other. Functions: fast response redesign, WooCommerce capable, drag-and-drop capacity, optimised for velocity and speech, slide and merry-go-round, customisable tapes. Functions: Enhanced graphical page creator, WooCommerce-enabled, fast reacting and retina layouts, infinite colour scheme, Revolution Slider and Layers Slider inclusive, backup engine, 20 demonstrations for different uses, several shortcuts.

It' s the singular way this subject was designed that makes it one of the best out there. There are five different style choices, it is fully customisable and can be used for any use. Functions: Infinitely customisable, shortcuts, layout choices, navigational choices, fast response and retina capability, easy page navigator set-up.

Total's basic concept is to provide something that provides several different themes within a WordPress topic. This way you don't have to modify the design if you want to modify the look of your website. It is a versatile topic with ready-made template for a number of the most popular niche and scenario environments.

Functions: Multi-purpose design, fully reactive, drag-and-drop page creation embedded, real-time customization, limitless colour choices, includes premier plug-ins (Visual Composer, Templatera, Revolutionlider, LayerSlider 5), front-end editable. WordPress is a new generating wordpress topic. Functions: Contents sliders, user-defined colour change function, training calendars, user-defined information pads for each training presented on the website, user-defined page layout, demonstration importers.

Breathtaking designs for commercial and company web sites with a contemporary, colourful and appealing look. There are many parts to this topic, and it strikes you from the first moment you see it. The BizNex offers a full width slide control, parallel axis effect, interactivity, visual and animation features, and an inventive contents tree.

Functions: fast response lay-out, one- and multi-page laysouts, with sliders, integrated shortcuts, nine user-defined contributions, 12-column raster, extremely adaptable. One-sided motif with scrolls of concave hair. Functions: User-defined mail type, member block, user-defined headers background, user-defined sliders, lists and grids lieouts. This topic is heavily influenced by image material and images used alongside text contents.

Functions: Supports videos and sounds, customized Widgets for blogs writers, full Jetpack plug-in plug-in implementation, page with customized topic settings, shortcuts, location functions, predefined colour scheme. This is a lattice brickwork subject that is best described by grace and sobriety. Kreative humans will rather like this topic, because Tempo good layout and possibilities for Fotobloggen offer.

Feature: fast reacting redesign, retina enabled, zoom frame inclusive, two skin and multi ratio, WooCommerce enabled, multi layout headers, full image in articles, comment coding for advancedEO. This is a classy topic for life style and mode blog or periodical. Comes with a minimalistic look, but the sleek typeface, meticulously selected colours and great side trim panels can make it an optimum choice that will make your contents easy to highlight.

Its design is adaptable and comes with various demonstrations and layout, so you can customize it to your liking. Characteristics: Six pre-defined demonstrations, five blogs posts and six galleries styles, 5 nice photogallery artwork, fast and retina-ready, Revolution Slider and Essential Grid plug-ins built in, 700+ Google Font.

This is a great topic that was developed especially for an architect. This has an sleek and stylish look and is supplied with full width pictures on the homepage. Easy and nice, this topic will present your best architectural or designer work. Functions: Fast response, moving-edge mail types, SEO-friendly blogs layouts, drag-and-drop homepage area, Google Maps, retina symbols, AJAX shopping, limitless side bars and colours.

Excellent topic for your company's portfolios. She is committed to the concept of slim designs and succeeds in implementing them quite well with good-looking contents and clear representation. Functions: Topic customized, contents sliders, Google Fonts integrate, user-defined Widget, WPML compliant and located. The Foodie Pro is a very interesting and easy way to create your own personal taste blogger - a place that becomes more and more attractive every time.

The fast-reacting WordPress topic provides a slim look, slim look, and many adjustment capabilities, so you should be able to customize it to your needs. Characteristics: Six layouts option, page with topic option, photo feature, appealing texture, user-defined headings. It has everything a press/media site might need.... like advertising space, images, plenty of widgets, a hotspot at the bottom of the page to keep the reader in contact with the latest messages and commentary, and further instructions on what to look for next.

In addition, the full-width image of the backdrop makes the visual impression even better. Functions: fast reacting layouts, fully widgetized, translatable, topic adaptation, optimised speech recognition, FlexSlider 2, sub topics available. There are a variety of customizing functions and a versatile layouts constructor. Functions: Flexibly build layouts with drag-and-drop, demos for different use cases, user-defined administration area, annotated videosutorials, WooCommerce implementation, contentslider, integrated shape builders.

This is a multi-faceted topic for magazines that is able to process large quantities of contents. This topic provides support for various kinds of contents and gives full oversight over the homepage and the pads shown on it (important for any on-line magazine). Functions: homepage creation, user-defined widgets, limitless colours, advertising space, full localisation, constant updating. An issue developed primarily for law firm web sites, but can be used for any other commercial use.

All in all, an eye-catching look that can bring your contents to the eye of your audience very simply. Functions: fast response time, multi-language supported, adaptable to different colour scheme, user-defined administration surface, customisable homepage, compatibility with all common browser, user-defined Widget. Like the name says, this topic is stylish, colourful and plausible.

Functions: Portfoliopost style, fast response design, sub topic prepared, widgettized home page, optimised content for search, fonts symbols, topic customisation, translatable. Many WordPress topics are available on the web, but not so many that have been designed exclusively for bookshelves. With BookRev Pro, you can change that and get some great functions that critics will surely like.

As an example, the master contents control is optimised to present reviews abstracts, and the highlight-of-the-day widgets can be adjusted to show new volumes every single day, thus attracting public interest. Functions: Homepage contents controls, highlight-of-the-day widgets, reactive architecture, topic option panels for simple management, user-defined topic widgets with additional functionalities, infinite colour scheme.

Philanthropy is filling a niche that not many topic creators have picked to serve - nonprofit organization. It offers a great, reactive look and a host of interesting functions that go with it. Functions: three different contents controls, user-defined colour change function, event calendars, user-defined page layout, demonstration contents import.

Fast-reacting WordPress topic for minimalistic and easy web sites, especially blogging. Characteristics: Optimize your website for better readability, optimize your website for better colouring, create a child-friendly look and feel, use your own style guide, customize your website widgets, translate, customize font symbols, customize topics. Designmodo really put a great deal of work into the development of this WordPress topic, although it seems to be much more than just a topic.

Feature: customized pads for different kinds of contents (e.g. header, major areas, contact, etc.), drag-and-drop interfaces, graphical processing for each pad, premier technical assistance, prepared to create land pages, streamlined page layout. Quick to respond WordPress topic for medical practices and other health-related companies. There are many user-defined functions that make it possible to create a good-looking website in just a few moments.

Functions: basic page creator, more than 30 user-defined broadgets, fast response and retina-capable, real-time editing, multi-layout, ready to translate. This is another fast-reacting WordPress topic for on-line magazine and newsgroups sites, but it can also be used for blogging. It has a plain but contemporary form. It' s SEO-optimized designed with customized Widget's so you can choose where to advertise and distribute your contents and let your reader do the same.

Your wallpaper is mainly blank, but you can modify the colours and also have many choices to give the site your own personal touch. Functions: user-defined widgets, fast response layouts, FlexSlider 2, subordinate design, optimised content, translated content, fully dedicated title page. With this topic you can start a good looking e-commerce shop on WordPress.

Characteristics: Winocommerce WooCommerce Backup, WooCommerce Web Content Management, WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce WooCommerce Sc Sc Sc Scroll, Full Wraw Scroll, Full Wraw Scroll. The Maisha is a nice topic for charitable and nonprofit organisations. There is a full frame layout, a full featured look, several homepage variations and interesting pages devoted to this use. This topic was influenced by the film " Virunga ".

Feature: fast response design, comprehensive colour choices, various blogsayouts, includes premier soliloquy plug-in, several cover pages, call to trade, donation, causes and story template, WooCommerce and SiteOrigin compatible. This is a dinner topic that takes your company to the next step with its nice website. The response pattern on restaurants is critical as the typical user is often looking for a place to dine (and via a portable device).

Functions: fast reacting lay-out, neat menue, Jetpack included product range, WooCommerce capable, event area, translatable, intuitional user interface, customized colours. Fantastic designs, prepared, suitable for many uses. Its fantastic and handsome styling will make your website stand out. TeGem offers advanced functionality and offers your company excellent transparency.

Among TheGem's outstanding attractions are beautifully designed visuals, slider animation, memorable wide screen ads, stylish scroll parallaxes, a colourful look and much more. Includes: WooCommerce and Visual Composer compatible, optimised for high performance, translation-friendly, fast-reacting layouts, 150 ready-made demonstration pages + 250 different style pages, parallel axis and videos. A surprisingly stylish subject that gives you a sense of cleanliness and elegance.

Rolling is also sleek and stylish, and the overall look is clear and easy. Functions: fully reactive, fully customisable, user-defined mail type and format, translatable, over 80 shortcuts, user-defined widgets, SEO-enabled. A very attractive subject for creative people, small companies and self-employed professionals. Different customisable contents blocs allow anyone to create a truly individual end result with this topic.

Functions: Topic customized, contents sliders, Google Fonts integrate, user-defined Widget, WPML compliant and located. Minimum and good looking topic for professional creatives. Perhaps not the best choice if you want to concentrate on text contents. Functions: limitless colour variation, endless scrolling, user-defined mail type, widget homepage, page with user-defined topic option, shortcuts, localization functions.

One of the best looking topics for authors, blogs and reporters. There is a great homepage layout (single page) that you can use to get your best work, your latest blogs posted and your audience to sign up for your mailing lists. Featuring: great page speeds, unmatched homepage layout, three pre-defined layout, headers style, customized blogs mail layout, fast response, powerful headers, optimised for WooCommerce and AdSense, endless colour choices, right-to-left assistance.

Another great WordPress topic with a Page builder plugin. There are a variety of functions that allow anyone to create a high level and good looking website. Functions: draft and fall page creator, comprehensive topic option, contents slider, WooCommerce integrated, endless colours and layout, short code creator, videotutorials.

Another WordPress topic that scrolls another palladium on the page. However, this one has a slightly more dark look and uses only the easiest element to achieve a truly minimalistic effect. Characteristics: Five colour style, user-defined backgrounds, user-defined headers, target page templates, reactive structures, pallax scroll, topic option page.

It looks like a wallpaper, with a full-screen slide show wallpaper and an erect menus on the right. There are four kinds of portfolio (with different photographic and visual presentations ), many kinds of gallery, various kinds of button, a widget blogs and an inventive layout. All in all, the subject is elegantly contemporary and inventive.

Functions: fully reactive, multifunctional artwork, extremely adaptable, full-screen picture and movie background, several picture controls, six different gallery settings. This is an inventive topic for restaurants and cafés where the navigational menus look exactly like a restaurants menus. It'?s a very genius subject. Functions: fast response and portable, Retina-capable, easy meal management, useful topic settings, OpenTable reservations, 600+ Google type.

Featuring a uniquely full-screen styling and a prestigious meal, this topic is a good option for any artist or group. Functions: fast reactions, animation, user-defined shortcuts, user-defined widgets, infinite color of your skin, filters galleries, translatable. This is a very ambitioned WordPress topic with full-width pictures that give the impression of a wide, boundless area.

It' s quite easy to create the layout itself, and each navigation bar is built on a good image (e.g. an image) to get its contemporary look. All in all, the topic is elegantly and creatively. Functions: high-performance page creator, quick to respond, retina-capable, streaming videos, extremely fast: 60 frames per second scroll, several logos and menus.

This is a great full-screen WordPress topic designed for creativity. Functions: fully reactive, WooCommerce-enabled, visually composable, revolutionary sliders, extremely adaptable, high-performance product range, classics and bricklayer blogs. This is a great way to share your photo library and a great way to share it. Most of the designs are mainly pictures and other pictorials.

Functions: 4 Mail Raster Layout Option, 4 Mail Raster Customization, Fully reactive, Retina capable, Retina optimised, Full Screen, 4 Mail Raster Layout Options. It looks like a very easy topic at first sight, but Quantum is actually very intelligent and elegant. There are a few themes for many uses and there are also many kinds of predefined ways to present your work.

Characteristics: Compatible with WooCommerce, full-screen image gallery, reactive architecture, CSS3 animation, extremely adaptable, 13 page layouts. The Darkroom is a full-screen photographic topic with many adjustment possibilities. Characteristics: Light-dark headers UI switch, fast response time, retina capable, eight full frame modes, keyword protected, WooCommerce integrated, optimised speech recognition (SEO). Great looking and cheerful WordPress topic, with breathtaking parallel effect and tonnes of colours.

Characteristics: fast reacting layout, over 600 typefaces, control field for topic option, short codes, SEO-enabled and optimised codes, six colour scheme, retina-enabled. An appropriate WordPress topic for imaginative individuals. Comes with a nice full size sliding door and an sleek styling. It looks neat and comes with a folder section and many different layout choices.

Functions: fast reacting layouts, full frame backgrounds, full frame videos, headers, Google scripts, eight plug-ins inclusive, several pages of sidebars, translatable. A great piece of art with many great pictorial items and room for large quantities of contents. It has a versatile and contemporary look, so you can use it for almost anything, but it was mainly developed for you.

Characteristics: Ten different CSS genres, WooCommerce integrated, layer slider plug-in, various mega-menus, fast response and retina-capable, CSS3 animation adjustable to a high degree. Breathtaking WordPress topic with one of a kind homepage style that presents fancy forms and soft-scroll. Functions: fast reactive designs, additional widgets, multi-page template, parallel scrolls, Crelly Slider, WooCommerce-enabled, extremely adaptable.

Astonishing WordPress topic with great pallax scroll and full image out. It has a contemporary and breathtaking one-sided look, colourful passages, slow hovering background and fantastic overall parallel effect. It' topic is ideal for creative people, resumes and portfolio. It' s simply excellent styling and quickly attracts your interest. Functions: fast reactive designs, incredible pallax scroll and effect, different mail format, retina enabled, infinite color and background, progression bar and price table, several shortcuts.

Simplicity and contemporary styling with a clear and versatile look. Partallax One Plus provides a product range area, a great partition headers, a clear organisation of contents, an on-line shop and many other functions. This is actually an add-on that you can download and use on the free version of PartLax One. Functions: fast response designs, WooCommerce integrated, fantastic headers for parallaxes, short codes for plug-ins, living customizers, portfolios area, limitless colours, user-defined Widgets.

The Wish is a great contemporary subject that is suitable for almost any use. The Wish offers a great full frame lay-out with nice full screens and interactively designed items. Includes: fast-reacting interface designs, 15 ready-made page designs, six styles of footers, WooCommerce compliance, Slider Revolution, 106+ user-defined composition visuals, translatable. The Raindrop is a fantastic topic that offers several demonstrations for different uses, such as creating portfolio, business agency, start-ups, one-page page designs and more.

What is fantastic about this topic is that it comes with a full-screen downpour effect - it rains on your head. Besides, Raindrop is clear, retina-compatible, has colourful items and scrolls of paradox. Characteristics: Shop aboard Ayax for contributions and project, neat and reactive, Retina ready, Revolution Slider, infinite color, premium coding page builders, infinite homepage masters.

This is a classical topic for all conceivable e-commerce uses. Whatever you want to resell (both tangible and intangible), this topic will be able to deal with it. Featured: six headers style choices, fully reactive, full supports for yoaast SOEO, several layouts available, WooCommerce fully supports, full supports for selling manual and manual product, selling affiliated product, Parallaxe sliders.

What is your preferred WordPress topic? Please do not hesistate to let us know what your favourite topic is here.

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