Best Wordpress Books

Top Wordpress Books

What are the best books? Set up the WordPress software. Use WordPress to publish your website. Run multiple websites with WordPress. Guide for web designers to WordPress.

5 best WordPress books for 2018: Beginner to Advanced

There are many different types of WordPress books, from small Indian books to large serials like the For Dummies one. However, there is one thing you need to make sure whenever you buy a WordPress book: it must be up to date and include the latest WordPress versions and plug-ins.

The WordPress is quite often upgraded and there may be significant changes between releases. This applies doubly to WordPress plug-ins, which are altogether almost daily refreshed. So if you are not looking for a hardcover copy, take a look at the WordPress resources: These are the books we are recommending for WordPress 2018:

WorldPress for Beginners is just that: a guide for those who don't know WordPress at all, who want to set up, configurate and run a WordPress site. It guides you through the latest WordPress release (unlike many books that still refer to older main releases), and has recently been upgraded.

This begins with the deciding whether you want to have your own WordPress page (and all associated costs) hosted. Subsequently, the WordPress softwares are installed, a topic is installed, and contents are written. Based on the fundamentals, the volume deals with Widget, Plugin and SOE and all possible configurations for WordPress.

A thing to keep in mind with this guide is that it's about creating and operating a WordPress page. Are you interested in using a WordPress hosting application like You will want the next one. Tech Yourself is part of a set of books on technology, and we found it to be an invaluable beginner's tool for WordPress.

It' s completely visually complete, with large info graphics and screenshots to guide you through everything. Describes how to use WordPress on and the open code edition. Several of the things this guide will show you are: purchasing a domainname and establishing WordPress, selecting a topic, generating contents with rich media, using management and more.

It will also show you how to manage a WordPress install, complete with essential safety, backups and upgrades. So the only issue we had with this one was that it was a little older than the last one, which means you'll probably need some extra material to get familiar with the latest WordPress softwares and plugins/themes.

Part of the famed Dummies range, WordPress All-in-One for Dummies is a great introductory guide to WordPress, with tutorials on both the open-source software and the hostingolution. However, it is also a great medium-tier WordPress user tool. There are several books about WordPress in this collection.

You will find chapters on how to understand WordPress features, how to install and configure WordPress on your own computer, and, of course, how to use WordPress to generate your work. But the only trouble with this is that it is over a year old, and given the speed with which the WordPress fellowship is moving, it means it's not entirely up to date.

When you buy this volume, you should also consider some additional materials that focus on the latest changes to WordPress and the plug-ins you use. At a certain point, after you know everything there is to know about using WordPress, you will want to want to know how to create custom plugs and topics for them.

They can even change the way WordPress works internally to support open source programming. When you get there, Professional WordPress: The right design and the right product for you. You can jump directly to a WordPress tool. Once the filename tree and frequently processed filenames, such as wp-config.php, have been explained, we will explain how to create your own WordPress programming language.

It will take you on a guided walk through the WordPress Internal, show you how to use the WordPress APIs, and more. You will find whole chapters about the topics and plugins as well as a safety section. It also includes complementary on-line material and provides a bulletin board and other resource to stay up to date, which is important as the title is several years old.

Featuring more information on how to organize your design projects and how to collaborate with clients, this guide is more complete than Professional WordPress. While this is important information, it detracts from our primary objective of understanding the technology of WordPress, which is why we have chosen this second place work.

Nevertheless, this is definitely an outstanding work, with lots of information on how to create topics, plug-ins and other WordPress applications. You will also learn how to create a developer interface, test tool and how to create your own portable developer. And as mentioned before, this volume also concentrates on the WordPress domain of enterprise programming, from working with customers to listening and communication to needs and providing web-handling.

Definitely your best choice if you are planning to do consultancy or commissioned work with WordPress. Do you have a favorite one?

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