Best Wordpress free Themes 2014

Top Wordpress Free Themes 2014

The Arcade is a fantastic WordPress template from Bavotasan, which is a bold header on the homepage. Designed by Autommatic, Sorbet is a beautiful free blogging theme that offers a vibrant color scheme. vFlex. vFlex is a fast-reacting topic that includes a number of additional customization options, including the built-in FlexSlider feature. The Ignite is a simple, responsive, free WordPress blog topic.

Best 8 free WordPress themes published in December 2014

The WordPress themes do not seem to pause at any given season. Although December is full of celebratory events, for example, the topic creators have kept publishing great designs and "thrilled" us by making them available for free. Therefore, let's take a look today, right at the beginning of the new year, at some of the most important new free topics published in December 2014.

This is a high-quality portfolios topic that can be used by both creatives and companies who need a way to present their project attractively. It features neat'unveiling and floating' motion graphics that offer a vibrant background. In addition, the minimalistic styling makes everything legible and easily available on all units.

Functions: reactive designs,'unveiling and floating' motion graphics, user-defined template for specific articles, category, galleries, ready to translate. Clear and interesting one-page topic intended for commercial and company web sites. Characteristics: CSS3 and HTML5 designs, fully translated, fully reactive, retina-ready, user-defined mail type (about, service, portfolio, team, client, skill), sliders. Its main benefit is its clear (flat) look, which makes any contents easily viewable and digestible for the visitors.

It is primarily intended for building contractors and other related niche enterprises, but due to its universality it can also be used by any other type of enterprise. Functions: user-defined homepage pads, homepage embedded community management, fast-response designs, topic choices, localizable, cleaner and better validation coding.

A further one-sided topic, but this year with a more vibrant look and colour. There are a number of contents modules for the home page, the Awesome Slider feature and the overall display of the topic is very versatile. Feature: reactive HTML5 and CSS3 based designs, font awesome integrations, full-width wallpapers, full width wallpapers, full background videos, extra page submission.

Designed specifically to present a large amount of information in a clear and legible way. Colors of the subject are somewhat more dark, which is certainly something that many site owner will like. Characteristics: highly reactive HTML5 and CSS3 designs, user-defined mail format (gallery, sound, videos, quote), topic choices, localizable, cleaner and better validation coding.

This is a very inventive topic for jobs websites (job exchanges, Hire-a-Freelancer websites, etc.) and for companies that want to present their latest vacancies on their own website instead of using a third-party portal. A number of interesting functions are available, all of which are designed to make vacancies as user-friendly as possible.

Characteristics: fast reacting desing, Google Maps integrated, optimised for jobsports. A good looking topic, best suitable for company and commercial locations. There is a dedicated homepage that allows you to optimize the visitors' experiences and present only the most important company information. It can be integrated into the WordPress Customizing to make customizations extremely simple, and also provides a fistful of user-defined Widgets.

Functions: fast-response redesign, themes customiser, user-defined widgets, contact form 7 interface, preparation for translations. Presenting and reselling your own collection of literature is child's play. Reactive designs include utilities to present your textbooks in a nice way, and also allow you to evaluate each textbook to your own taste. Functions: Homepage sliders, "highlight of the day", reactive designs, topic option panels, localizable, cleaner and validation coding.

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