Best Wordpress Homepages

Top Wordpress Homepages

We are giving away a number of user-defined WordPress homepages that consist entirely of shortcodes. Top 10+ Best WordPress Topics Coach 2018 When you are a trainer, then you need the right kind of website. No matter if you offer personal or on-line coachings, your website should be the focus of your advertising and promotion strategies. Selecting one of the elements from this selection of the best WordPress topics for your training will help you create a website that can help you expand your company and reaching a broader public.

Whatever aspect of your client's lifestyle you are looking after, here you will find a topic that suits you. Featuring everything from live trainers and industry psychologists to spa consultants and consultants, the WordPress topics in this range encompass a wide range of areas. Most of the topics here will help you with your on-line reservation and schedule if you want to run your own on-line catering operation.

It can help your website attract new deals for you, even if you are not available to respond to telephone conversations and arrange meetings yourself. Those topics also involve a high level of e-commerce outreach. They can even build and run on-line training on these topics, so you can work with customers regardless of where they are located.

Each WordPress topic should be appropriate for a fundamental training and mentoring website. But if you want to take your company to the next higher plane and support more customers, reach a broader public and more of your great assets, the best way is to choose one of these specially designed topics for you.

The Health Coach is designed for lifetime coachers who want to win more customers through their website. In order to help you welcome new traffic to your website, the standard Health Coach homepage design has a large full width slide control. While your users are scrolling down the homepage page layouts, they can display the service you have provided with appealing symbols.

Seeing as it is a potent advertising medium for any live couch, this WordPress topic contains a good amount of WordPress content on the subject of good corporate citizenship. Like the name implies, this topic has a great emphasis on supporting health-related trainers in developing an appropriate website. Since this is a rather versatile topic, if you like the services offered by our healthcare professionals, you can adapt them to your specific needs.

Overall, the Health Coach topic has a great look, an amazing feature set and is simple to set up. It is a WordPress topic for creating welcoming and inspirational training sites. Contrary to some of the other choices in this compilation of WordPress topics coached, WordPress offers a light and airy look instead of a warm and informal look.

Although the tribal topic promotional materials describe this as being designed for women trainers, if you are a man, Tribe could still be the topic for you. You can change almost any look and feel of your website using the WordPress Customizer, thanks to the wide range of control elements and preferences.

These include selecting from an infinite range of colors, adjusting links settings, adjusting page width and much more via the WordPress Customizer's easy-to-use user interfaces. Although Tribe's standard look and feel doesn't quite fit your visions, there are many good reason to consider this WordPress training topic.

The Tribe also provides an simple way to show a testimonial on your website. Posting this customer and prospect feed back can really help your website become a more efficient way ofarketing. There is also a "as in" section that you can use and a ready-made service page to emphasize your offers.

This is a really powerful WordPress topic that has the capacity to address a broad spectrum of people. Lifecoach is perfect for the therapist, trainer, wellness consultant, psychologist and anyone else who wants to help others make their life better. The introduction to the Life Coach topic is simple. Once you've brought the demos to your WordPress site, however, you can do all the necessary customizing.

You can use the User Defined Scene Option check box to make many changes to your website, complete with layouts, fonts, color preferences, and more. A further useful characteristic of the Life Coach topic is the full use of WooCommerce. This allows you to download and use the free WooCommerce plug-in and sell your product or service directly from your website.

No matter if you want to make payment on-line for your coach session or if you want to resell your personal product and download it digitally, WooCommerce and Lifecoach offer everything you need. Lifecoach has a feature-rich homepage look that helps you attract new traffic as soon as they reach your website. mentor has the right type of designs and styles to help you advertise your personal development training programs more efficiently.

No matter if you want to build a website that will help your audiences through the contents you post, or one that will attract more customers to your coachings, Mentor has the right functionality. Whilst this is a versatile topic that can be used to encourage any kind of coaching facility, Mentor has a light emphasis on the corporate environment.

So if you offer either professional development consulting or mentoring service, Mentor could be an excellent option. Mentor's standard homepage is designed in a classical way. You may receive service information, information about you, track records, price information and an on-line reservation calender. In order to stay in contact with those who are not yet willing to make an on-line reservation, the Mentor topic contains a registration sheet for your newletter.

Mental contains a number of adjustment control functions. When you can rely on your skills in the field of personal development and personal development, your topic will have a suitable look. At PJ we can help you create a website to help your company develop your on-line learning and learning opportunities. Because of its deep colour and standard configurations, PJ is best for men who offer coachings or consider men as their group.

Because of the great function chart of this topic, any kind of coaches should be able to make PJ work for them. There are three major types of PJ, each of which can be used on your WordPress website with just a few mouse clicks. What is more, PJ is available in a variety of formats. Whatever options you select, your training website will have a homepage full of functions and various items.

The PJ makes it simple to emphasize your best qualities, while clearly showing how you can help your audiences enhance their sense of doing things and their lives in general. A particularly striking characteristic of PJ is its capability to help you advertise your goods and services on-line. Be it a real event such as a booking or selling a ticket for your event, PJ has all the functionality you need to make quotes and make payment transactions on-line.

The PJ is also compliant with the WordPress plug-in. It gives you the opportunity to use this utility to post your website availabilities and take on-line reservations. When you want to make it as simple as possible for your audiences to get your training sessions back, it makes sense to add an on-line diary function to your website.

When you like the look of this professionally designed topic, you can be sure that it has the right feature set. The My Coach has a light and airy look that will attract fitness and spa trainers. When you want to help your audiences experience their best life, you need a website with a matching look and feel.

Dependent on the contents you share and the service you provide, My Coach could be the ideal topic for your company's training. No matter whether you are still in the phase of developing your own website and your own public, or are willing to work with customers, My Coach can help. Indeed, since this is such a versatile topic, it should be more than able to grow with you on your coach trip.

The coach has a diverse collection of page layouts. As a result, the publication of information about your service, your expertise and above all your business is very easy. The exchange of feedbacks from your customers and your readership is also very easy with this WordPress topic. No matter whether the goal of the blogs is just to provide good information or to help you find more customers, it's good to see that My Coach has a great choice of blogs posting template.

Posting well presented content on your blogs that your readership will be proud to be sharing on your community is something my coach was designed to do. As with some other WordPress topics, My Coach comes with full WooCommerce functionality. So if you ever want to bring your own product line to market, this topic is more than suitable to help you selling it on-line.

WooCommerce can also be used to buy gifts or book your coach sessions for you. The My Coach has a lively look that helps you get in touch with those who are looking for healthcare and spa tips and benefits. At ABC Personal, we want to help you create an efficient website, no matter what kind of training service you offer.

Due to the variety of website demonstrations, ABC Personnel is a good option for personnel trainer, healthcare trainer, yacht teacher, psychologist and consultant as well as mentor and consultant companies. Indeed, since this WordPress topic involves a drag-and-drop page building tools and over 200 coding tools, you should be able to build any kind of website with ABC staffing.

ABC Personal contains the high-performance plug-in for the events calendars to help you administer your timetable more effectively. If you want to administrate your dates yourself or if you want to have your visitor meetings booked on-line, this utility has all necessary functions. A similarly impressing timetable plug-in is also contained in the ABC Personal thematic pack.

Easily build, maintain and share your service schedules on-line with this premier plug-in. No matter whether you offer off-line courses or on-line service, an up-to-date, publically accessible schedule is indispensable. NBC Personal has all the page styles your hosting website needs. You can use this topic to build a multifunctional e-commerce platform for your company, from sleek blogs and mail-outs to e-commerce shop-designs.

The WP Coach is a multifunctional WordPress topic that offers a broad spectrum of professional training courses. WP Coach is the ideal tool for everyone from corporate executives and executive managers to fitness experts, fitness managers, fitness managers and fitness professionals to develop a website for you. As some of the best WordPress topics discussed here, WP Coach uses an events calendar plug-in that helps you publish forthcoming important events.

It is also possible to use the diary function to record and administer your reservations on-line. WP Coach's capability to help you create as many user-defined on-line questionnaires as necessary is another useful tool. The WP Coach is also not too small when it comes to adjustment functions. The WordPress topic contains a variety of adjustment modes and choices.

No matter what kind of coach service you offer, WP Coach and its versatile layout should be a good fit for your website. is a WordPress topic for the creation of web sites for trainers and trainers. Whether you want to begin as a presenter or give your current language skills a push, the topic of coachings has many functions that you will find useful.

No matter if you want to apply as a trainer or presenter, the standard homepage design of this topic will help you to communicate your keywords to your guests. First, on the homepage of the topic of your coachings is a section where you can introduce yourself and explain how you can help your public.

By scrolling down the page, your users can get an idea of your service and why they might want to work with you. A further interesting characteristic of this topic is the fact that LearnPress, a premier WordPress training system plug-in, is supported. By integrating these features, you can create on-line training sessions and educational material for which your users can register to work with you from a distance.

So if you want to provide training and mental health care to everyone, no where, this topic might work for you. The event plug-in is also part of the topic pack. Coach is definitely an all-in-one site for the creation of sites that encourage coachings and mentalities. Lifecoach can help you create a website to support and provide your online and off-line coachings.

If you want to work personally with customers or if you like to help others from all over the globe, the topic Life Coach could be a good one. By offering your products and service, such as eBooks, for sale on your website, you can expand your targeted markets far beyond your region.

In order to boost your turnover, Life Coach has a good suite of page styles to help you promote your product in the right way. Life Coach demonstration layout uses the Slider Revolution built-in utility. Lifecoach has a distinctive look and feeling that could be exactly what your hosting site needs.

Businessman is a little of a versatile subject of interest, but it has many functions that make it a good option for the creation of training sites. At the heart of the entrepreneurial topic is to encourage your guests to make the booking of your service as simple as possible.

So if the aim of your website is to help you find more coach customers, this topic is definitely deserving of a deeper look. There are eight different demonstrations to help you set up your website, one of which is a specially designed demonstration session. However, you are not restricted to the demonstration. Entrepreneur topic and each of its pre-built sites are sufficiently adaptable to work for a variety of uses.

Using the built-in tool, you can check your website's availabilities and arrange meetings with your customers on-line. They can also make payment on-line using the WooCommerce plug-in. The Entrepreneur has all the functions your website needs to boost your service, as well as some utilities that help your site visiters become customers.

The Shifen Coach topic is appropriate for any website whose aim is to reach your public and inform them about your service. The standard Shifen Coach homepage offers everything your website needs to make a good first impact, from the full monitor slide control to the price chart to the enquiry page.

It is also possible to activate on-line reservations. These include the possibility to arrange meetings and make payment via your website. Shifen Coach and WordPress can offer you the necessary platforms if you want your website to create more work for you, even if you are not available for customer booking.

Shifen Coach has a number of ways to make sure your website has the right look and feels when it comes to coach. The Shifen Coach has all the functionality you need to automate your customer recruitment processes, all in a contemporary look.

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