Best Wordpress Portfolio Themes 2016

Top Wordpress Portfolio Topics 2016

The Oshine is a clean and beautiful, versatile WordPress theme with 12 unique layouts that you can use. is a CSS3-based theme suitable for freelancers and agencies. Be sure to note the tips for creating an outstanding portfolio in 2016!

Best All-Free WordPress Portfolio Themes 2016

Recently I discussed some of the best WordPress themes for companies published this year, today I thought I'd look at some great WordPress themes for the portfolio. All of these themes are well done, look contemporary and can be used for photo pages, graphic/web portfolio and so on.

Fokus is a great motif for presenting your work. Support is provided for movies harbored on other websites such as YouTube and Vimeo via oEmbed. And you can even hoster your own movies - Fokus has a beautiful user-defined movie viewer for MP4s. You can use it as your default videoblog or even as an instructional videosite.

gridster is a neat little portfolio topic for fotographers and imaginative people. An easy, light and reactive WordPress topic developed for the photographer and videographer. A full-screen slide show created with the latest technologies, light SVG files and full movie playback is available with Adobe Flash Player. The Snaps is a free portfolio topic for WordPress, ideal for presenting portraits and gallery work.

Familytheme is a minimalistic, fast-reacting HTML5 format for WordPress that has been designed with body and mind. Developed for individuals, bloggers and photographs, the WordPress Word topic focuses on the contents themselves and presents them in a clean way. WordPress Familie themes inherit all Omega's superior themes features, integrated WordPress Customizer, customized logo Upload, customized headers, customized colours, customized menus, customized style sheets, customized headers of the inside over the presented thumbnail.

Designed for adventurers, this piece uses an enhanced custom style sheet box for layouts, filter to blend background pictures, and transformations to generate mail title and meeta drops around the edge of the mail. By 2014, our standard topic will allow you to build an attractive website for magazines with an elegant, contemporary look.

Incness is a response topic with a 3-column grid-based homepage outline. The topic is cluttered with a variety of features, among them an amazingly reactive slide control, multi-page layouts, configurable sidebar positions, footer widgets, and an easy-to-use administrator panel. Fast reacting CSS3 and HTML5 blogs and portfolio themes. Supporting all postal styles, it has integrated design and colour choices in the themes customiser.

This topic also includes support for the Custom Content Portfolio plug-in, which allows artist and other creatives to easily divide their work. This is a portfolio topic that is perfectly suited for the presentation of portraits and art gallery work. One of the most popular and versatile WordPress themes, PR-NEWS is perfect for your newspaper or magazin, your website, your website and much more.

themes developed with the beloved Bootstrap CSS frameworks, and Font Awesome for ease of use of symbols. This virtue topic is highly diverse with a variety of choices, simple to customise and equipped with great functions. Sleek, contemporary styling is constructed from HTTP5 and CS3 and leverages Bootstrap's high-performance response frameworks to ensure fully reactive and portable usability.

Focus on your video with a look that makes your video explosion. FREE of charge FREE of charge response WordPress topic with endless scrolling topic to present your portfolio with a really neat and attractive lay-out. Works artwork subject has sleek styling & mobiles uniquely styled.

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