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Top Wordpress Pages

Create 25 cool web sites with WordPress Worldwide, WordPress is the world's biggest self-hosted website building software that is trusted by billions of websites to provide their contents. It' also a complete open code program that includes a variety of unbelievable topics and plug-ins, giving the user the final liberty to create and modify their pages the way they want.

Today, WordPress publishers are discovering all kinds of new ways to take their WordPress pages far beyond the scope of traditional designs and functions, with some of the results turning out to be amazing. The Gisi is a website for branded companies that operates on the WordPress topic - ThemeForest's most favourite WordPress topic.

Since his sites proclaim Front and Centre, he is a UI/UX programmer in Dallas, TX, and like all good designers/developers he uses his own website as a storefront of his skills. I can' t believe it's WordPress" has now become so thinly used that it is obsolete, and this website is ramming it home with enthusiasm.

Mercedes Benz is only one of the world's biggest marques whose website runs on WordPress. Featuring an elegant and high-quality looking customized topic that fits its make, the website clearly highlights the pictures and video of its automobiles. Most of his pages have full-screen slide controls to show these pictures to people.

Giant VIPs also use WordPress for their web sites, and Katy Perry happens to be one of them. Their website is all about macroscrolling Parallaxes with large wallpapers that move as you move down the page. outward Bound Croatia is an adventurous organisation that operates an integrity website.

It is a website for spa therapies that uses the topic of renewal. The Neopolitan Clothing is a clothing retailer that uses a WooCommerce website and a customized WordPress theming. Highlighting pictures and detail while ensuring a cleaner and more enjoyable surfing environment works very well. Flow Festival's imaginative and colourful designs help emphasise the large pictures for each section, as well as those from the latest community news and blogs.

Daniel Brandice has a website for professional consulting that works on the icon-topic. It is just a sample page that can be a great source of inspiration for anyone wishing to revise their own WordPress page. The Fineshmaker website is a shop floor manufacturing firm that uses a singular way of presenting its video.

Video is shown in a raster and appears above the page when you click it. An easy and accountable side bar can be called from the right at any moment, and there is a fixed TV effect that fits well with the overall site theming. The James Brandon photograph website uses the ethos topic.

Whilst the subject itself is perfect for websites with a newsletter feel, this website is a good example of how a photographic website can still look fantastic without having to worry about giant pictures and virtually nothing else. WordPress is used by the world's biggest community networking site to run its own message board.

It looks like an add-on to Facebook itself and has a very neat and minimum look that makes it simple to browse and browse. While scrolling down, full-screen pictures are displayed when one half is moved up and the other half is moved down to match.

On its website, Essen International has a clear topic in common: greatness! From the pictures to the text, everything has been designed to look bigger than what you would normally see on most other pages. If you click on the menus to let it fall and take up to half of your desktop display.

Next Web is a beloved technical messaging website that depends on WordPress to provide its contents. This site puts its features at the top of its story list and divides its major category into cartographic summary section. Juli July is a digitial agent that is perhaps only one of the funniest sites you can surf through.

This website uses many large pictures, movies and texts in combination with animated graphics to make a big impact on the visitor. The Bloomberg is another great WordPress franchise that uses to present and market its product to clients. There is a large-format backdrop of casual videotapes with interlacing prompts, followed by tagged blogs that use full-screen pictures and massive news coverage.

Les Chameaux Group is a France based open air adventures group with a WordPress website that really catches what it means to be an adventurer. See how the pictures and text move subtly on your monitor as you move your cursor down or zoom in and out with your cursor. A small menue on the leftside of the monitor also has some really great cursor controlffects.

This website offers palladium scroll buttons with video and picture gallery that allow users to see even more visually rich information. The Trefecta Mobility is an e-bike manufacturer that uses WordPress to present its cutting edge product range. Everybody knows that NASA is the United States Federal Aerospace Administration, and believe it or not, they are actually a big WordPress aficionado.

The NASA Open Government Initiative selected WordPress as the open source CMS of choice to host some of its Web sites to help government authorities create more visibility, involvement and cooperation, according to a case report by executive director Viviane. This includes sites such as, and

Though not every NASA site is operated by WordPress (like NASA's home page. gov), you can visit NASA's Glenn Research Center WordPress page to see a small selection of other sites that use WordPress. Yahoo's large photosharing site, Flickr, uses WordPress for the blogs section. Because Flickr is about photography, it only makes perfect sense for them to be the center of the blogs.

One full frame function picture and a corresponding contribution appear above, followed by the last contributions. It looks pretty easy at first sight, but this WordPress page has some smart features that you'll see when you scroll through it. When you have taken the chance to delve more deeply into one of the above mentioned sites, you should have a good understanding of how diverse WordPress really is.

Opportunities are truly infinite, and it will be thrilling to see what new and astonishing things WordPress allows engineers and design professionals to do in the near-term. Are you familiar with other WordPress-based sites that are great to see? Editor's note: This article has been refreshed from 1-13-16 to make sure that all presented sites run on WordPress.

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