Best Wordpress Sites for Business

The best Wordpress pages for business

Are you able to provide links to your customers' websites based on your templates? One self-hosted site gives you the freedom to create truly powerful websites with all the features of WordPress.

Best 23 Free WordPress Business Themes

Are you looking for the best free WordPress Business theme for your website? Plenty of great WordPress topics are available for all sectors. We have selected some of the best free WordPress business topics to help you select from in this review. These topics are all fully reactive and can be used on the move. The Hueman is a multifunctional, free WordPress business topic.

Very adaptable and comes with an easily operated option field. There are two navigational menus and a directly integrated into the topic integrated soft ware menue. Blendend is a business model for WordPress. Delivered with a slide control, shortcut keys, versatile Widgets and limitless colour possibilities.

Besides that, WooCommerce is also prepared for Wazzling, so if you want to include an on-line shop in your business topic, you can do so without loosing coherence between your home page and the shop. The Poseidon is a versatile WordPress topic with a nice, roomy lay-out. Can be used as a basic blogs topic, as a business website and even as a magazines topic.

Enables the user to create a full width home page lay-out with a widget with a slide control. The Customizr is one of the most widely-used and adaptable WordPress business themes. Fully reactive and easy to use. Comes with a slide bar, several page styles, layouts, and color options. Makes is a fantastic drag-and-drop page creator's utility that lets you create your own business design.

There are several options for layouts and it is fully reactive. It is a fully reactive free WordPress business topic that can be used for almost any type of website. It' very adaptable by using the Page Builder plug-in, which add drag-and-drop functions for designing the website for the topic.

Colourway is a basic WordPress business application with easily customizable features. There comes user-defined backgrounds, several layouts, analysis assistance, and you can also append your own dynamic contents to set up the design just like the demonstration. The Enigma is a highly reactive business model for WordPress on the basis of Bootstrap. Delivered with a marked slide control on the homepage.

It' s fully portable and has many optional extras that allow you to adapt to your styling needs. Pinnacle is a brave WordPress business topic and is characterized by a slim styling with a completely appealing lay-out. We also support WooCommerce, so you can turn your business site into an e-commerce shop. Like the name says, SinglePage is a page topic based on Bootstrap CSS.

There are four prefabricated areas on the homepage which you can design according to your own wishes. It' simple to deploy and can be used for small businesses or as a products page. The Start Point is another one-page topic for small business web sites. There are several integrated functions that you can use to quickly and simply create your company homepage.

It' also very adaptable, so you can create your own logos, pictures and contents during the design process. This versatile WordPress Business Edition is built on the Enlightenment Framework and is packed with functionality. It' s fully reactive and has an infinite range of layout and color options. It is a feature-rich WordPress fast-reacting business topic.

Comes with a home page slide, 5 user-defined business website related widgets and 2 page lays. It' s fully reactive and looks good on equipment and display screens. It' a one-sided, fully reactive WordPress business topic. Provides user-defined background, para-laxing, multi-sectioning, and a full topic option pane.

The Moesia is a highly reactive WordPress business topic with full parallel axis capability. Can be used on the move and comes with 11 predefined pads that you can use to create your homepage. The Zerius is the children's subject of Zerif Lite (see above in this list), so it takes over all its functions. It' a portable, fast-response, multi-purpose WordPress topic, perfect for a business website.

Engrave is an excellent WordPress topic for business pages and offers a full width page with a large slide control on the homepage. Comes with a topic option pane that is packed with functions. Like the name implies, Full Frame is a WordPress topic for full width business locations. Comes with a built-in contents regulator, an actions key, user-defined Widgets, and several page laysouts.

The Adamos business model for WordPress is a full-featured business model. Comes with a tagged slide bar, tagged contents area, user-defined backgrounds, user-defined headers, and several page laysouts. The Minamaze themes feature a customized Topic Option Control Pad that makes it simple to create your design. Fully reactive and comes with an customizable homepage templates.

There also comes with a full width slide bar and a user-defined bootfile. The Sydney WordPress Business package is a special topic. There comes with full width sliders, customized logos, limitless colour choices and full Google font accessibility. Hopefully this item has help you find the best free WordPress Business theme for your website.

Also you can take a look at our 10 Best Affiliate Advertising Tool and Plugin Guides for WordPress. The Hestia is a free multi-purpose WordPress topic that is perfectly suited for business-sites. It' very simple to set up with the Topic Customization Tool. The Shoptimizer is an eCommerce-enabled WordPress multi-purpose topic.

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