Best Wordpress Templates 2015

Top Wordpress Templates 2015

The Incart Lite is a clean, responsive and versatile woocommerce theme that is best suited to any shopping, corporate, portfolio or business location. 40 best free WordPress themes, plugins and tips for summer 2015. Looking for a WordPress theme to share your written work? Collects the best WordPress topics for authors.

Top WordPress Topics in 2014

It' truth, there are many possibilities for occasional blogs, but there really is only one best choice for the pros, and that is the WordPress plattform. It' mobile, customizable, versatile, nice, versatile and is backed by a variety of topics, plug-ins and so on. Choosing a topic is a big choice.

WordPress features a highlight in that it's very simple to change topics (literally at the touch of a button), but there are many subtle settings that can't be shifted from one to the other. Instead of dragging you through hundreds of topics, here are the best topics of the year.

The slim and feature-rich Easy Business WordPress themes offer several page layout, FontAwesome symbols and more! The Aocean is a WordPress topic that is easy and nice to use. Best of all, Besty will really be the best WordPress topic for architecture blogs, photo blogs or designblogs because of its functionality and contemporary look and feeling.

The BoldR is a fat, fast-reacting, magazine-style WordPress topic. Build a nice and professionally looking website in just a few moments with the groundbreaking Layoutsuilder. The Bose is a high-performance multi-purpose WordPress topic. A must-have topic if you want to build a powerfull and stylish website with some fantastic functions. Complimentary WordPress reactive styling with high performance topic option panels and easy, clear front-end styling.

Funk is a fast reacting radio with which you can adjust the colours and layouts very simply. It is an elegantly designed with a great deal of versatility. Fully equipped, fast reacting, high definition magazin and blogs. The Ignite is a free, easy, responsive WordPress blogs topic. is a slim blogs topic that gives back your users the power of choice.

This topic focuses on slim usability. The Mansar is a free WordPress topic developed for use on WordPress blogsites. This topic is ocular and will fascinate you for a while. The OMG is a full-width, full-response, cutting-edge topic specifically tailored for blogs who want to publish fat pictures on their home page and archives.

The Pho WordPress topic is a minimalistic blogs topic with nice typeface, a lot of whitespace and a passion for big pictures. The Portfolio Press is a fast-reacting topic for the presentation of your photographs, artwork, websites or other work. Also works well as a normal blogsite. Reality is a high-performance and fully reactive WordPress application with all the features of a property website.

High performance design with breathtaking functionality based on reducx and boatstrap frameworks for front end and back end. It is one of the most potent topics you will come into contact with. With a bricklaying homepage, and automatically scalable thumbnail views, Siemens offers an optimal customer interface. The Sugar & Spice is a stylish, female subject developed with an eye to bridal blog ging and the marriage business.

Thorch is a 100% reactive Wordpress topic. Being a light weight free WordPress topic, Flash is one step ahead of similar free WordPress topics. It''s a fast responding display optimised for any display area. Umra is a colourful new WordPress-topic. The WP WriterStrap is a slim and minimalistic style topic supported by TwitterBootstrap 3.0.

It is a fully reactive design that works seamlessly with any portable device or tray. An appealing, universally applicable and complete WordPress style sheet that integrates your web site with your on-line shop. The Apex is a highly reactive WordPress topic for building, perfect for all types of construction-related companies. You can use Apex to build a website for clients, architect and more.

With Blossom you can enlarge your website and have the versatility to show the things that are important to your company and your clients while being stunning! The Bromo is a classical and one-of-a-kind WordPress topic blogged by ThemeAwesome. The topic was created with lattice posts and designed to be easily readable.

Chronos is a one-of-a-kind layout - timeline-oriented - blogs WordPress topic. WordPress is a complete suite of bootstrap functions. An appealing design for businesses and any kind of company that uses several navigation buttons, the right sidebar and the featured slider. Inform them about all these nice places all over the globe.

The Cuisinier is an elegantly designed WordPress meal and recipes themed, designed with your needs in view in mind in your foods blogs. You can use this premier artwork to give your clients an eye-catching look and appearance. One of the most beautiful and stylish WordPress themes for the bride and groom. Feminin is a Mummy Logging topic for WordPress that looks nice and imaginative, yet has a minimum feeling for it.

The topic of women's issues was tailored to the needs of a blogger. A fast-reacting photo and magazin WordPress themed website with a variety of portfolios & blogs available for artist, photographer, etc. Fox WordPress is a retro design that is perfectly suited for creative people who want to present their work. It focuses on the presentation of your portfolios.

WordPress Freelance Marketplace topic that has been designed wonderfully and with a lot of sobriety. The Frenzy is a neat and versatile multi-purpose WordPress template built on the Twitter Bootstrapmework, Frenzy is suitable for any blogs, message pages and portfolios pages. The completely revamped Gardener WordPress topic is a hard-hitting WP topic for garden and landscape design professional.

The Garnish is a fashionable, girly WordPress topic for all blogs and business people. The Gridspace is a fast-reacting WordPress application topic that is perfectly suited for displaying vertically, horizontally or quadratically displayed pictures. The HarmonUX was designed according to the concept of a contemporary blogs with optimized UX and AEO. Pure styling offers a harmonious sensation that can effortlessly be matched to your contents.

The Kulkuri is a great One Page Thread! Virtually everything can be done on just one page and you can navigate to your contents with a nice, solid pagebar. Laseter is a neat, courageous and nice topic that puts your contents in the centre. obile First is a fully reactive WordPress blogging topic. It' s distinctive styling unites styling and functionality.

The Moesia is a distinctive model that allows you to create an efficient on-line experience. Select from eleven pre-defined blocs and create the homepage that best fits your needs. Newelti is a courageous news magazine WordPress themme. A great user experience, easy way to present your contents in an approachable, logic and attractive way.

Meeting Parliament, clearly the right election for a policy issue. An adaptable, content-oriented style designed for authors, editors and blogs. While Plethora is perfect for messages, magazines or similar content-oriented websites, it is optically and functionalityally versatile for other kinds of contents. Sharp Magazine's WordPress Topic stands out for its clear styling with plenty of whitespace to make your contents and pictures stand out.

Photoastic is the best WordPress photo topic you need to build a photography-based website. Use Phototastic to present your nice product range or use it on your commercial website (with WooCommerce support). The slim and feature-rich Simple WordPress application provides several page layout and slider options, FontAwesome symbols, appealing designs and more!

Stack Topic is perfect to present your portfolio (design, photograph, etc.), create a single e-commerce website and create general business pages. Kitchen table is a really cool recipe topic for WordPress. This kitchen table is extremely user-friendly and can be controlled with the customizable themme. Thinker is a perfect basic blogs topic.

Topic is a WordPress topic that has been specially developed to present your events in the best possible way. Affiliate Topic is a fast, reactive, flexible topic for partners or blogs who promote or publish contents for a specific location or town. The Trolley is a WordPress topic for ecommerce professionals, designed with a clear outline.

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