Best Wordpress Theme Companies

Top Wordpress Theme Companies

These are the best WordPress theme providers to buy the best themes. Frequently even the best free designs without features are found compared to premium designs. Best 45 WordPress Theme Companies/Shops for 2018 With WordPress, the theme you choose determines the look and feel of your website - and to a certain degree how it works. The entire look of your website - the lay-out, pictures and type - comes from the coding of your theme. Therefore, selecting the right WordPress theme vendor is one of the most important choices you need to make.

To make things even more difficult, selecting a theme isn't as straightforward as selecting your favourite designs - much more goes into the choice than that. Indeed, there is quite a bit to note: the coding used, the built-in functionality, how easily the site can be configured, it is optimised for performance and performance, you can incorporate it with your preferred third-party plugs, it is offered assistance, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc..

Undecided user, look away now: There are hundred, maybe thousand of good theme creators out there. Naturally, not all theme suppliers are the same, and a little glimpse into why we are here today can help: 45 of the best WordPress theme companies.

Let's begin with one of the most beloved WordPress theme stores ever: Stylish topics (Note: Please see our full review). Elegant Thémes was founded in 2008 and has attracted 350,000 clients with its 87 theme collections - as well as some market-leading plug-ins that have largely been used.

Of course, the flag ship is Divi, an Epic multi-purpose theme with many functions and almost unlimited variety. Elegant Themes is available through a unique subscription with pricing from $69/year - that's less than 0.80¢ per theme! The StudioPress also features some new innovations: WordPress pages hosting.

Hosting website schedules begin at $24/month and cover 20 top-selling topics. Only a few in the WordPress space are larger than WPMU Dev. Our in-house development staff has assembled one of the most convincing WordPress club in the word, packed with many great functions to help you get the most out of the world's most popular CMS.

These include the superb Upfront Theme, which features real-time front-end processing, tonnes of high-performance Page builder engines and eight starting point template to keep you up to date. Prizes begin at $49 per month, with members benefiting from over a hundred complimentary plug-ins. The Graph Paper Press is a WordPress theme store for artist and photographer.

His topics are characterized by breathtaking minimum design and offer a clear and concise working environment that allows your work to conduct the conversation. 38 Topic items are available, with mass call rates beginning at $99/year. True enjoyment begins, however, when you mix the Graph Paper Press theme with the Sell Media plug-in. The combination of an yearly Sell Media licence with the 38 topics will cost only $149 per year.

Serving nearly 350,000 clients, ThemeShop ( "Read our full review") is one of the most respected theme creators in the WordPress community. Designed with power in mind, it delivers lightning-fast charging speeds and an optimal front-end feel. You can even deploy your own custom website from this dashboard and bring in your own copy of the theme's demonstration by importing your own contents into a template that replicates the theme's demonstration in seconds.

iThemeShop' 91 Topic Library can be purchased for only $87/year, or you can purchase single topics for between $29 and $59. Your favorite topics are one of the greatest in the WordPress universe, especially thanks to its market-leading safety and back-up plug-ins - namely our BackupBuddy and our unique BackupBuddy.

As the name of the firm already says, however, topics are still an important part of the work. On the one hand, iThemes has compiled over 100 topics as part of its Builders series. Builders topics offer the opportunity to create advanced, customized layout that gives you the opportunity to unfold your imaginative muscle. More than 30 e-commerce topics are also available, making them perfect for anyone running their shop with the iThemes Exchange plug-in.

As well as the Builders Topics, iThemes also offers a Classic and Allure series. This corresponds to a more than 200 topics. Benefit from an All Access  Pass that only costs $197/year. Thémify ( Note: Please see our full review) is the drag-and-drop WordPress Theme expert. Each of the over 40 topics comes with the famous drag-and-drop feature of the Page builder.

This means that you can customise any theme from top to bottom, giving you the opportunity to create your own website. Featuring topics aimed at magazines sites, e-commerce shops and blogs - to name just a few - themeify memberships have something for everyone. TeslaThemes is probably the best WordPress theme club of all.

It is a themed 66-strong line with a prize of only $59/year. At Tesla, we pride ourselves on the design excellence of our products, which stay beautiful and neat while offering many progressive features. Subjects are also of consistent high fidelity, so it is a good idea to spend some of your attention reviewing the demonstrations.

Comprising 81 bespoke designs, the range is available in all forms and dimensions, making it easy to find a design that suits your needs. For only $79/year you can browse all 81 topics - that's less than $1 per topic! WINPZOOM is specialized in the construction of WordPress topics in professionell grade, of which 36 have been released so far.

In the eight years of its existence, the topics were used by many immediately recognisable brands: His topics are also intended for people of all skill level. WPZOOM thematizes retailing for $69 each, or you can buy the batch from $99. Topic Themezilla has created some of the most beautiful topics you can find in the WordPress environment.

Also Themezilla has developed a new eCommerce services named Zillacommerce. In essence, it combines the powers of WordPress and Spotify - use WordPress to create your website while using Shopify to strengthen your window front. Individual Themezilla licences will earn you $59, but the more cautious of you will favour the $199 Themezilla subscription, which covers the full range of 27 topics.

Topics Awesome have created a nice set of beginner-friendly WordPress topics. Any design can be deployed and set up in a matter of seconds, with adjustments made with a few easy mouseclicks. Apart from the ease of use, the topics also look like a part. Every one uses neat and contemporary design, with special topics for school, building, applications and musicians' web sites.

You can try it, however, before you buy Awesome Lite releases of multiple Theme product available in the WordPress reference. ThmeFuse is one of the most diverse WordPress theme club ever, with topics suitable for almost any application - restaurant, business and journal to name a few.

And the most beloved is The Core, which follows the current trends towards high-performance multi-purpose topics. There is an easy-to-use Page Builder and infinite customization at the touch of a mouse. This theme also comes with 20 demonstration artwork that you can easily customize with demonstrations for marriages, patisseries, charities, colleges and architectural offices.

From $195/year for over 45 topics. They also ask members to take an active part in determining which theme styles they will be producing next. Presse75 has produced some of the most optically impressive designs in WordPress. Even though Presse75 has developed its topics with ease of use in view, we all need a helpful touch from now on.

Every topic is delivered with detailed documentary and easy-to-understand walk-throughs. You can also turn to the expert technical staff who will do their best to get you back on course for these particularly difficult jobs. So far Presse75 has published 21 topics and offered an "All Topics Pack" for only $99 - a great deal in my opinion.

Thémetry pays off as an Anti-ThemeForest WordPress store. Instead of flooding its topics with needless choices, every theme item is constructed with an eye to ease. Our theme expertise has been made as straightforward as possible, with a super-light set-up, lots of Tutorials and a competent Technical Assistance group. Subjects are also beautiful, created by masters according to the latest WordPress standard.

So far Themetry has published eight topics, and you can get the lottery ticket for only $99/year. The Pixelgrade software uses a collaborative process to create topics that are suitable for certain uses, such as restaurants, magazines, or photo topics. However, such daring and breathtaking design is not inexpensive, as each pixel-degree theme costs $225.

The Obox Themes was founded in 2009 and has since taken over the businesses of over 200,000 clients. The Obox Themes is best known as the people behind the superb Layer Site Builder theme. Layer lets you build breathtaking web sites created from scratch with widgets - meaning you can view your web site in live mode directly from the WordPress Customizer.

It is probably the simplest WordPress site constructor of all. Buy a custom design from $49 or collect the entire 27-piece set for $299. Theme Furnace was founded in 2012 by Oliver Dale of WPLift and has established a beautiful WPLift Rotary Foundation with high class WordPress topics. Th Theme Furnace has avoided useless bell and whistle in favour of more streamlined, inflatable topics - and that's great news for website speeds and overall site management power.

Designs also eliminate the need for complicated radio buttons and instead use the WordPress Customizer for real-time editing. As if that weren't enough, each topic comes with best-in-class docs created by the real thing developer. Covering 22 topics, it' really cheap to become a member at just $49 a year. The next FrogsThemes - known as the developer behind the best-selling Avada theme.

Topics are best described as professionally designed and designed in a buisness sense, each based on the FT Options Framework. There are also many high performance functions and functionality, such as a page-builder, dynamically changing widgets and an extended font lib. For one of the most cutting-edge themed companies you will find:

Every theme is designed for a particular use - think directories, hotels, jobs and property listings. You can also find more general topics, also for blogs, freelancers and one-page pages. Every design is delivered with all the functions required for the task as well as some other general functions such as the Page Builder and frontend processing.

If you buy all 13 of its topics, you will reset $299/year. Whatever topics you need, however, a slim pack of four of the most favorite topics is available for $199/year. Already started in 2010, the long life of the Kingdom is not surprising. Put in simple terms, his topics are among the most classy you'll find, as can be seen from the 100,000 strong users.

With a relatively small selection of only 11 topics, the Kingdom focuses on quantities and not on qualities. Topics are $49 each or only $89/year for full use. Although its topics are extremely simple to use, the Kingdom also operates a WordPress administered web site hosted to ensure that your site is completely safe, on-line and in top form.

And Anariel Design is a German based company that develops special topics. "Creating your own custom topics so you can create your own custom sites. All topics have a personality of their own, with the designers doing their best to avoid excessive flatulence. Anariel Design begins with 22 topics at an accessible price of $59 for six month.

Update to a 12-month $89 subscription - or a $199 life-time subscription - and you'll also get a free design set-up. The CR3ATIV has created some of the most breathtaking WordPress topics there are. Besides the nice design, the developer is proud of the qualitiy of their codes and emphasizes that they are "inflatable free".

Our developers' philosophies are simple: topics are for the designs, plug-ins for the functions. CR3ATIV topics only contain the bar bone capabilities that are essential for the topic to work correctly. That takes us back to the "inflatable" natures of the topics - they bear minimum luggage and loading speeds are instant.

When you want the extended functionality to supplement the CR3ATIV topics, you will find a selection of plug-ins here. The CR3ATIV has 11 different topics, each of which can be bought for around 49 dollars. The Bluchic is the first WordPress themed store on today's mailing lists with a women's orientation. The company specialises in the production of topics aimed at women businesswomen and women blogsmen who want a professional-looking website that preserves women's skills.

Bluchic also offers promotional material - basically branded promotional material for your selected topic - because we can all use a single source to attract more traffic to our website. Topics are $79 each, or you can browse Bluchic's 21-theme library - over $1400 in value - for just $297 a year.

We specialise in creating topics for rental and forward transactions. Since the topics need relatively special functions, however, BitZThemes has created its own "in-house" plug-ins. Your $199 earned subscription fee covers 13 topics, three plug-ins and the use of indefinite domain names. Another WordPress theme creator from Germany is ThemeZee.

She specialises in the creation of magazines - in fact only magazines are produced. Magazinthemen are known for relatively complicated designs, with a lot of contents on the monitor at a certain time. Therefore, you will be happy to know that ThemeZee designs use the WordPress Customizer to help you organise your contents and set up your design.

With ThemeZee, members can enjoy 21 premier topics and six magazine-focused plug-ins for ?59/year. Impressive is that it also provides a free copy of all 21 topics on the offical repertoire - of course these free copies contain less functionality and adjustments. As a Slocum theme, you have earned a solid credibility for being able to combine easy-to-use topics with a great helping hands-on technical staff to help you out of any tacky situation.

Topics are also designed to be integrated with many of the world's foremost WordPress plug-ins - such as WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and Easy Digital downloads. Add many customisation choices and you have a selection of nice topics that you can customise to suit your needs. Topics cost $59 or $99 each for all nine, plus you can add an extra $99 for the Slocum Topics staff to build your website.

The Gabfire theme is made up of a small development staff of top quality people. Those designers have gone to great pains to make the best possible experiences for you, with sites that are easily set up and under control. All the more impressing when you consider the relatively intricate, magazine-style design of the topics.

And if you can't find out for yourself, send an e-mail to the technical assistance team who will do their best to help you - or refer to the comprehensive documentary and tutorial videos that come with each topic. Topics are available on the Gabfire website for $59 each. Another popular WordPress themed store, ThemeIsle is known for its beautiful design and premium encoding.

Although ThemeIsle is an important actor in the premier theme markets, it is also aimed at price-conscious people. So far it has published 37 free WordPress topics in the WordPress Guide - it's one of the ways ThemeIsle returns to the WordPress comunity. More than 20 ThemeIsle Topics can be downloaded by bifurcating for only $99/year.

Also included are free WordPress video tutorials and one year of free sharing. InkThemes has the largest choice of WordPress topics in the word with over 500 topics to date. In this huge compilation you will find some of the most "niche" WordPress topics.

So if you are an ice-cream manufacturer, a pro steersman, or a kennel builder, there is a theme for you. Topics can be purchased separately, or you can sign up for a subscription to activate 47 of the best of InkThemes for $147/year. This theme foundry has been in use for nine years and is therefore one of the main theme stores on today's lists.

Known for the breadth and depth of its codes, its contemporary design and its useful tutorial videos, the firm is a leader in the field. Recently, it has incorporated Typekit typefaces into its theme to ensure that the text on your website looks fat, crisp, and eye-catching. They can buy all 11 themed foundry topics for only $79.

The Crocoblock is a fast-growing WordPress community - it publishes two stunning monthly topics, so there's always something new available. Crocoblock topics offer WooCommerce or Jigoshop integration, while the most common topics are in the eCommerce group. Designs offer many customization options, with many one-of-a-kind designs available in just a few mouse clicks. What makes these designs special?

Crocoblock's rapid launch timetable means it now offers 137 topics, with all-inclusive memberships only $69, or about 50¢ per topic - a serious value. When you' re looking for classic design, you' ve come to the right place at WordPressTrust. So far, 19 topics have been published by themesTrust that can be bought for $49 each.

GretaThemes is a relatively small theme store with only four topics so far. The design qualities, however, are stunning, with a super-slim styling that really sets it apart from the masses. Topics combine simple set-up with many customisation choices. Right now GretaThemes is primarily focused on the free markets, but has recently published a first prime theme, Bayn, which cost 59 dollars. Anticipate big things from Greta in the not too far away near-term!

The Nimbus theme may have only a small number of topics - ten to date - but with nearly a million downloaded items, these topics have achieved a remarkable performance. And if you are relatively new to WordPress, Nimbus theme support means you should have no trouble starting it.

Individual topics are $39 each, while an All-Access pass is $99. Due to high-level technical assistance and super-fast responsiveness, Nimbus theming charges an extra $15 per month for unrestricted entry to a best-in-class technical assistance group. The Array theme has been in the play since 2009 and has a basic principle right from the start: Make nicely encoded, well-designed WordPress themes. Array theme is a great way to add a new dimension to your WordPress Theme.

His subjects are always neat and contemporary, often without the bell and whistle that overcomplicate his competitors' subjects. For only $89/year you can buy a member's account, which allows unlimited use of all 18 Array Topics. His topics are specialized in the creation of easily created web sites, with many useful integrated features - drag-and-drop, community share button and adjustable font, to name a small example.

The CymberChimps library has 43 topics, plus six plug-ins. Just make a buy, then lean back and unwind while the CyperChimps WordPress staff install and set up your website in the way you like - a true timesaver. First and foremost as a Joomla designer, Shapes5 has also put together a beautiful library of 79 WordPress topics.

From $99/year, your full subscription to Shapes5 gives you unlimited and unlimited subscription to all topics and plug-ins. UpsThemes is offering its 40-person theme library, packaged with managed web services, for $18 per month. If you consider that the topics would be over $1,000 in value if they were bought separately, that's not a poor value at all. That makes UpThemes one of the best themed companies if you want to prevent a headache - everything is done on your own name.

This complete set of services provides limitless website migration and a one-stop hosted dashboard that gives you full control over all your WordPress Dashboards. Subjects are also breathtaking, the wet styling and the many distinctive styles. The next topic workshop is aimed at women entrepreneurs: They also offer a lot of advice and a nice brand-name web tracking tool, ideal for the management and organization of all the off-line things around your website.

There is no existing member, but the 19 items in the Restored 316 range can be purchased for $75 each. Since 2009 ThemeShift is in the action. The company aims to put the emphasis on excellence over quantities, with a range that covers only two subjects. Yet these topics are classy and varied and fit almost any use.

Each design comes with functionality that includes WooCommerce integrations, customized widgets, and breathtaking wallpaper. They can also adapt the designs comprehensively. Topics can be purchased separately for $39 or as a couple for $99 - the latter pricing label is warranted by providing a licence for indefinite domain names and full connectivity to full domain level technical assistance.

Specializing in creating handmade topics for certain uses, such as churches, landscapes, or musical sites, Mint themed sites are a great way to create your own. Naturally, all website owners want to make their website their own, so Mint theme delivery includes many intuitively customizable features. Every theme can be bought separately for $79, but those looking for a good deal will opt for the $169 pack, which will unlock all 11 Mint theme items.

Though primarily a Joomla templating club, RocketTheme also has a large number of high value WordPress topics - over 100, in fact. Topics are based on the ground-breaking Gantry 5 frameworks, which supports all of its Joomla and WordPress - and recently Grav - topics. It provides a rugged environment that makes sure that all Rocket topics are user-friendly, extremely adaptable, and interoperable with all third-party plug-ins.

Topics can be bought separately around the $49 stamp or as a lottery ticket at a cost of $99 per year - smaller subscriptions are also possible. Since 2009 Theme Junkie is on line and has added over 50 topics to its catalogue. His development squad is charged with designing original topics that interact with minimally invasive designs.

However, the topics are also extremely diverse, each providing a varied grid and a variety of layout options. And to get you up and running in no hurry, each topic is delivered with the ability to add one click of your mouse to your existing contents. Single designs cost $39, or you can buy $49 for the raffle ticket.

We' re closing today's Topics page. They use some really distinctive styles with vibrant colours and fascinating layout. They can also add some of the most beloved third-party plug-ins to the theme - top plug-ins like BuddyPress, WooCommerce and WPML fit together well. Individual licences are $69 each, or you can take all 16 topics for $99/year.

Topics from wavotasan also provide an individualization-free copy of each of its topics free of cost in the WordPress folder - so you can use it for a test shoot. Keep in mind: Before you buy a WordPress theme, there is a lot to consider. Items such as coding power, integrated functionality, ease of set up, website performance, SOE, support power, and third-party plug-in integration must all be included in the purchase process.

WordPress club members are often rated at a levels intended to tempt you, such as 50 topics for the three. Put the best value aside for a second, if you only need a topic, then you only need a one! That is, before you buy, test the demonstration in detail, see what additional service the vendor offers with the theme, and determine how much you really need to pay.

Good luck to you! Used/used topics from one of these topics? The Thoughts? is a UK based free-lance blogsman with a love of on-line business, digital media, e-commerce, content publishing and everything related to WordPress.

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