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Top Wordpress Theme Templates

Slightly different from others on this list, MyListing is a topic that revolves around the directory and listing of websites. Best 25+ Multi-Purpose WordPress Topics 2018 Multi-purpose topics are part of a topic slot from which some WordPress editors prefer to keep away. A lot of folks wrongly believe that just because an issue tries to do everything, it ends up not being able to do a certain thing well. I do not deny the fact that there are many poorly encoded multi-purpose topics that don't do the work properly because they certainly do.

But I am also conscious of the fact that there is a whole range of very versatile topics that perfectly match almost any kind of website. In the rare cases where special topics do not match your particular website, a multi-purpose topic is always the right way.

We' ve looked through the good, the evil and the unsightly in this alcove of WordPress offers to give you the best. Multi-purpose topics are proud to cover a broad range of website styles. More than 40 demonstration templates are available within this theme, and cover a variety of recesses.

Obviously, Totally would not be worthy of the name, unless it offers a way to further adapt your layout. In this sense, the theme comes with the beloved Visual Composer plug-in, which lets you build customized designs according to your own specific visual needs. There' a lot more to see - the Slider Revolution bundle plug-in, WooCommerce help with opening an on-line shop and a variety of folder and blogs layout choices.

In addition, the advanced theme customizer - an expanded and expanded edition of the default Live Customizer - offers a variety of adjustment possibilities. Not many multi-purpose issues exist that are promised and eventually delivered by planet Earth. It' s far-fetched to suggest that any topic can offer everything you need, but Totally gets things further than most others.

It is an excellent example of a multi-purpose theme and is worthwhile for you. Trademark of a good multi-purpose theme is a contemporary, adaptable style combined with a robust plug-in sleeve. To find a theme that offers almost everything you need, take a look at the up-and-coming hatch. The design offers a variety of customisation options: for example, the headline can be shown in five different settings, and the logotype can be left-aligned or centred.

When you want to integrate meaningful navigational information, Hatch has a special Drag&Drop builders with over 80 built-in items to select from. Six ready-made designs are available - all with one-click sample editing capabilities - while the Visual Composer and Essential Grid plug-ins can help you summon and tweak all sorts of other designs.

A dashboard Customizer provides page fill, color and color editing capabilities for extra page manipulations, among others. There is also a subordinate design, so any Hatch update will not impact your own optimizations. The Hatch package also contains wallpapers for your movies, videos and parallaxes, and the Revolution Slider plug-in, which gives you more ways to present your work.

At the moment one of the most hot topics on the scene is Divi (Review), and for good reason. Few topics can compete with the diversity of this Elegant themed publication: it's one of the best multifunction topics you can get today. This theme gives you a whole bunch of pop for pop as it includes a bunch of features as well as a nice wide screen theme.

Builders also come with over 20 ready-made page laysouts so the design can be easily set up from within the packaging. It is also possible to export/import user-defined layout. It has been optimised for everything from performance to searching engine to safety (it has been given a safety label and thoroughly tested by Sucuri).

When you' re looking for a full-featured design in one bundle, Divi should definitely be at the top of your list. ThemeCo' XP (Review) is another very well-liked multi-purpose WordPress theme. It has attracted a great deal of interest on the theme fair; with more than 100,000 sold and several record numbers under its roof, Christmas is represented by some of ThemeForest's most beloved offers.

Its design uses piles (completely one-of-a-kind styles integrated into a unified design) to provide tremendous adaptability. Integrity, for example, is focused on business/portfolio sites, while Icon is an outstanding option for minimal blog design. There is virtually no end to the function lists. More than 15 premier plug-ins packed with the theme support all types of features, from videomarketing to 404 user-defined pages to mailchimp e-mail molds.

What is amazing is the number of possible configuration on this topic. Good multi-purpose themes are a combination of a set of adaptable layout with clear, unified aesthetics. The theme provides demonstrations and layout for photo portfolio creation, small business websites, web shops, beautiful one-page websites, and more. POFO not only uses the capabilities of the included WPBakery Page Builder plug-in to build your layout, but also contains more than 150 page styles.

You also have over 200 page templates with menu, lattice, widget and other functions that can be tailored to your needs. POFO is an excellent multi-purpose choice when it comes to combining agility and power and should definitely be part of your pick list. Multi-purpose topics naturally have to accommodate a wide range of applications and provide useful functions for all types of websites.

If you are looking for a topic with comprehensive typographic choices, a fully adaptable lay-out, and some innovative functions, please contact Uncode. The interface of this theme is similar to others, but the developer (Undsgn) has taken things much further. Wide range of font brands are available, along with a variety of available font types with friendly permission from Google Font, Typekit, Fontdeck and Font Squirrel.

The Uncode also provides adaptable pictures - the design recognizes the monitor dimensions of the browsers and provides an optimised view on the basis of the unit. Styles are created using a supplied customized copy of the Visual Composer plug-in, and six menus mean you can find a navigational design directly for your website. When you need to get started right away, Undsgn has over 30 integrated demonstrations - all with one-click uploads.

Altogether, for a topic that offers useful, advanced features based on a sound foundation, think Uncode. As with all topics in this compilation, Topic 1 is a topic that can do anything. Featuring 150 pre-built demonstrations that you can easily upload with just one click, this theme provides a point of departure for almost any type of website.

When one of the standard layouts doesn't fully meet your needs, TheGem also allows a variety of customizations with the Visual Composer plug-in, over 2500 fonts and children's theme assistance. Besides the demonstration design it contains advanced features like para-laxe and background videos as well as the full Google fonts functionality.

Often, a good multi-purpose topic is characterised by its capacity to address a broad spectrum of applications without entering too far into a particular area. Because it also offers sound features, a theme can overtake its competitors, and H code is a good example of this. The theme focuses on a contemporary, neat design with good use of the whitespace that surrounds the various items.

Standard fonts ize is readable (though fashionable small), and with the included plug-in tool that comes with it, you can make almost any conceivable design - even land pages. With 18 built-in demonstration websites, it offers trend-setting, image-driven design for uses as varied as weddings, food, travelling and more. Consistent with its advanced sensitivities, it also provides simple animation addition assistance and is extremely adaptable with the integrated Viewer-builder.

It also includes a built-in events calender ( which you can attach to any page with a short code), simple Google Maps addition to pages assistance, and a customized give plug-in for receiving gifts. Themify Ultra is a multi-purpose theme announced as the "most powerfull and flexible" version of Themify.

It' s a simply beautiful design: the diverse typeface, the blank areas and the smart scroll animation make sure that your customers will be thrilled. There are 6 head/page styles in the design: pad, horizontally, box contents, box field on the right, box layouts and minibar. The Ultra even has built-in picture filtering with greyscale, soft focus and cut-offs.

Grab a drag-and-drop build, a theme option pane, WooCommerce connectivity, and other design capabilities. With over 32+ website layout instantly up and running, Ultra lets you know it's up and running to handle virtually any kind of website in any business. This is a breathtaking theme with a wealth of functions.

A minimalist and stylish look - obvious plainness has become a major focus in the designing lifecycle. Ajax side junctions really give the look a sense of ingenuity. Stockhom is equipped with Visual Composer, Google Fonts, Font Awesome and Icons. The last thing the outside world needs is a different multi-purpose theme.

It is difficult to distinguish Kallyas from other multi-purpose topics on the interface. Easily build your pages with a drag-and-drop page generator (the versatile, built-in Visual Builder) and select from over 100 items to refine your lays. What distinguishes this theme, however, is its uniquely designed perspective.

Featuring over 12 homepage themes, a modular pop-up feature and many customizations, Kallyas has more designbases than most of its competitors. Kallyas is not just a good looking theme, while the focus is on styling. There is a beautiful lay-out to the design: each of the elements is textured and well placed.

Based on the Tesla frameworks, the responsive theme comes free with the Slider Revolution plug-in. Hazelnut is a wonderful multi-purpose theme with a wonderful look. Or to be more precise, 35 wonderful themes (the theme comes with 35 demonstration websites from which you can easily upload your own contents with one click).

The Hazel also comes with 4 different types of Ajax-based page transition and WooCommerce integrated features, plus a number of different blogs laid out, Visual Composer, Layer Slider and over 30 integrated shortcuts. The Font Elegant Icons as well as the Font Awesome Button Set were included in the design. The Monaco is another multi-concept WordPress theme with several demonstration pages.

The theme uses great large pictures, palladium effect and an elegantly lightweight type. Visual Composer and Slider Revolution as well as WooCommerce integration assistance are available in the back end. Monaco's comprehensive online help system will ensure that your website is up and run soon after your purchase. WP Multipurpose is a very appropriately titled prime theme of the Solo Stream developer.

It' s a bit more functionally and structurally designed than some of the others on this page; the styling does an outstanding job of making the frontend user-friendly and simple to use. Backstage, WP-Multipurpose offers some useful functions that are not usual for other topics. WP Multipurpose is a topic that is particularly suitable for any type of web site, whether you are an incumbent agent, an aspiring SaaS or even a freelance soloist.

The Capri is a nice upscale theme that brings together 12 different styles in one pack. While scrolling through the demos, you'll come across nice galaxies, gorgeous pictures, eye-catching animation and big, fat type. In addition to the one-click upload, which gives you one-click control over the 12 demonstration pages, you get WooCommerce assistance, Google fonts, six symbol packages (Font Awesome, Font Elegant, Ionicons, Linea, Simple Line and Dripicons), Google fonts, Ajax page crossings and over 80 shortcuts.

The Visual Composer is free as well as the Layer Slider. Multiple user-defined Widget with features such as cart, user-defined searching and community content are also integrated into the theme. Bridging is a very beloved item on ThemeForest, with well over 25,000 sold and 4. These figures themselves show you how much the Qode developer is committed to their multi-concept theme.

Every demonstration is beautifully designed, with Ajax page crossings, multiple interactivity items, and polished types. It is WooCommerce compliant in the back end and offers both Visual Composer and Layer Slider. You' ll also receive over 80 shortcuts, typographical choices, and two sets of fonts. Bridging is a very powerful topic that is willing to take on the designing for almost any kind of website you can imagine.

It is a multi-purpose theme with a creatively and uniquely designed storyline. Most of the title page of the theme is focused on pictures, but whether that's attractive or not is up to you. Personal, what I like best about the styling of the blogsayout. You' ll get four deployable demonstration Web pages (one is the primary one, the other three are for healthcare and life style Web pages, photograph and foods & restaurants Web sites), integrated community share, WooCommerce assistance, and a builders tool for viewing items that adds a number of icons to the WYSIWYG Editors icon bar to facilitate creating your edit.

It also revises the WordPress Word Client into a high-performance yet easy-to-use customizer. The BeTheme is another multi-purpose theme that, like Bridge, is equipped with over 100 different designs. What's really great about the demonstration pages is that BeTheme has each theme designed for different kinds of webpages. So for example, you have one demonstration for spas, another for musical groups, and another for property agents.

BeTheme' back-end feature lists include seventeen customisable headers, a speed dialer, an extended theme option pane, and 12 pre-built skinlets. Children's topics that are prepared for adaptation are contained in the pack. And Jupiter is another very favourite theme, with just over 20,000 units sold. There are 25 ready-made templates covering six different areas (Agency, Create, Educate, Food, Eat, Beverage, Health and eCommerce) and more are constantly being added.

Many of these layout are quite small in size, with nice typeface and lots of whitespace. Jupiter's most important sales argument is the Jupiter Create Your Website Headers Customizing tool, which allows you to quickly and simply customize the look and feel of your website page posters. The Visual Composer, three slider controls (Layer, Revolution and iCarousel), ten new shortcuts, over 1800 symbols and ten user-defined mail items are all included in the package.

It is an excellent one and you would find it difficult to find many better topics. It is a multi-purpose theme with a beautiful look and feel. Rolling motion animation offered by the demonstration feature is exquisite: transitions, transparencies and more are possible. There are 12 imported demonstrations and 50 ready-made layout (both broad and packaged version are available) for different kinds of pages (e.g. Home, About, Services, FAQ, etc.).

You can get both Visual Composer (with over 40 user-defined elements) and Revolution Slider in the back end. It' s designed to work with WooCommerce, Google Maps and even Google Press integration, so it can also act as a board if that's what you need. HisFox is a multi-purpose theme with a minimum of styling, focusing mainly on imagery and typefaces.

Rolling in this topic is not as smooth as in the other items on this page, but it still ends with a good result. Comes with over 30 built-in home page layout. The Visual Composer is part of the high-performance Theme Option Panel, along with some user-defined items for the Contents builder.

Indeed, the overall value of Premier plug-ins packed with TheFox (including Premier Symbol Set and Slider) is $120. The Anga is an elegantly multi-purpose theme with outstanding eCommerce integrations. More than 20 demonstrations are included, some of which have been developed specifically for on-line stores.

In addition to the first-class WooCommerce integrated solution, you also receive 3 additional plug-ins (Visual Composer, Video & Parallax Background and Royal Slider). 11 user-defined items and 39 templates have been integrated into the Visual Composer framework. A Themesy is a multi-purpose theme with an appealing look. All of them have smooth scroll, awesome Ajax page crossings, sophisticated scroll animation and a breathtaking, image-centered look.

Visual Composer (with the Ultimate Addons) is an integrated offer as normal. Master Slider and the specially developed Themesy Slider, together with WooCommerce and Contact Form 7 integration. Themesy is a good option for any kind of imaginative website with coding optimised for both performance and searching engine performance.

The Scalia is a multi-purpose topic of prime importance, mainly targeted at web businesses. 98 star score at ThemeForest, which allowed him to earn top ranking for ThemeForest's multi-purpose theme in June 2015. This means Scalia also comes with full WooCommerce integrated functionality and over 100 custom page templates (including some very attractive blogs layouts), so it's quite able to blend into niche markets other than commercial ones.

The Kwoon is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with 15 demonstration pages that combines nice typefaces, appealing animation and a textured lay-out to create stunning creations. More than 500 symbols, a selectable folder and Google fonts are included. Kwoon also offers four premier plug-ins (Visual Composer, Fancybox and Pricing Table) and workable PSD models of Kwoon's various design themes.

This theme has an integrated style for WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7. The 7 is a multi-purpose theme with a nice outfit. In contrast to some of the other offers on this page, the theme of The7 is by no means minimized because it integrates many different items into its homepage. A further uniquely offered feature of The7 is the integrated integrate with, which allows you to generate a test page with the theme before buying.

The 7 offers 3 style themes, 4 layout themes and 20 pre-defined skin themes. With Visual Composer + Ultimate Addons, Slider Revolution, Layer Slider and Go Pricing Tables you get $99 free of charge plug-ins. The WooCommerce style, optimised searching machine codes and a "supercharged" Mega Menu are further arguments to buy this great theme.

Altogether a great addition to our WordPress multifunctional library.

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