Best Wordpress Themes 2014

Top Wordpress Topics 2014

We' re collecting the best WordPress themes in 2014 and bringing everything to this place. 30 Best Free WordPress Themes from 2014 Do you know that WordPress today operates 23% of all web sites on the web? No wonder - the open sourced CMS is very extendable and has a large user base that creates themes and plugins. With WordPress, you can create almost any website. The only thing you have to do is find the right topic, and we did it for you!

We have compiled our most popular free themes from 2014 in this column. An attractive and classy topic, ideal for magazines or photologs. Offering an exceptionally slim styling with well-chosen typefaces and a black-and-white colour scheme. Colour scheme: grey, yellow and silver. The track developers have done an excellent job of making the subject appealing because it changes seamlessly and looks great on all display heights.

The Minimable is a bootstragbased design that, despite its name, still provides a large number of functions such as well-designed navigational functions or a breathtaking slide show overlays that you can use for your pictures. The majority of the items are attractively rendered, giving the topic a uniform, professionally styled look. The Fukasawa has a beautiful, minimalist design that shows your contributions, pictures, and video in a Pinterest-style mesh.

Featuring a smart, reactive look and net-friendly symbols, this topic allows you to elegantly adjust to any display size. There are also great customisation possibilities in this topic with its many colour scheme and widget choices. Perfectta removes the bold and provides a clear, challenging blueprint and styling with soft revelation motion for your editorials.

The Serene is a straightforward, contemporary topic designed with the notion of creating a fun and enjoyable blogscape. GentsThemes is a neat, slim designer topic designed to present your work in a fun and easy way. Its look is first class and it doesn't have any features: a pull & fall homepage builders, three page styles, an appealing look, and others.

An issue with a large and fat cover picture that quickly attracts the interest of anyone visiting your site. Use the large Call to Action Area, the Postblock and the widgettized footers on your homepage to convey your important information in the best possible way.

The Moesia is a distinctive model that allows you to create an efficient on-line experience. Select from eleven pre-defined blocs and create the homepage that best fits your organization. And Moesia also offers a choice of Google fonts, two kinds of layout for the blogs page, great animation and much more.

Versatile, one-page WordPress themes with an integrated page editor, easy-to-use back-end capabilities, and a beautiful look with over 60 motion graphics animations, limitless colour themes, and Google Fonts support. The InstantWP is a minimum bootstrap-based bootstrap configuration with some great functions. It' s a great choice for those who want to view assets and also maintain a beautiful WordPress blogs.

A free WordPress topic that can be used as a blogs or portfolios. Full frame introduction, fast response desing, comprehensive documentations, SVG symbols, built-in light box, 3 seperate widgets - this one has it all. Choose from a variety of different layout options to make a truly one-of-a-kind look that's perfect for an on-line store, website, or even your own private blog.

Ram is a clear and minimalistic subject with a lot of stile and zero fuzz. It' s fast and retinal, has various mail sizes and a customizable side bar backdrop colour and highlight colour of the contents. Encompassing all of WordPress's default capabilities, enlightenment themes include an appealing design and a variety of functions for enhanced website customization. Whatever your needs, you' re sure to find what you're looking for.

The Storefront is an easy-to-use and free WordPress topic that offers profound WooCommerce connectivity. It is the ideal plattform for any kind of business as it is created and managed by WooCommerce kernel developer - the most beloved WordPress eCommerce plug-in. HOFMAN is a classy and beautiful minimalist WordPress topic for Blogger.

Topic features customized widgets for current postings with thumbnail views, current avatar annotations, Flickr, Dribbble, Movie, and easy-to-use community link in Hoffman's headers, footers, and post-meta sections. The Matheson is a nice, neat and professionally designed WordPress topic that is suitable for any company or blogs. Fat fonts, a minimalistic look, and a large home page slide control put the spotlight on your contents where it's needed.

The Sparkling is a clear, contemporary, slim styling style created with Bootstrap 3. Featuring pixel-perfect styling, great Widget and full-screen sliders, it gets a great look and feel. What's more, it's a great looking and feeling tool. It' s SEO-friendly and will make Google like your website. This is a powerful topic for presenting your best project, whether you concentrate on photographing, architecture, art or any other imaginative area.

Free, you can have a look that outshines high-end themes, but without the hits in your purse that come with it! This is a very classy yet entertaining design with brightly coloured screens blended with translucent screens showing a great full frame wallpaper. Just throw in some softly animated css, and you have this great scroll effect - great for launching new products.

The Radcliffe is a picture-heavy topic for authors who want to focus on their work. Solid full-screen pictures make Radcliffe ideal for Fotoblogs or a photolous private blogs. The Make is an unbelievably compelling open Source WordPress topic that makes website creation simpler than ever using a page creator with over 110 adjustment possibilities.

Newsd is a classy two-column WordPress topic with an appealing lay-out for all your portable and Desktop equipment. Space is a subject with a light and neat look that could work well as a web site or technical blog. Good for you. The Ultimate is a well done free WordPress topic from the boys at Top Mouse.

It' easy to customize with multiple topic choices and provides plugin customization capabilities. The Accelerate is a multi-purpose WordPress topic designed for convenience and usability. Most of the postal format is supported, which makes it possible to use it as a blogs, private, corporate or any other kind of website.

Designed to be slim and crisp, it goes well with all types of contents. Sleek styling with a sleek top scrollbar and a nice full-width slide show picture frame that lets you enhance your postings or favourite photos. The Perkins is a fat WordPress topic with a great lay-out for magazines web sites.

This is a great looking topic that fits perfect to any website. With Melissa you can create a great photographic workflow for your photography collection as she shows the perfect WordPress look and feel. Elegant layouts, fat printed type and a great slide control emphasize this topic. It is a beautiful blend of aesthetic appeal, slim styling and a linear style.

It has everything you need to build a professionally designed website. Hopefully you liked this article and the topics we added. This is the groundbreaking web designer utility for building fast response web sites and applications.

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