Best Wordpress Themes 2016 for Blogs

Top Wordpress Topics 2016 for Blogs

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Best 30 WordPress Topics for Bloggers in 2016

While WordPress was initially nothing more than a blogsite, and although it has developed far beyond that, its abilities are still beyond question at this point. That fact is underscored by the number of WordPress topics for Blogger available in 2016. The variety of choices can be both a boon and a bane, but with this posting we've tried to eliminate the "bane" item by giving you an abridged listing of 30 high-quality blogs.

From small blogs to strong enough topics to serve whole messaging clusters, they all have one thing in common: they're excellent. Subjects in this article are not arranged in a particular order, so their order is not an indication of their comparableity. Every one of these issues is individual and should be looked at individually.

In order to choose the nominees who made it to the top of the definitive lists, we searched the archive of several top quality publishers and selected the topics we liked best - after all, good editorial is at the core of every blogs success and presenting is half the job.

However, it also comes with an unbelievable categorical builder that Blogger will surely like. This allows you to make nice layout for each categories archives page. Main features: Module can be used to build breathtaking, elongated blogs and breathtaking pages. Creatively titled, this WordPress topic offers a clear, single-column look that shows your messages at the front and centre.

Main features: Contains several poststyles and galleries layout. The Grand Blogs contain all the functions that make for a great blogs topic alongside an art feeling. It' the ideal companion for blogs that contain lots of photos - it even has a section where you can view your latest Instagram images.

Main features: More than 20 blogsayouts. Contains an endless scrolling feature. Completely integrates with the WordPress themed customizer for immediate previewing. ABOUT BOLOG Y is a grid-based bog topic that is perfectly suited for multi-author websites that generate a lot of contents. This topic also contains a few more extra layout with more minimalist sensitivity, although to be perfectly frank, it would be a pity not to use this slidebar.

Main features: There are three user-defined layout options. Contains its own page creation utility. Fifth place in our best WordPress topics for Blogger listing is very much a reminder of our previous choice, the Grand Blog. The two themes have a very similar layout but Lets Blog prefers a more minimalist one.

Main features: Comes with six exclusive demonstrations. Contains an e-mail mailing lists subscriptions options on the home page. Dual slide controls. In Noemi, we offer a minimalist interpretation of life -style blogs distributed across three distinct layout styles. At Noemi Personal, it's about making you the celebrity of your own blogs by concentrating on your experience and your opinion.

The Noemi Casual is perfectly suited for a periodic blogs and contains some very appealing transitional effects in its master switch. Combining the best parts of the two preceding laysouts, Noemi Modern is a design that could readily be found in a big-ticket lifestyles website. Principal features: Generate different fashions for your postings, header and featureured items.

Contains a user-defined colour schemes selection. It is an inventive topic that sets an accent in the normal blogscape. The default two-column layouts with an eye for your article display, but also include subtile animation, a fat date and heading style, and many user-defined rounding symbols.

Best part of John Doe's blog? Main features: Contains the Flex Slider plug-in. A minimalist subject that' ideal for modellers. Main features: Contains six basic laysouts with thousands of variation possibilities. Several head and logotype style. The Spiced Blog is for connoisseurs of foods - it is the right way to share prescriptions, photos of foods and everything else that has to do with them.

The colourful topic allows your reader to prefer their favourite dishes directly from the home page, sign up for e-mail alerts and see how many persons have read each one. Main features: Allure is the 10th selection in our best WordPress themes for blogs, a topic perfectly suited to the fashions of high fancy blogs.

The minimalist design uses great fat type faces and cover pages that are placed over each of the images to create an elegantly designed look. Main features: There are six different homepage layout options. Contains the Visual Composer plug-in. Whilst we're still on top of fashions, let's take a look at another blogs topic that deals with that topic.

Aplique is a basic topic about pictures. Light is shining in the hand of writers who use many photos in their blogs post. Main features: Contains fourteen original demonstrations. WooCommerce compliant, which makes it a great front for your clothing or make-up shop. Bread is an all around sound logging topic that should offer a good basis for any website.

Although it is referred to as a life story blogs topic, it uses an appealing classical styling that goes well with any topic. It' s popularity is enhanced by its socially shared badges, as well as the colourful tag that accompanies each contribution. Main features: Supplied with four slide control modes and three one-of-a-kind header lines. Contains five user-defined Widgets.

is a minimalist WordPress topic for blogs and journals. Main features: There are four postal head versions and several postal archives layouts . Integrated with Pinterest and incorporates several other types of community shareware. The News Setter is a full-bodied topic for bloggers that is particularly suitable for editing web sites. Overall, this topic should be a good choice for multi-author blogs with rapid editing cycle.

Main features: User-defined management Framework. There are four predefined style. The Brixton is a cutting-edge blogs topic that focuses on telling stories. This is achieved thanks to its unmatched blogs posting style, which includes quotations and related pictures to make each item more appealing than the last. Main features: CSS3 animation is one of a kind. It is a subject with a minimalistic aesthetics and an accent on legibility.

Employs proactive headers and a uniquely designed posting style to differentiate itself from other blogs. Main features: Find four uniquely designed homepage and blogs layout. Contains an instagram feeder area. The Flow is a colourful subject modeled on the idea of endless charge blended with an asymmetric lattice pattern.

Postraster occupies the entire area of your display, with only one barebone top drop-down menus. Everything unites to a frantic and yet singular adventure. Main features: Endless blogs that allow you to open postings on the same page. Unparalleled pole constructions. The storyteller is a subject that, as you may suspect, is based on the notion of storytelling.

Overall it blends a neat look with an appealing post-page look. Every entry allows you to split whole arteries without taking up too much room on the computer screens, and the topic contains one of the most memorable commentary segments we've seen so far. Main features: Minimalist designs and user-defined galery styles.

The Rosemary is a neat and vivid WordPress topic designed to present your contents in the best possible way. Main features: Blueprints of five different blogs. Mariana is our twentyth selection in this best WordPress themes for Blogger composition - a hot, moody one. It is the ideal option for blogs that focus on handcrafted handicrafts, children's games, etc.

Main features: The custom "Hot Spot" system allows you to view comments about your pictures. Aesthetics is an elegantly single-column blogs topic. Your logotype is displayed in the front and in the middle, framed by the remaining items of your navigational area. Main features: Unmatched management frameworks. Several item list style. Heaven is a contemporary view of classical blogs.

There are all the functions you want - feature rich storylines, a number of chapters, current news widgets und more. Heaven also packs a few special turns in the sleeves, such as the famous post area. Main features: Describes five blogs listings. More than one headline style. Hemlock provides WordPress blogs with a neat aesthetics and a stable basis for their blogs.

In spite of its modest designs, it is the kind of subject where you can pass lessons to read articles for articles without getting tired. Main features: Contains Font Awesome's symbol library. User-defined instagram Suggested feed Widget. Don't you recall the Brixton thing? The topic also has a distinctive postal style that adds support for column and colored citation.

The only drawback is the impossibly legible italic script that their developers used for the theme's button italics. Main features: Travelista, as the name suggests, is a topic for travelling blogs. Its clear, practical styling makes searching and reading easier.

Main features: Several user-defined mailboxes. Unparalleled page size for authors. Firenze is a clear blogs topic based on a single-column design with an informational side bar. In spite of its breezy appearance it is a good choice for blogs of any kind. Main features: Contains several fridgets for your mobile phone, Facebook and Instagram.

Provides a built-in twitter share feature in the portable screen. It' s a very fun topic and the ultimative answer for travelling Blogger. Dispensing with the classic blogs posting design with an asymmetric posting queue, it contains some of the most advanced sliders we' ve ever seen, and offers several subtle motion-screens. Main features:

Prefabricated five layout. There are seven different types of headers and five types of slider. There are three user-defined Instagram Widgets. The Journey is a blogs topic developed for travellers, photographs and illustrations. Every post contains one of a kind "read" button, a variety of symbols for socially shared and a very stylish comment area. Main features:

Chatter is a high-quality blogs and magazines topic. This allows you to present a modest number of contributions in an elegantly way, thanks to its user-defined headings and well-placed comments fields. Main features: Contains both the Slider Revolution and Layer Slider plug-ins. Latest addition to our best WordPress themes for Blogger Extravagance is Aory.

It is a high quality subject that is perfectly suited for photographic or trendy blogs, as it places particular value on the efficient use of imagination. It also has a convenient little blogs function that you've probably seen before: estimates read time for each entry. Main features: There are six different ways to create a personal weblog. Contains the Revolution Slider plug-in.

Choosing one (or more!) of these best WordPress themes for Blogger doesn't mean you have to restrict the features of your website. In spite of the fact that they were conceived for blogs, many of these topics offer enough punch for other types of websites. Have a look at some of our previous plays on the best themes for other areas:

Wouldn't you rather use a blog-oriented WordPress topic or a multi-purpose topic and why?

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