Best Wordpress Themes for Authors

Top Wordpress Themes for Authors

#10+ Best WordPress Topics for Authors 2018 Any of these areas.... write, and above all, professionals and amateur authors equally.

So if you are a writers or a productive blogsman, WordPress can help you! Everything you need are some custom WordPress themes for authors. In order to make it easy for you, we have compiled a glossary of the most beautiful and powerful WordPress topics for authors:

The Zillah is a great, elegant subject for authors who want a straightforward yet elegant on-line work. It' s fun, fashionable, catchy and will help your contents get more out. Functions: fast-reacting styling, limitless color, full-width sliders, widget pedal, widgettized pedal, customized Widgets and logos, SEO-friendly, authors box in every posting.

A fantastic subject with an inventive styling made for "true writers". Use this WordPress topic to create a story, a novel, or any literary text and it will look like a genuine work. When you want your fonts to be available on-line, this topic is a really good one.

Functions: fast reacting designs, nice title pictures, script formats, user-defined types, customizable versions, authors profile, touch-swipe-guests. This is a minimalistic WordPress topic for authors who like things easy. Topic includes sleek typeface, full-width headers, full-width satellite scanning and nice broads. Functions: fast-reacting interface layout, community menus, finished widget, headers for parallaxes, authors box, embedded videos, preparation for translations.

Boblique is a lovely and stylish topic for blogs, with a colourful and cheerful look, a slanted head of lax, lovely animation and slanted posts. All in all, the topic looks fashionable and has a refreshing look. Functions: fast-reacting interface designs, soft symbols, user-defined scripts, ready-to-translate, pull-down menus with authors boxes, e-mail formats, several colour scheme.

The Freelance Writer is a fantastic topic, with a full-screen look and great scrollability. He has a full width slide control and has an elegantly designed look. Characteristics: 100 percent reactive look, SEO-enabled, filtering policy, user-defined mail type and format, user-defined widgets, 80+ shortcuts, fully customizable, bad load effect.

This is an exclusive topic for authors who like to speak about fashions, lifestyles or travel. Comes with a classic and one-of-a-kind look that includes beautiful brickwork, black-and-white shades, postcard-style contents box and broadgets, and classic typographical type. Includes: lattice brickwork style, customized color, soliloquy slide control plug-in, fast response style, cover page option, customized widgets, neat and minimalistic style.

Of course, if typing and photographing are two of your hobbies, you should definitely try this WordPress topic. This allows the use of large pictures in your contributions and comes with a nice typeface - a classical typing look. Featured: fast-reacting styling, widgettized homepage, seven layout, helpful signage, living customer, limitless color, full-screen pictures for items.

The Pocket is a WordPress topic for creating, blogs and storytelling. She has large pictures and an elegantly styled mind that combines whites and grays. Functions: fast reactive styling, multi-media capability, array toolkit plug-in plug-in implementation, ease of customization, soft link, minimal layouts. This is a great WordPress topic with a look that matches a writer's hair.

Your story is the focus of this topic. Characteristics: fast response layouts, adjustable colour scheme, auto text contrasts, three widgets, two- or three-column layouts, large title pictures or minimum fat headings. This is a portfolio-like topic for free-lance authors who want to advertise their works and work. This topic can also be used as an on-line CV.

Functions: fast response time, scanning parallaxes, on-line chats, easy surfing, SEO-friendly, widget-ready, short codes. This is a very nice and elegantly designed WordPress topic that looks like a real novel. There is a clear styling and an erect meal. Characteristics: fast-reacting styling, retina-ready, made readable, user-defined backgrounds and logos, infinite colours, SEO-friendly. Contemporary and classy WordPress topic for authors.

This homepage in this topic consists only of shown pictures. Every contribution has an full frame animation and a tidy look. Featuring: fast-reacting designs, jetpack tiles gallery, wallpaper based movie character areas, retina enabled, fat character areas, user defined style sheets and style sheets. Heaven is a great topic for those who like to work.

There is a full-screen, visual user surface, which is supposed to present many contributions and text as well as other interactively arranged items. This topic is versatile, i.e. you can use it for your own as well as for your work. Featuring: fast-response styling, five different blogs laidouts, infinite colour schemes, customized Widgets and promotional blocs, two tagged reviews sliders lifestyles, two different demonstrations (Main and Elegant), three customized ones Widget, Lightbox-Galeries.

The Decode is a minimalistic topic for Blogger and Authors. There is a classical simplicity of styling with the poles shown one below the other. Can also be used for individual needs and provides a neat look for those who don't concentrate too much on the styling, but on their fonts.

Featured: built-in advanced search engine optimization (SEO) options, infinite colour scheme, infinite slider and carousel, customized logos download, infinite Google fonts, WooCommerce capability.

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