Best Wordpress Themes for Bands

Top Wordpress themes for bands

The WordPress themes offer extensible functions that are often integrated directly into the code. Best 30 WordPress Topics for Bands & Musicians There is no question that WordPress has evolved into a high-performance CMS capable of imitating any kind of website. The WordPress themes provide expandable functions that are often integrated directly into the source text. Absolutely the best designs are produced by designer and developer who have a feel for WordPress and know how to customise these important functions.

Below are themes perfectly suited to any music website for a group, a single performer, a music location or even a hairdresser group. Every topic contains different layouts optimizations and user-defined page layouts for creating individual contents. When you need a refreshing music website topic, take a look at the following samples to see if something is attracting your interest.

10 Top Responsive Wordpress Topics for Bands & Musicians

Your band's website topic is almost as important as your domainname or your web host; it will have a big impact on the look, feel and features of your website. Fortunately, if you ever decided to modify a topic, you can do so quite simply (domain naming and webhosting are not that easy, but still possible).

Wherever I have a new customer who wants to work with an already existent topic (the advantage for the customer is that it is less expensive for the customer), I always make a listing of about 5-15 topics that I consider suitable. It makes perfect sence for me to give you a similar listing, this way, when you create your site, you won't be kept in the dark. Just like that.

I have seen many listings like this on-line, but they often only stay on the "band" sites. I want to extend that to cover topics that are just suitable for a bands website (even if they weren't developed specifically for those bands). It is important to remember that the more choices a topic has, the more challenging and time-consuming it will be to turn it into a close, coherent website that is your band's new home page.

In order not to have to brag about fundamental functions as "options" again and again, I suppose that these topics are: ....if I don't notice anything else. Now, you might think at some point "if 1000 other folks have purchased these themes, what if someone meets another website with the same submission?

Even if he runs on two of the same themes, an ordinary person won't even recall it, unless... it's likely that it will be month if not years apart, if not years if they look at every double topic, so they definitely won't recall it anymore... once your topic is adapted, it will be less noticeable.

The majority of those who are sharp enough to be aware of a similar topic probably have a good grasp of how web designing works and will probably be very indulgent. If you look at each topic, try not to get too involved with functions, and just investigate how you are feeling as you walk through each site.

See if you can find a topic that best reflects your volume, and find a topic that seems pretty user-friendly. Each of these themes can perform most of the features a tape needs (and if they miss something, I'll let you know). Here are some great topics that I have found on my journeys without too much further work.

First topic you'll see (it's a marvelous little thing named "Playyo") is good to use if you just need to upgrade your website TODAY. Last topic (called "The X") is a fully scalable frameworks from which you can create your own topics. But it can give you the intricate and artful website you're looking for.

Just add the themes, insert a large picture as your wallpaper, load up a song and you're done. It' not the nicest topic out there, but it certainly won't be embarrassing. You' re gonna make your act look professionally. It' still quite minimalist, with a home page style playback system (at the front), but with a little more flexible in presenting your group.

This is a topic I REALLY like. I' d put this topic over some of the more complicated topics unless they're really well done, but that's because I'm a fan of minimumism. A big crash, however, is that socially minded contacts are not immediately visible, and you probably need to include some of these basic Facebook Widgets.

And I should say that it includes sharing your songs (via Facebook or Twitter) only no direct link to your offical community sites. Comes with the Audio Theme Framework, so you can quite simply organize your songs, performances, video and other musical material, which is a great extra.

There is a general feeling that there is more going on on your website than there really is. Using the blocs in an efficient and imaginative way may turn out to be tricky (see the "Videos" page on this topic to see an example of imaginative use), but setting up a fundamental website (with very little brain) should not be too tricky, although it will be a real test when it comes to your first website (as any topic would be).

Imagine that this is a great topic for a traditional rock group or a group that refers to a folkloric style. Like with any topic, take the opportunity to look around and see how it works. It' not a "set it and it's up" topic you can end today; it will take a little while.

I' ll make it clear right away that "Dark N Gritty" is probably my most unpopular topic on this page, especially since I'm not a big supporter of the whole dark green kind of thing. I' d suggest this for bands who want their bands to have some kind of 3 door down/nickelback vibe; it's definitely intended for rocking bands (but with some land feeling).

What my major objection about the subject is is that the home page mainly displays your latest blogs and Twitter feeds. I always consider it important for a website of a group that your supporters (or prospective supporters) can hear your songs immediately. The topic begins to get into the kingdom of a vernacular website design, although overall it is a fairly easy topic that even a novice with a little spare moment should find out.

We' re going into a more challenging area now. The Ironband is a really full topic with some great homepage features and more: Well, I see Ironband as a matter of fact. There is a certain amount of complexities, but all the things you see (music, video, pictures, news/blog) are all very necessary for a tape website.

It is a good compromise between my more minimalist themes above and the more complicated ones below. One of the weaknesses of Flycase is that it has too many choices. It' s the kind of topic you are likely to get a little carried away with, and which will often refer to the demonstration site to make "the particular element" you have seen possible.

Actually, the diskography raster is really beautiful, and the single page of each albums has a decent audioplayer with purchase option on the website or at Amazon/iTunes. This topic also covers the revolutionary slide control, which is a fairly easy and efficient slide control that you can place on almost any page.

In order to sum up some of these choices in an enumeration (for you to skim off readers): I get it, you can be like a bloke and only involve 30 seconds of your track unless they "register" or "log in". That is one of my favorite topics on this page, because Brooklyn is a true trendy young.

In my opinion, this is almost "Instagram The Wordpress Theme", and a fast run can help you see if it's right for your song. That topic will demand a reasonable amount of graphical work from your side if you will be able to compete with the demonstration website they show.

Unless you know how to use Adobe Photoshop to a sensible extent, I would suggest that you skiip this topic. This is not a reproduction of the website of the Protestant Alternative Rocks Group. You can use this topic to show what a profound philosopher you are (*cough*shower *cough*).

In fact, I think the demosite is a little too complicated for Muse, but once you're inside, you can reassure things a little. It' d be an advantage to have only 5 or 6 of them (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud and maybe your own iTunes band) to keep things easy.

This is a very special stylistic topic where you need to make sure it matches the picture of your tape before you use it. A watchful gaze will be required to keep the vast number of choices in this topic from completely taking over the display and focusing your fan's attention on the essential: the soundtrack.

When you' re just looking to create a website and move around, "The X" is NOT the topic for you. It' s about being the most versatile Wordpress topic ever. As your subject becomes more inflexible, it becomes more complicated; you really have to work hard and create a website that really mirrors your group.

To say nothing of the fact that it is a tricky subject to work with. The thing I'm saying is it won't keep your little baby-hands (my goodness, those little handholds are small...AND smooth, have you moistened yourself?) and just say "cut and paste here to get a great bandage website" how many other topics do it.

About 30 demonstration websites have made them, which is very similar to 30 different Wordpress themes. If you are a bands, I suggest the following demonstration pages: I don't really think that one of their demonstrations is fully suited for a bands page, but these 3 are the next. There are some excellent documentaries and it is currently one of the most favourite topics on Themeforest.

Conclusion is that this is the topic for someone who wants to go further with his side of the bands. Each of the other choices I've included on this page will give you a truly pro -quality site that will far exceed any pro musician, but they won't give you the agility to make a work of arts, such as the Tennis Small Sound website that mimics the look and atmosphere of Windows 95 (pretty good, I might say; don't miss out on the ya thingus games!).

It may not be able to give you Windows 95, but it will most likely make you create something "of this custom" out of all these themes. Some more topics.... There are a few more items here that outline a tremendous amount of topics on them. You' ll find that many of these listings are somewhat recyclable, so you will begin to see many of the same topics appearing here and there (including some of the ones I've mentioned above).

However, if you want to see as many topics as possible before you make a decision: When you need a website that has been created for your group, I can always help you. I' ve created tens of web sites for customers in the past, and I can do the same for your group.

This free 48-page manual for creating your band's website takes you from beginning to end through creating a professionally designed website for your group.

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