Best Wordpress Themes for Beginners

Top Wordpress Topics For Beginners

Are you looking for a clean and simple WordPress theme for your next project? Do you need to choose a free or premium WordPress theme? Section 5: Selecting and Installation of a WordPress Topic

Your WordPress page is the " skins " of your website. Topics usually (though not exclusively) influence the look and feel of your website, not the features (which are usually provided by plugins). When you use responsible designs, you should be able to move from one to another and fully modify the look and feel of your website without affecting how it works.

This is exactly the same page, with the same contents, only with different topics. This is the strength of what we can do with themes. The best of all, you don't have to know a thing about designing or programming to build this kind of look for your blogs. Do you need to select a free or premium WordPress topic?

Lineage is often blurry between free and premier themes, but the three main advantages of premier themes over free themes are as follows: A better concept. Premier themes often look better and are "cleaner" encoded, which leads to an aesthetically pleasing, quicker load and more future-proof. Greater customisation possibilities. Custom designs are usually characterised by their finite customisation possibilities, which means that you have a tendency to stick to the standard designs and colours.

It can be hard for you to get help for your free design, but if you have a question, almost all of our topics are backed up. Like I mentioned before, there are exemptions from the above - there are very good free themes and very bad premiums. Nevertheless, the advantages of selecting a prime topic should be evident.

But since you are just starting to blog, I suggest you begin with a free topic. Much better to get to know the rope by fumbling around with free themes than to spend your cash on a prime topic if you're not quite sure what you're doing. In addition, you can also find a free topic that fits your needs perfect for the moment.

There' only one easy thing to remember when it comes to selecting a free WordPress theme: use only themes harbored on WordPress. org's Free Themes Directories is the authoritative repository for free WordPress themes. If you upload a sketch to the folder, a designer can anticipate that his sketch will be uploaded and verified.

It is the simplest and most efficient way to present your topic to the WordPress comunity. There is no logic as such why an open-minded topic designer would not post his free topic in the folder. Meanwhile, there are many folks out there injecting evil stuff into topics accessible from their own pages to take over blogging.

Installing one of these themes could unknowingly allow ruthless typing on your website. Luckily, has safeguards in place to make sure that such topics are either declined or deleted from the public list. WorldPress is preinstalled with several "standard" themes.

They are themes created by the staff - they publish a new one every year, and as such the themes are given annual name. Characteristically, you can typically count on these designs to be well crafted, fully reactive (i.e. looking good on any device) and superbly encoded.

Being such, despite their omnipresence, they are an outstanding option for novice bloggers. You will find the three latest standard themes pre-installed on your website. The Twenty Fourteen is a so-called "magazine theme" and, as you can probably guess, is conceived for magazinestyle web sites. There is a permanent symbol bar at the top and a side bar (similar to the WordPress backend).

It is a very good looking subject, but its attractiveness is partly due to the use of colourful and lively pictures and photos. Twenty Fourteen could be an outstanding option if your pocket is photographic and/or designed. But if you want to create a basic blogs and have no photographic or creative abilities, consider using this topic twice.

Watch a Twenty Fourteen video demonstration here. It' a true blogs blogging, and pretty flashy. It is a great film for Twenty Fourteen and Twenty Thirteen as it has a much more impartial and versatile look. It' also the first responsive topic has made.

You can add a welcome note to your homepage or return to a recent blogs entry listing, as you can see from the above screenshots. This is the standard twenty-four fourteen topic of your website, and if you have followed the course to a tea so far, it will look something like this:

Alternating between Twenty Fourteen and the other two themes is child's play. Go to Appearance > Topics from the side bar in the dashboard of your WordPress blogs. You will receive a galery with themes that have been set up - namely Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Twelve. Let's say we wanted to take a look at our page where the Twenty Thirteen topic is on.

If we were to do this for an entrenched blogsite now, it would be best to get a previews of the topic first, so we will do that now. Simply move your cursor over the Twenty Thirteen field and click the live previews button: As a result, the themed customizer display will appear (don't be worried at the moment), with a glimpse of what your website would look like with the new design:

Simply click the Save & Activate icon to return to the topic dialog with a notification message: Like you would when you click on the website visiting links, you will be redirected to the home page of your blogs where you can see that Twenty Thirteen has now been enabled and is seen by all your website users.

Well, let's proceed on the understanding that you don't want to use any of the standard themes. The directory of topics with over 2,500 free topics. Keeping the above in mind, I' ve compiled a meticulously compiled listing of the best free WordPress themes for Blogger.

When the standard WordPress themes don't make your boot hover, select a topic from my ever-growing listing. Here you'll find the best free WordPress themes for Blogger. In order to begin your search for a topic for your WordPress Blog, visit the Topics Directory. On this page you can find feature themes, most populare themes, newest themes and so on.

Every page within the folder has the same layout. As an example, here is the free page to one of my most popular free WordPress themes, Highwind: You will see the name of the topic, followed by a short text and a small picture. There is no need to ever fetch a topic from this page, as we will upload and install it from the WordPress Dashboard (we will discuss this shortly).

Last update date is useful - you'll know you probably shouldn't use a topic if it's more than about a year old. It is a somewhat random generality, but in general, if a topic has not been upgraded for over a year, it is unlikely to be backed up and is therefore not a good long-term perspective - even though it is currently still compliant with the latest WordPress release.

Downloading and rating can give you a good hint of how much a topic is liked, but take both ratios with a dash ofalt. We have some very beautiful topics with a small number of down-loads and some bad reviews - there are some in the WordPress peer review scene that are a bit eager to review.

Eventually you will see a hyperlink to the forums where you can ask your question and review your current thread. Suppose you wanted to set up and enable high wind in your blogs. It is a child's play and can be replicated for any topic that can be downloaded from

Sign in to your WordPress dashboard and browse to Appearance > Themes in the side bar. You will be taken to the trusted topics page, from where you should click the Add New button: You will be redirected to the Add Themes page, where you will find a Featured WordPress Themes gallery: Using the top tab of the page, you can choose the latest and most beloved topics.

Besides, we don't need that, because we already know which topic we want to use! In order to find any topic in the Subject Directory, all you have to do is type its name in the Search themes... field at the top right. Our preferred subject is the only agreement in this case:

Simply move your mouse over the topic and click the Connect button: WorldPress will then download the topic to your website and use it. As soon as this procedure is completed, you will see a confirm message from which you have three options: As you may recall, we were able to enable a preview when we switched between designs that we had before.

Here, the Option Alive Previews acts in exactly the same way and shows you a look and feel of your website if the new design is enabled next to the themed customizer surface. Of course, enabling enables the topic and Return to themme Installer takes you back to where you were if you want to add more topics before selecting from them.

Let's continue and enable the topic by selecting the appropriate item. If you do this, you will be taken back to the topic window, along with an acknowledgement that the new topic has been activated: Click the Go to website button to find out how your Highwind blogs are set up.

The best of all, this proces can readily be replicated for any free topic on WordPress. org that you like the look - all you need is the name of the topic. Now, I urge you to take some of your own personal attention in selecting, installation and activation of a topic you like.

Don't be obsessed with it - choose something that you think mirrors the look and the " character " of your blogs. The aim of this course is to reduce the creation procedure of a blogs to the naked bone. Its purpose is to make the creation proces of a blogs fully available to those who have the feeling that they do not have the necessary capabilities.

In this sense, I have decided to refrain from discussion on the adaptation of topics. Secondly, if you're not particularly creatively or design-oriented, you can be a very good argument for not adapting themes at all. This is because good themes are consciously created in such a way that the total of their parts (font, texture, styling, etc.) interact harmoniously.

In the above, I am encouraging you to get thoughts about topic adaptation out of your mind and focus on more important things for now.

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