Best Wordpress Themes for Videographers

Top Wordpress themes for videographers

The Aware is an interactive, responsive portfolio theme perfect for freelancers, web designers, photographers and videographers alike. The Cannes website is a dynamic, compelling theme with advanced features and design possibilities for videographers and those who combine photography and cinematography in their work. Choose the best customizable WordPress themes for videographers - choose your favorite and start presenting your work today. For the best list of WordPress themes for videographers click here!

Top 10 WordPress Topics for Film Makers 2018

Whether you work in the motion picture business or a related area, this selection of the best WordPress themes for moviemakers will help you build a web site for professionals. Here the choices include a broad spectrum of uses, among which the creation of filmsites, web pages for performers and producers, and studio films, to name but a few.

All of these themes have at least one full website demonstration that can be uploaded to your WordPress page. As soon as the contents have been uploaded, you can quickly substitute them with your own work to get your site up and running. A lot of these themes actually have more than one demonstration, so take a look at them to make sure you find the right theme for your website.

Subjects in this library also have great movie playback which makes it simple to easily upload and view movie contents on your WordPress website. There are also some ticketing options and other e-commerce functions that can help you resell goods, mementoes and even download videos directly from your website.

Whether you need a website to sell your work, advertise your filmmaking capabilities or any other part in the business, you are sure to find a WordPress topic that's right for you. Silver screen is a topic specially developed for films, producers and moviemakers. Indeed, anyone working in the motion picture or related industries should find this topic very useful.

Silverscreen is willing to help you start a website to publish a video, develop your acting abilities and service or present your show reel of the project you have worked on, thanks to these design and demo features. The creation of a website for a filmfestival is also part of the Silverscreen WordPress topic.

In addition to homepage design, this topic also contains all the inside page layouts your film related website will likely need. Silverscreen also offers full e-commerce capability, allowing you to sell and collect payment for your site's tangible assets and digitally downloaded content.

In order to help you tailor your website, the best-selling Visual Composer Page builder plug-in is available in the Silverscreen themeset. In addition to this powerful graphical drag-and-drop editing tool, WordPress Customizer is available to make sure your website looks exactly the way you want it to. The Silverscreen is a classy WordPress topic for film makers, ideally suited for supporting large and small work.

The Nine Studio is a subject with a powerful emphasis on creating web sites for the motion picture and television industries. All kinds of moviemakers should appreciate the Nine Studio theme's look and feel. No matter whether you are applying for the latest projects you have finished or want to showcase your file making expertise on-line, Nine Studio has a ready-made website designed to fit.

Everyone in the film production industry, from agents and studio owners to contractors and performers, should be able to find a way to use this topic to start a professionally run website. There is also a WordPress movieslog creation demonstration that provides good assistance for posting videos and blogs. The Nine Studio contains a useful suite of page styles that covers the core contents your website may need.

Since the Visual Composer Page Builder plug-in is part of the Visual Composer suite, you can simply build your own customized page design. Because Visual Composer has its own suite of authoring styles, you can get a competitive edge on any new pages you need to build for your filmmaking website.

You' ll also find that the slider Revolution plug-in is available to help you build your own slide shows and other engaging presentation experiences to help promote your work. When you take complete charge of your contents and no longer want to rely on third-party service providers like YouTube, Nine Studio can help you get your new film website up and running.

The Reel is developed for professional videographers who need to create a high end website as easy as possible. Reel's standard demonstration website setup includes a full-screen slide control with backlit videos, perfect for giving your visitors an impression of your work. No matter whether you promote your show reel or the latest film you' ve made, the reel topic is more than up to the job of viewing your videos live for you.

Most of the standard home page design contains tiny movie player that lets you focus on your best work. Since there are, however, four major home page laysouts in the Reel Topic Kit, you won't lack the ability to set up the most important page of your website.

Because Reel includes a Page builder utility, you can change your demonstration layout slightly or recreate your own customized home page design from the ground up. A further remarkable feature of Reel that has enabled him to gain a place in this compilation of the best WordPress themes for film makers is the choice of folder artwork.

Contrary to some themes, Reel is designed to process your videos by setting them to process by default, so you should have no problems loading, organizing, or viewing your show reel. The other useful and customisable page styles in this topic pack include the About, Contacts, Service, Team section and your website Blogs section. There is also a full suite of e-commerce template if you want to yours and resell items from your website.

One of WPZoom's easy-to-use filmmaking WordPress themes, Reel looks good and is simple to use. The Passion is a versatile WordPress topic for videos and songs that film-makers should try out. Eight website demonstrations in this thematic pack covering a variety of lifestyles and uses. All of these themes are sufficiently versatile to be adapted to the objectives of your work.

Apart from the two music-oriented demonstrations, however, all other pre-built website features should have themes and features that are attractive to film-makers. Keys from the demonstrations of this topic are the large full-screen backgrounds, the slider animations that are perfect for splitting photographs from your work, and the Modular Layout that makes it simple to shuffle and customize the various available parts.

So that you can easily append videos to your WordPress site, this topic will support all important shared videosites, such as YouTube and Vimeo. Just enter a simple videoroll in the right place to fill your website with this kind of music. You can also activate the front-end submit form and allow your users to interact with you about their own experiences, based on the purposes of your site.

Just as you would expect it from a premier WordPress filmmaking topic, you also get free use of the Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plug-ins. The Passion has many functions that moviemakers should find useful when creating their web sites. The Cinerama WordPress site is for film studio and filmmaker who want to quickly create a new website.

Featuring a good choice of website demonstrations to select from, you can select which pre-built home page layouts you want to use for your filmmaking website, and then with just a few mouse clicks bring them into your WordPress Dashboard. Your choices include festival films, studio films, blogs and other kinds of film-related sites, so hopefully you should be able to find a matching theme in the Cinerama Pack.

In order to help you advertise your movies and other online footage, the Cinerama themed site contains a number of film-specific asset placements. In addition to eye-catching themes, Cinerama' unique photo albums give you plenty of room to split still images from your data sets and incorporate your favorite movies into your work. They can also be used to tell the history of your careers, the evolution of your company or the latest project work.

As well as the Portfoliovorlagen, you'll also find ready-made layout for all the other pages your filmmakers website probably needs. They can also use e-commerce assistance with this topic to offer goods for purchase, as well as tangible articles and electronic files for download. Cinerama' design allows you to customise many different parts of your website using the high-performance administrative user panel.

WPBakery Page Builder is also supplied and offers you even more customisation possibilities for your filmmaking site. If you want to include slide shows on your website, slider for viewing videos and more, the Slider Revolution plug-in is available in the Cinerama bundle at no additional charge.

Combining an amazing features listing with a collection of classy styles, Cinerama will help you build your own filmmaking website with WordPress. Featuring ready-made contents to promote your filmmaking service and publish your videos on-line. When you have a lot of videos that you want to use as part of your website, The Move themes might be useful for you.

Because you can organise your movie contents with this topic in an easy way, it is very easy to define the order in which your movies are shown. So, if you've produced a streaming movie show, it can be posted in such a way that your viewers can interactively see what they're doing instead of having to find their way around your website to find out what they want to see next.

Movie themes also include full-screen rules for viewing movies that give you an efficient way to attract your audience's interest and promote your trailer and other movie contents. In this respect, the sliders homepage design also works well, because thanks to the sliders Revolution plug-in, you can easily insert slides into your presentations and maximise the page size available to you.

The Visual Composer is another WordPress plug-in that is available in this free of charge thematic pack and opens up even more opportunities for your website. Movie artwork also includes ticketing functionality that allows your audiences to buy seats for your shows. It also has a newsletters function that allows you to begin gathering e-mails from users who want to know more about your upcoming work.

This WordPress Word Cinema Filmmaker has a great big budgets looks all packed into one affordably priced bundle. The Vysual was developed for the creation of web sites for the promotion of cinema campaign and commercial films with WordPress. When you want to reproduce the offical video sites used to advertise the latest release, the Vysual topic should be on your drop-down list.

There are two major website settings that allow you to view either a wallpaper image or a full-screen thumbnail. Either design is great for promotion of your film, whether you'd rather use stills from your videotape to get your audience interested or to get an up-to-date videoclip.

Page layouts give you a fast way to quickly get information about your casting and your team. There is also a SYNOPSE page style that makes it simple to divide the silhouette of your picture and hopefully get more visitors to take the next steps and go to the theater and see your picture.

You can add an art section to your website so that you can otherwise split photos from your film or behind the scenes footage from film-making. Changes to your website with the vocal topic are made via the WordPress Customizer. You can import the demonstration contents into your WordPress website with just a few mouse clicks, so getting familiar with the topic of Visual Filmmakers shouldn't be a big deal.

Vysual is perfect for website users of all skill sets with walk-through video on how to use this topic. The Circle is a WordPress topic with pre-built website design for producers, performers, bloggers and film makers. Circle website demo's all have different styles and layout to help you find the right options for your website.

You can use Visual Composer to help you create one of the demonstration contest themes, or create your own custom pages from the ground up. With many of the best functionality you'd find in a much-loved multi-purpose WordPress topic, Circle has all been packaged in a look that is appropriate for the creation of filmmaking sites.

The Circle is a multifaceted WordPress topic that any filmmaker could find useful. A filmmaker is a WordPress topic that has been constructed with a goal in mind. What's that? This topic was developed to help moviemakers create a WordPress website and is an immediate complement to this series. A number of different layout packages are available, one for a motion picture studios, one for an entertainment firm, and another for Filmblogger.

There is also a ready-made website lay-out designed specifically for film director and crews, which shows that this is a very diverse WordPress topic. In spite of the focus on this topic, the feature set is very diverse. High-performance Master Slider plug-in was used to include interactivity slide shows in your demos, and you can also use this utility to create your own Slider.

And for more creativity, all the layout elements that make up the Filmmaker themes can be manipulated using the drag-and-drop page creation surface of the Visual Composer plug-in provided. Filmmaker's other useful functions includes the Megamenu feature that allows you to easily create a number of additional items from the drop-down menu of your website, the MailChimp feature that helps you enlarge your e-mail subscription, and the one-click install that makes starting your website very easy.

The Filmmaker works with the best third-party WordPress plug-ins, so you can easily extend your website with additional functionality as needed. The Filmmaker has ready-made layout for all kinds of web sites related to movies and videos. The CINESTAR is a WordPress topic for filmmarketing that should interest anyone wishing to advertise a filmmaking project on-line.

CINESTAR offers a number of different mode options to help make sure your advertising website has the right look and feel for a variety of film styles. Customize your designs with easy options to customize your own backgrounds and headers, select your own typefaces, and build customized colour themes to match your own label.

In order to help you gain even more creative power over the look and feel of your website, this topic also features the Visual Composer's favorite drag-and-drop plug-in for the page creator. The redesign of demonstration contents and the creation of your own user-defined page layout are now within easy reach. 4. In order to make sure your website has all the contents your projects require, CINESTAR is integrated with the best web hostings.

This allows you to hassle-free access to your and other users' contents from websites such as YouTube and Vimeo, and hosts your own videos for viewing on your own website. The CINESTAR has a sleek, film-focused look that gives your advertising website a sophisticated look and feel. Your website will look and feels like a real pro.

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