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It is a collection of the best WordPress review topics on the market, both free and paid, for beginners and experienced users alike. Use our short reviews to help you choose the topics that best suit your needs. We have put together the best options for you. View the largest collection of free WordPress themes.

#25+ best reviews WordPress Topics 2018

It can be hard, however, to know who the best people are. In order to help the consumer find serious web pages, reviewsites have started to emerge and they are winning favor at an exponential pace. You should consider using WordPress for your own rating page. A number of topics are available that have been developed specifically for reviewsites.

In this spirit, we have put together this best reviewsite topic for WordPress. Cubell' Valenti is a sexy magazine/review topic with a breathtaking high-definition look (retina ready). Paired with endless scrolling possibilities, a detailled optimisation feature and a new navigation system, Valenti is a topic of reviews to reckon with.

The Gauge is a high-function reviews topic that combines stunning styling with stunning aptitude. There are even some 3-D features in the colourful look of the themes, as you can see in the bottom of the page. Mega-mamenu abilities and user-defined side bars are also included in the topic. GhostPool's The review is a nice topic, it' shaped like a page in a magazin, but has several features that make it great for reviews.

Featuring a clear styling and lots of whitespace, there's no overcrowding, so it's simple to see everything on the screen without being overstrained. A further remarkable characteristic is the width of the contents, which can be recorded for each element to be checked. Every article on your rating page gets its own tabular nav page - not only the rating of the article, but also messages, video and pictures.

The Review also allows you to manipulate frontends. User can submit, modify, or remove reviews without signing in to the backend, and site administrators can authorize these changes. Specifications for The Review are quite typical: neat, easy-to-read coding, reactivity, integration with the Visual Composer plug-in, cross-browser interoperability, a subordinate design, and a wide range of layouts.

Notable is the AJAX filter on every page, every posting and every check, making access to contents simpler and faster. It has a great deal to offer and is an appealing choice as a neat, focussed topic for reviews. It is important when selecting a topic for your reviews to select an appealing, image-focused design that can be periodically refreshed without compromising legibility.

With over 40 page layouts to select from, MagPlus lets you start building your own online storefront right away. The design, however, incorporates more than 500 Google fonts, many headers and nearly unlimited colour scheme choices to give your website a truly one-of-a-kind look. MagPlus not only offers many customisation possibilities, but also a large selection of ready-made layouts.

Usually, you will receive an answer within one working days, so that you can feel safe in case of problems with the topic. All in all, Mag Plus is a well-rounded, feature-rich topic that is definitely something to be considered, especially if you value creativity. The OldPaper is a slim reviews topic in magazinestyle.

It has a magnificent look - harmonic colouring, easy typesetting and a multi-column texture combine to create a nice backdrop full of whitespace. With four mail type, a large whitelabel option field, Mega Menu functionality, ad administration, 3 headers option and a homepage check design, OldPaper is an even more appealing option for your reviews topic.

The 15Zine is a new, modern topic for magazines that is easy to use as a topic for reviews. 15Zine was developed by Cubell and not only allows you to present your contents in a professional way - it also allows you to tell a story that meets the needs of your people. The 15Zine is full of custom styling choices that allow you to make your website look the way you want it to.

You can use the Drag-and-Drop-Builder for your layout, select a picture format for your contributions or present your contents with the MGT. You can select from a dozen of pages for your own designs. Even the inspection part of 15Zine is not a light weight. They have three different genres, an infinite number of criterias, advantages and disadvantages, and choices for recording sub-titles.

Administrative checks mean that you can disable users' ratings and modify who can see a post. One of the topics for reviews, however, is the fact that it has a clean look than most others, making it an attractive choice. JMagz was developed to look like a powerful messaging site and has a great deal to have. It is an award-winning topic for magazines that is easy to use as a topic for reviews.

There are also many adjustment possibilities that will help you present your contents. The JMagz Visual Composer plug-in is included with JMagz, so you're well positioned between it and its choice of Google fonts, pre-built colour themes, a wide range of contents blocs, a multimedia library, and a one-click demonstration installation to create your website exactly the way you want it.

JMagz's great reviews are the choices that go beyond many others. These include an advertising unity to optimize ad placements, an embedded recommendation hyperlink, built-in Disqus, Facebook and WordPress annotation tools, Ajax Live Search and embedded advanced analytics (SEO) capabilities. JMagz is an ideal option if you're looking for a classy, multi-faceted topic for your reviews.

Enterance is a content-oriented topic developed for journals, reviews, and other publication that place elongated writing over photographic or visual contents. Its design simplifies the organization of your contents on the basis of several different classifications, with either a side bar or a head bar for navigating within the site. It combines blocks, column, drops, and highlighting to improve your writing and deliver a sophisticated literacy experiences.

Whilst an imageslider is available, this is a subject whose limits are obvious when you want to capture items like embed slideshows or video. However, it cannot be denied that this topic is an ideal option for e.g. a literature search or a lengthy editorial work. The MagXP is a fashionable topic for magazines with appealing, clear layout and a wide range of designs.

It is a multi-purpose topic with a series of demonstrations, one of which is specially designed for reviewsites. MagXP does not get too imaginative with its colors or typefaces, but that's something you can modify after the purchase - MagXP offers a variety of colors and more than 600 Google typefaces to select from.

MagXP is a good option for a straightforward, multi-purpose reviews page. One of the most expert reviews in journal style. Flavor Pack also contains sliders Revolution (a fast reacting jQuery slider), a range of shortcuts, a weighed scoring system, a simplified, more efficient administration console and many supporting tools to help you get everything up and running.

Jigsaw is a high-resolution expert reviews topic. With eight different viewing choices, nine colour themes, a long roster of user-defined preferences and the flexibility to customise your mail, page and categories, its one-of-a-kind look puts you one step ahead of your competition. Unparalleled authoring features, 3 different scoring tools, built-in power tuning and full featured SQL command codes.

Editing is a beautiful WordPress subject that uses huge pictures, rich coloring, and a textured lay-out to create a look that is a feast for the eyes. Pages are created by dragging and dropping, user-defined Widgets are provided in the kit, and the review view is easy and stylish at the same to use.

NewMag is a very diverse, beautiful topic in a magazines issue that gives you the opportunity to post anything from songs to picture galeries to lengthy editorial work. And if that is not your personal choice, you can make a brick lattice of items, as well as sidebars with column and other text-only parts.

There are 14 different pads available if you want to show your contents on your homepage without overthinking it. The use of this theme's Page Builder makes it easy to create a customized page design and allows you to embedded slideshow slideshows, message video, rating driven reviews, and clicking advertisements wherever you want.

You can also use several template files to create basic contributions with still pictures and traditional text-based items. It is an unbelievably rugged topic, oriented towards publication and reviews that address the latest trends and innovations, especially in technology. When you want to create a Wired or engadget-style mag, there are a dozen different things you'll like about this topic.

The focus is on delivering virtual content: a sidebar widget that presents your site's top story, and an elegant Gantt Chart that displays trend themes around a keyword or category, help to drive the game. Meanwhile the Drag-and-Drop-Pagebuilder makes the creation of items - no matter if they are long writing items, reviews with photogalleries and five-star reviews or independent video - very simple.

Conscious shaping is one of the most important facets of this topic for an intensive discussion with the reader. Choose Engine as your topic if you have a high quality interaktive and appealing book; don't choose this topic if you are looking for a basic blogs or magazines, because that would be a wastage of its unbelievable variety of functions.

The REHub is a multi-purpose topic from Sizam Design. Apart from being great as a rating page, you can also use it for your blogs, shops or magazines. Full of contents, it offers a broad spectrum of application possibilities. It' s compliant with three different browsing plug-ins (WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and Ecwid) and even has demonstration pages developed for each plugin.

You get multiple layouts for comparative pages, mail format and top mail, as well as more than ten home page contents pads and many custom headers settings. Another aspect of REHub that you'll like are the different brands and promotional features and the possibility to include a catalog on your website.

They will also appreciate the interoperability with business press and WPML plug-ins for ease of authoring and communitiesing. REHub is an ideal option for a well completed reviews page. If you are going to create a truly great reviews site, it is important to select a topic that promotes consumer engagement. Luckily, Huber makes the creation of an appealing reviews page child's play.

You can also post your reviews, and because the topic provides a way to track your website, your reader can keep up to date with the contents that interest them. The Huber WordPress Popular Mail plug-in is also included, so you can see which of your postings are trendy.

Huber is immediately ready to use and comes with the Visual Composer plug-in for easy drag-and-drop layouts. Goliath is a feature-rich publication, as you would expect from a topic with this name, and rates the topic with an elegant look and extraordinary dexterity. Sportthema offers you a homepage that shows an automatic controller with several following catagories.

Under a variety of headings are breastaking news, various sporting activities and a useful cleoud at the bottom of the page for an improved quest. It uses a black hide that is perfectly suited for presenting full-screen pictures on the homepage, as well as picture galeries and five-star rating segments.

This minimalistic black-and-white topic contains a useful "bar selection" in the main window, an icon slide bar in the headline and brick columns. At the top of the page, a trendy contents tab shows an infinite feed in the form of a message window with favourite items on your website.

Goliath is a great option for a good-looking reviews and messaging site that offers your readership everything they are looking for. Bdayh's New Magic is a fast-reacting and fat-printed Bdayh message topic that includes a high-performance rating system, which means it works great as a rating page. Immediately the wallpaper on the demonstration homepage attracts your interest and directs your gaze to top positions and a neat looking headers.

News Magic is fast reacting and retinal and has a one-of-a-kind look that you can adapt anytime. New Magic also has a considerable number of shortcuts to change the look and feel of your website. One of the things you will really like about News Magic is the supplied Counter plug-in - it counters the number of users you have from different types of community sites.

If you go through things, integrating with your online community is a big plus because it will help you get the message across to more audiences faster. If you ever need help, News Magic also offers videos among other things. Being a well thought-out topic for reviews, News Magic seems like a charme.

The NanoMag is a great reviews and magazines topic with an outstanding and simple to use page builder, making it an outstanding option for seasoned and aspiring editors. Developed for multi-media postings, this design includes a publish-engine that lets your author produce items with YouTube or Vimeo video, large blocks of quotations, photographic gallery, SoundCloud streaming sound, or well-designed old text.

NanoMag's homepage has six different types of layout, all of which have been optimised to display media-rich content, thanks to integrated viewing functions such as slider controls, floating effects and Ajax-Lader. A simple to use Megamenu function gives you the ability to build a customized headers navigational menus in four different fashions, with choices to add item pictures to the menus, as well as 1-10 numeric reviews for reviews post.

The NanoMag also features a board and member registration/login gateway, so if your publishing is based on a dedicated readership, you have everything under control. What's special about this topic is the Page Builder, which contains twenty different items that you can put together to make the ideal home page for your website, as well as home pages for mini pages or various editing sections.

One of the more useful items is the Home slide, which shows bigger scroll pictures - great for article and postings - and the Recent Post columns, which neatly list the recent postings on your site along with the pictures presented. You are definitely considering using this topic if you want a high functionality, elegant website with a lot of adaptability.

Looking for a murderous-looking message or a topic for reviews designed for your phone? It' is perfect for high-traffic sites targeting demographers who are most likely to spend their time on the move. With a built-in Touch/Swipe Maestro slide, this is the perfect choice for playing on a smart phone or tray.

Plenty of styling choices mean that you and your styling staff can adjust the homepage layouts, headers, menu items and items from top to bottom. There is an extended (yet easy-to-use) page creation option on your homepage that lets you select from tens of items. From a full-screen slide control for eye-catching news coverage to columns widgets that allow users to look for items built on countless filtering tools, everything is there.

When your publications focus on reviews, there are many sophisticated feature sets that are wrapped into this topic just to create in-depth and useful reviews. A summary section contains a summary of each item, listing the fundamental functions of the material to be tested, and can be adapted to meet specification or run length requirements.

When your website containsrowdsourced Reviews, you can adjust the read scores to contain five-star scores or give them the ability to perform e-moji scores. Briefly, if its functions meet your needs, Explicit is an issue that' s definitely deserving of consideration. The Gonzo is a minimalistic reviews topic that is best suited for smaller publication or stand-alone blogs looking for a fun yet simple way to present their website.

The topic concentrates on a few good laysouts instead of giving you an infinite number of possibilities. Even if the poor selection may not seem very good, the five available design possibilities ensure that users are guided intuitively and easily. There' a straightforward head drop-down pop-up that offers drop-down tab with a hint of colour, with a built-in flexible slide bar at the top of the page that allows your users to scroll items or blogs.

On the homepage, you can view your contents either in column form or in bricks, with a galleries modul with visible medias in between to loosen up the whitespace. There are two easy ways to do this: five star or a percent score, although there is currently no way for the reader to respond to reviews as in other topics such as Explicit.

The Gonzo is an outstanding option for those who know what they are looking for and don't need many chimes to build a nice and easy reviews site. The Rethink is a breathtaking review-themed realease of InkThemes. Rethink is a very compelling topic with a scoring system, the possibility to generate tables (to precisely chart the advantages and disadvantages and functions of each of the products you are scoring), and several types of feature-rich reviews of them.

InReview lets you turn your WordPress blog into a fully operational reviews site, packed with a fully adjustable integrated scoring system and a function that makes integrating links with affiliates a breeze. It is however more for the intermediate WordPress users. It comes with several customized Widget themes designed specifically to increase website revenue and convert traffic.

The PowerMag is a fat printed topic that is doubled for a reviews page. It' s difficult to find a more classy topic for reviews with an easy to customize scoring system and attractive types. Optionally gooey navigations, affiliated links, fully dedicated home pages, color-coded category, a free $10 JackBox attractive slide and more make PowerMag one up.

The DialyMagazine is a neat, cool reviewer in Magazin styling that integrates a flagged screen and many styling features into the homepage as well. It is designed to be easy on your iPhone's user interface (SEO), Google Snippet capable and is available in both boxes and large layouts. The Sahifais is a fast-reacting journal for retinal, newscast, and reviews. was to be the ultimative testing topic.

Crumbs has also done a good job with an optimized verification procedure and the possibility to file ratings according to their contents. However, all views are our own and we do not tolerate payment for ratings that are up.

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