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Best-of-breed Wordpress visual editor

The Visual Composer offers both front- and backend visual editors. The WordPress Editor to start using the plugin to create your own designs. Sample for the frontend page editor of Visual Composer. The Beaver Builder is an advanced visual content builder with full drag-and-drop support. The Visual Composer is a popular plugin with many themes for sale at Themeforest.

The five best alternatives for visual composers

The Visual Composer (recently rebranded as "WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress") is one of the most widely used WordPress plug-ins on the market.... It has not only generated more than 300,000 unique hits, but has also been added to many WordPress topics to offer drag-and-drop page layout capabilities. But there are many other stunning WordPress page creators to pick from, each providing their own view of drag-and-drop designing your work.

So if you are looking for a great Visual Composer alternate, here are five of the best WordPress Page builder plug-ins. With Visual Composer, you have the power to design your WordPress post and page with your own design - and that's exactly what these choices do. Sample for the frontend page editor of Visual Composer.

No matter whether you are loading one of the template files or starting with a clean screen, the best Visual Composer options let you build extended page layout, draw and drop a number of chapters into your contents, and then adjust their look with granular control elements. With plug-ins like Visual Composer you can add many different module to your page design.

All of these plug-ins have their own specially developed Page Builder interface - some of which are simpler to use than others. With a little hassle, however, you should be able to quickly and easily design your WordPress assets without ever having to touch a line of text.

Featuring a compilation of the best Visual Composer choices, this suite includes a free high-performance page building utility, a plug-in focused on creating highly-converting land pages, and a plug-in with a single UI designed to help you change the way you build WordPress authoring workflows. You can use the Divi Builders to build high-quality page layouts without editing your own coding.

Initially, the Drag-and-Drop divi builders plug-in was only available to Elegant Themes WordPress themes only. But now it is available as a stand-alone plug-in that should work with any well-programmed WordPress topic. Backend interfaces in Devi Builders simplify the design of layouts. Once you've activated the Vivi builder plug-in, you can work through the backend interfaces or use the stunning Visual builder front-end modes to build customized themes for your postings and pages.

Whilst the backend point-to-point makes it simple to build the layout of your site, the front-end modus is perfect for optimizing your designs and add contents to your site. A stunning Divi Builders front-end user experience gives you a real-time view of your site as you work. If you work in Visual Builder and just click an item, the fitting procedure begins.

Visualbuilder is really a case of what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). In-line processing allows you to insert text to your pages without creating a barrier between you and your work. No matter if you are importing one of the predefined designs or starting with a clean screen, you can directly interface with the page to make your own theme.

The size of the column can be changed using the drag-and-drop surface, while the module, row and column can simply be relocated to a new place. In order to help you browse through your page and organise its items, you can immediately toggle between Visual builder and front-end wireless frame modes for a cleaner look at the page layout.

When you switch to wireless viewing in the Visual builder user experience, you get an instant summary of your page layouts. With more than 40 contents module libraries, there are many ways to extend your contents with a variety of items. Contents module of the Diver Builders, like the full width slide control, the testtimonial tools, the newsletters registration form, the price chart creator and the timer, save the need to buy or deploy extra plug-ins.

The addition of price charts to your pages is just one of the choices available from the contents module libraries of divi-builder. However, the only big disadvantage of using IVIVI Builders is that the UI is very different from the WordPress one. Developed not according to the WordPress Way, Division Builders require you to take a different way of creating your contents and understand the meanings of a new phrase of symbol and symbol.

It can be hard at first sight to decode the Divi Builders symbols and graphical environment. Divi Builder's graphical environment is not hard to comprehend, but there is a learn-bend. The next plug-in in this paper is a good choice for a great Visual Composer alternate that looks like a part of WordPress, not a completely new one.

Further Divi Builders highlights: The role manager determines which user can use which DiviBuilder functions. Store your own customized layout in the Divi Builders libraries for use throughout your entire web site inventory. It is available as part of the Divi WordPress topic, with extra functionality for the page creator.

The Divi is one of the most stunning Visual Composer choices on the market. Despite the wealth of functions, however, the deviation from the standard WordPress interfaces means that it is not suitable for everyone. Pricing: $89 for annual use of all Elegant themed WordPress plug-ins and themes, or $249 for lifelong use.

A full frame dragging & dropping page creation surface is provided with Beaver Build. Often Beaver Builders is at the top in the comparison of the best WordPress Page Builders plug-ins. Featuring an easy-to-use graphical environment, a useful choice of authoring tools, and a rich page template collection, it's easy to understand why. Indeed, Beaver Builders has some of the best comprehensive home page, landing page, and page building tools for the main areas of your website.

Included with Beaver Builders is a choice of high-quality page styles that can all be customised. Even though Beaver builder uses a front-end page building API, it does not differ too much from the central WordPress UI. Everyone who has used the WordPress Live Customizer tools knows the page section design, which makes it simpler to get into the Beaver Builders than with some other Visual Composer options.

The Beaver Builder uses a customized UI, but still has the feel of part of WordPress. As you design a page, you can simply click and drag-and-drop elements into your customized page layouts. Unlike Divi, however, there is no such thing as an online text editor - you have to enter text into a pop-up window instead of working directly on the page.

Further enhancements from Beaver Builder: There is an option of an interactive route that makes it easier for you to get there. You can use Beaver Builders alongside the Beaver Builders themes, although it should work with any WordPress themes. It is a great way to create customized articles and pages, as Beaver Composer is a great alternate to Visual Composer. When you want to personalize every part of your WordPress website, such as the head ers, footers, and side bars, the Beaver Themer WordPress WordPress Theme Builder from the same staff makes it possible.

The Thrive Architect is the substitute for the Thrive Themes content builder. This plug-in has recently been rebranded Thrive Architect, with a new user-interface for editing online and a range of advanced visual customization tools. Throive Architect uses context-sensitive sidebars and text manipulation to streamline the drafting work.

Whilst you can achieve a great deal with Thrive Architect, the well designed graphical environment makes it easy to use. Thrive Architect's sophisticated control makes it a good option for powerful people. There is no lack of Thrive Architect contents items. Thrive Architect's contents, count down timing, click to twitter, debit cards and endorsement features make it a good option for publishers.

Throive Architect contains items designed to help you improve the conversion rate of your website. Planting PageTemplates helps you build customized page design optimised for conversion. Thrive Architect also has a wide range of standard home page template and ready-made design options for the inside of your website.

Thrive Architect is a good choice if you are looking for a utility that focuses heavily on the creation of highly-converting target pages. The Thrive Architect comes with a very useful videotutorial that takes you through the design of a page from the ground up. Thrive Architect provides a quick introduction to the most important functions in the following Thrive Architect brief.

Further Thrive Architect highlights: Your new page template will be posted on the Thrive Themes blog. It is available separately or as part of the Thrive Themes All-Product Member Packages. While Thrive Architect has a keen emphasis on building efficient Landing Pages, you should have no problem building customized themes for your home page or other pages on your WordPress website.

Of $67, or $19 per months for all Thrive Topics plug-ins and topics. Although SiteOrigin Page Builder is a free plug-in, it still gives you good visibility over your page design. Previously, all Visual Composer included alternative products that were included as part of the Visual Composer family. However, if you have a small footprint, the free SiteOrigin Page Builder plug-in might be a good one.

As with Divi Builder, it allows you to work in the backend port or change to frontend modes and get real-time feedbacks about your changes as you make them. SiteOrigin Page Builder works well, but is not as elegant as some of the top Visual Composer workarounds. SiteOrigin Page Builder lets you include a good variety of useful tools in your page design, and as with the other Visual Composer options discussed here, you can include all Widget's present on your website in your layout, even those from third-party plug-ins.

SiteOrigin Page Builder layout qualities are similar to the best page builder design of the here discussed premiums, and there is a good mixture of homepage layout and inside page design for "About" and "Contact" pages. You do not get as many choices as with Divi Builder or Thrive Architect.

SiteOrigin Page Builder template covers a wide variety of website styles. Further SiteOrigin Page Builders highlights: WebsiteOrigin Pagebuilder is a great way to try out a free of charge plug-in for your own website editor if you have a limited bandwidth or want to see what this kind of plug-in can do. lementor is a free plug-in with a GUI for drag-and-drop page creators.

lementor is another page creator that you can use for free on your WordPress page. Once you' ve activated Elementsor, you can use the drag-and-drop user-interface to create your own themes for your articles and pages. When you click an item in your page theme, the corresponding control elements appear in the Page builder side bar.

If you create a WordPress customized Web site using Elementor, there are many styles of contents that you can work with. With more than a hundred page styles to chose from, whether you're looking for a fast way to start a professional-looking WordPress website, or would rather take the trouble to create a truly customized website, Elementor makes it possible.

Elementor not only allows you to include a wide variety of module choices in your pages, but also gives you good visibility into who can use the Page Builder. The Elementor preferences allow you to simply specify which users can use the Page Builder - something everyone who manages a multi-author blogs and websites should find useful.

Whilst the free Elementor release contains a number of useful functions, the Elementor Pro offers you the option of creating customized mail and folder archives, editing form pages via the front-end Builder and working with live plug-ins that can be re-used throughout your website.

Per-user can also adjust their pages using the RSS editor. Additional functions of Elementsor Plus are the possibility to design your own WooCommerce shops and related items, as well as accessing a high-performance slide show engine. Elementsor is a believable, free replacement for Visual Composer that also gives you the opportunity to pay to activate the premier functions and extravagances.

Although there's nothing wrong with Visual Composer if you're looking for an alternate, you now have five great Page Builders plug-ins to try out. It has an amazing surface. The deviation from the standard WordPress user interfaces, however, means that it will take a while to reach its full capacity.

However, the choice of ready-made layout and module makes it worthwhile to hold out (if you have the spare moment and patience). Your aim is to produce high-converting land pages or contents with a powerful selling point, then Thrive Architect might be the best choice for your projects. The Beaver Builder is probably the simplest option to Visual Composer (without sacrificing functionality), and the wide range of high-quality template options will certainly accelerate your page creation work.

PageBuilder is a powerful site building utility that contains all the key functions of the other plug-ins. It' s not a very elegant usability site, but for a free page-builder it' s difficult to outperform. When you want to try a free, high-performance Page builder but still have the opportunity to take advantage of all the advantages of a premier toolset, such as more template and module options and easy client service, Elementor is strongly encouraged.

It' s noteworthy that when you launch a new website, it may be a good suggestion to select a page creator that also has an associated WordPress topic. This gives you even more freedom of choice over the layout of your website and often allows you to unlock Page builder functionality at the same time. The Beaver Themer utility lets you adjust your page headers, sidebars, and footers, for example, while the Divi WordPress utility provides advanced utilities such as splitting tests.

To see how Visual Composer compares to the industry standard, you can appreciate our Visual Composer, Beaver Builders, and Thrive Content Builders comparisons.

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