Best Wordpress Websites 2016

Top Wordpress Websites 2016

Since July 2016, WordPress has been used by around 279,437,333 websites. It' no wonder they took home a webby for the best culture blog! Posted on August 5, 2016.

What's a webby?

What's a webby? Webby is an International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) accolade and is widely regarded as the web equivalents of an Academy accolade. There are five different kinds of medias for the awards: Websites, advertising and utilities, online film and video, mobile sites and apps and social.

Nominees can receive two kinds of awards: Webby Award and Webby People's Voice Award. WP Engine's web site hosts recently confirmed the WordPress Webby winner in their blogs. Literally in the sense of our beautiful WordPress on-line communities, we wanted to help divide the love:

Particularly popular is the very individual menubar, which allows the user to choose destination, type of trips and even starting times. Visitors can also find out about different tourist attractions and travelling fashions, and a rich selection of high-quality photographs will certainly do no harm. Last year, if you spend a lot of your free year in the field of online community development, you probably saw the #100HappyDays havetag.

Locate 1 thing you can enjoy 100 consecutive day and sharing it with others. Praise for 100 lucky years!

Best WordPress Topics for podcasters

When you launch or run a WordPress website for your upcoming blog cast, these WordPress topics will help you brand, engage, and facilitate work for you and your audiences. They all look great on desktop, tablet and smartphone computers. Although they are expensive, they are a worthwhile investment in your personal prodcast.

You need to know that before I respond to my suggestions, your WordPress topic doesn't have to be specifically for podcasts. To turn a WordPress topic into a "podcast topic", all you need is a single Podcast Players, which you can get in PowerPress, Simple Podcast Press, Smart Podcast Players or Cool Cast Players (new 2016).

It' also good to have iTunes, RSS, Stitcher and Android subscribe songs that contain a few topics, or you can use my own Social Subscribe & Follow plug-in to get your own icons. These two functions (podcast players and subscribe links) can be plugged into almost any WordPress topic. Then turn your WordPress website into a Podcast website.

Well, now that you know that, here are my best WordPress topics for Podcaster. Instead of Appendipity for my referrals I was struck by SecondLine theming. You specialise in creating neat, contemporary WordPress topics specifically developed for podcasts! You have integrated PowerPress and other player supports. Second-line topics do not need an extra purchasing of a frameworks like Appendipity.

The Rainmaker Digital (formerly Copyblogger) creates with StudioPress wonderful designs. They not only do the Genesis Framework, which has made many great children's topics (including appendices) possible, but they also make their own nice children's topics. StudioPress topics are really nice and I have used many of them on my own websites.

While some StudioPress topics might need some simple HTML in a widget, they include detailed user manuals and sample codes that can easily be customized to your needs. The first thing that fascinated me about StudioPress was the amazing frame, which offers a great deal of expandability through user-defined programming. If you don't know HTML, PHP and CSS, you won't get much adaptation to these topics, but every topic they present is neat and nice as it is.

StudioPress topics are focused on being great topics, so most of the added features you need call for plug-ins. As with Appendipity topics, all StudioPress topics are available individually, or you can join the Pro Plus Package subscription (recurring fee) to gain full coverage of all your topics and those from selected third parties.

Search and buy WordPress topics in StudioPress. Perhaps you want a web site that is immediately stunning, but also offers a lot of adaptability for contents and fundamental web site layout - without having to know any web encoding! Have a look at Stylish Topics for really Stylish WordPress Styles! Devi and Extra (and the Devi Builder) provide a large variety of tools to create nice and appealing websites without having to know HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP.

However, if you want to optimize the look, these designs and the Divi Builders provide simple accessibility to the custom styles of each of the modules to make your own customizations. The Elegant Topics provides regular subscription to their topics, plug-ins and upgrades. Rummage and buy WordPress topics and plug-ins from Elegant Threads.

On my thorough (and exhausting) quest for great WordPress topics for my own needs in the years to come, I found them. Like Elegant Threads, WordPress Threads, WordPress Preferences, and a drag-and-drop plug-in for the page creator are provided by Thémify. Your topics are also nice and very versatile. Included with every Topic in Thémify is the high-performance themebuilder.

Just like the Divi Builders, you can use them to create nice and appealing websites without your knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP. And if you happen to be a designer, Thémify also provides super-simple hook for further adaptation of your designs. themeify constructor provides the greatest adaptability of any of the designs I've tried.

You even get a free Thémify Flow topic for full creative freedom over your website layouts! Out of all the great topics I talked about, I selected themeify for my forthcoming design review and new podcasting resource in develop. Search and buy WordPress topics and plug-ins from Thémify. Because if your Podcast website is not as simple as "Visit website; click play," you may need to consider a new topic (or plugin).

Concentrate on one topic that meets your most important Podcasting needs and then concentrate on your most important task: producing great contents. Check out these topic functions and demonstrations. However, don't get obsessed with your WordPress topic unless you have more of it. Once you choose that you are best serviced by a customized design or a pro design or development team to optimize things for you, please send me an e-mail and I will direct you to someone I know and can trust.

Do not let your topic get in the way of your most important thing. I' m no longer offering a one-on-one consultation outside the Podcasters' Society, but here I am asking for a consultation and I will put you in touch with someone I have confidence in to help you introduce or enhance your Podcasts.

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