Betheme Demo Data

BetaMe demo data

But if you want to install the demo content of your theme as a guide, you can do so by following these instructions. Select File and select the demo content XML file to upload. Found that almost all demo sites were not properly configured. For a demo install, go to Appearance > BeTheme Demo Data: The BeTheme is the most advanced WordPress theme we've ever developed.

Import demo content into the themes

A WordPress topic does not contain pre-installed contents by default. 2. But if you want to add the demo contents of your topic as a tutorial, you can do so by following these steps. Prior to beginning the migration procedure, we need to make sure that the WordPress Importers are properly configured.

Click on WordPress 2 and a pop-up window will open to help you with the installation of the WordPress Importer plug-in. When the process is finished, click Activate plug-in & run importer. Click Choose Files and choose the demo contest XML files to be uploaded.

You will find the demo contents XML files in a zipped format. All you need to do is unpack this on your computer and just load the WordPress format into your WordPress application. Click Download and select the desired files. 5 Click Download and select Download. They are redirected to the WordPress Importer window. Select the Download and Import Files check boxes and begin the import procedure.

Shortly after the completion of the imported product you will get a notification. They have bought a WordPress topic and not the sample contents as seen in the demo of the topic. While you are welcome to upload the sample contents to your website to help you get started, the pictures cannot be used or shared on a web site.

Theme Demo data area missed

Betheme is on my WP crashboard this early today and there is no demo data area to be able to get the demo for the topic. How do I get to the demo file or section? Did you see the demo data install guide 4 ?

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