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Codes courts. in our decisively honest opinion. With its demo layouts, BeTheme gives our developers the ability to quickly create websites.

BelCorporation - BeTheme - Just another WordPress page

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Breathtaking examples of the BeTheme WordPress Topic of the Forest of Themes

BeTheme - by MuffinGroup - is one of the most stunning multi-purpose WordPress topics published to date, not only in variety (it has more than 180 ready-made layouts), but also in appeal (BeTheme is currently the tenth largest WordPress topic available on ThemeForest).

In this sense, we thought it would be enjoyable to present some actual websites that actually use it. So if you're asking yourself what others have already done with BeTheme - or maybe you're just looking for inspired designs for your own website - check out some of the following sample sites.

Do you know any other great samples of sites with BeTheme?

Made-to-measure WordPress website with BeTheme

You can use WordPress to build a fully personalized website? Recently I made my first user-defined website with a WordPress topic from Themeforest. I often work with my clients to select a topic that we like when I begin to build a website. And then I begin to work, make design changes, adding the required layouts, logos, fonts, corporate styles, colours and contents.

A ThemeForest topic will take you from far away to fulfil all the desires of your customer (or yourself...). This is because the design you buy is the point of departure and you can't depart too much from it. However, especially in the last two years this has been changing and you can build an individual website with a bought design.

Avada, the most favourite topic in ThemeForest, is an example of this. It has an unbelievable number of topic choices that you can use to customise your website. I recently found a new topic, an all-rounder. Its BeTheme. The BeTheme is one of the top-selling topics. BeTheme is also extremely adaptable and multifaceted.

The reason for this is the many opportunities the topic has to offer. Pieter from Jolly Photobooth, one of my customers, wanted a tailor-made website. Photobooth Jolly is at an event with a photocab where visitors can take fun pictures of themselves. You can also use WordPress to build a customized website, asked Pieter.

Below are two samples of the Jolly Photobooth new website designs. To create my own website with WordPress was a real challange for me. If you want to create a WordPress customized Web site, what should you keep in mind? Having had previous Avada experiences, I had also been reading good reviews of BeTheme and deciding to work with it.

For example, BeTheme has two-sided designers: the WP Bakery and its own Muffin Maker. but I knew nothing about the muffin maker. Then you can use the WP Bakery builder to build one page and the muffin Builder to build the other. However, after a few short months I found out that it is still better to choose a one-sided constructor.

I' ve chosen muffin. Though I am a fan of the WP Bakery builder, the Muffin constructor proved to be a bit more appropriate and comprehensive. It is possible to create a website from the ground up, but you can also create a so-called pre-built demo. A lot of topics now have this option; you can set up a ready-made website that has already been created by the topicers.

The BeTheme has more than 360 of these demonstrations. Basically I was looking at the head/navigation tree of the topic. Jolly Photobooth needed the logotype in the center. Therefore, I selected a head that came nearest to the drawing, the subject of the teatime. Since BeTheme has so many demonstrations, there is always one that comes up to the required standard.

After you' ve completed the two preceding stages, you can begin adjusting the design, the adjustment. At BeTheme you will find that there are many different options. BeTheme works with a Page Builder like the other favourite ThemeForest topics. In this way you do not have to work with code, but you can click on an item (text pad, photograph, slider, buttons, etc.) and place it on the page you are creating.

This is an example of the Page Builder. The BeTheme is so versatile because, for example, you can move items to the right or to the right (from or to the edge of the site). That is not possible for every topic. The BeTheme website has many ways to customise.

Topic features Google typefaces and you can select from more than 600 different typefaces. Photobooth Jolly wanted his own writings and there is a way to do that. Resolution was... the Revolution Slider. It was Jolly Photobooth who supplied all the items himself. You then place this item in the Page Builder:

For example, BeTheme has a rotary valve, but Jolly Photobooth wanted a slightly larger rotary valve. Looking for a rotary slide control plug-in that meets all the requirements. That' s how I got the SuperCousel WordPress plug-in. It is a pretty comprehensive plug-in that you can use to create a customized roundabout.

Also BeTheme has a good technical service that can help you adapt the website. This is a kind of debate between me and the BeTheme-Supportteam. The BeTheme really goes one better than most technical assistance providers. Basically, the topic responds to a computer, a tray, or a phone, but if you build a customized website, you might notice that it doesn't respond fully on one of the phones.

For example, with Jolly Photobooth, the key environment on the computer was big enough, but too small on the smart phone. Revolution Cleaner has an optional feature. As shown, you can configure the slide bar to separate the computer, tray, and phone: Here are the Revolution sliders setting.

The creation of a user-defined website with WordPress is getting simpler and simpler. But... it needs a lot of elapsed times and effort to control BeTheme. You must therefore gather expertise on this multifaceted topic. When I have to build my own website again, I will definitely use BeTheme from now on. BeTheme is an all-rounder!

Jolly Photobooth has created this website.

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