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The BeTheme WordPress theme from muffingroup allows you to achieve almost anything. Do not buy "BeTheme" wordpress from the Muffin Group. Because I left a low score with Envato, I was excluded from support: Worpress

I had the rather unhappy encounter with this writer after purchasing not 1, but 2 licences for this topic (because we liked it so much and wanted another site to build with it), but in the second installation we encountered a big issue with the site. Not a muffin builder, which this writer calls your best sell.

When I signed up for BeTheme Technical Services this mornin' to review the answers to one of my queries, I was asked "No, it's there, look again" for the lack of the AAU. In fact, I gave them a screenshots of the page without Muffin-Builder. How does the customer service do? Say I' M Wrong, with no fix proposals, even if I gave them a screenshots with evidence.

For 3 whole day of this "back and forth" with help 0 help, except to tell me to "look again" even if I gave a screenshots as evidence. 5 min later I login to the Envato market place and get my 3-star score to a 1-star for rotten tech which has now taken 3 Tage, still reporting the issue without any possible solution.

The next moment I receive a bad e-mail from the Muffin Group..... Again, instead of trying to solve the problem, their immediate answer was to completely expel me from their online forum supports, so now im blocked not only for this new site, but also for the one I made about 9 month ago.

My firm is now in the $120 holes (for two topics we bought) with 0 assistance on the site we have already constructed and no functioning website on our new one. This information will not be found on the Envato marketplace or in the Betheme fora, because they obviously like to keep topics like this silence secret.

"Okay, but please don't forgive telling Envato the whole story about our endorsement. Keep in mind that we all have talks to prove that we were always here to help you, and the reasons why you abandoned 1 Stern is not the reality, and we know that very well. When you say something is broke at OUR END, let the statement of exactly what is broke here, and we will forward this to Envato.

You will judge who is telling the true story, because we are 100,000 per cent certain that you are entirely mistaken and that your assessment is entirely inaccurate. By the way, we don't know why you purchased more than one license when BeTheme and its help is so awful. Modify Add: Here's the latest from BeThemeupport.............

Just let us have your diehboard link to the page where the Muffin Builder does not appear and "the trouble is with us" and we'll show you you're mistaken. We' re going to take this matter up on your side and yours only. "So now they want to get to our website to show me that I'm mistaken........ not to help me or show me what the trouble is.

No, to show me otherwise, so they can be "right" in Envato's eye. Top-notch client service here folks.

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