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Theme on mobile/ Reactive. - You are here to support forum Our forums have been set up to help all of our clients to correctly implement our work. Please, before you create a new discussion: Verify in the forums that a thread has not yet been generated. Please use the search form on the right side. When you have not found what you are looking for and would like to ask a new Q&A, click the "Start a new discussion" icon on the right.

After registering, you can still make posts in the forums (you need the order key to register). When you start a new thread and have a problem with your site and you want us to verify what's going on, please always enter the page address, because without it we can't verify what's going on.

Please enclose with your request the page addressing the issue. As a result, the response to your questions will be much quicker. Please leave a personal note if you do not want to post your email adress to the Forums. Hello, get out of here if you're looking at it from a cell phone.

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BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Topic Debate (page 264)

On mobile phones the emblem will disappear after 1 second. I' m currently using the topic 2 Hotels. It is a Muffin Menu widget that can be used in the Appearance > Widgets area. Bought the themed one. If you want to use the standard layouts, you should select the option Standard layouts under Appearance > BeTheme Demo Data.

Hello, On my website I have a log in area that I want to include in the Betheme, What are my other choices, if any? I' d like to keep the Betheme look there as well. However, if this element doesn't help, you probably need to change the topic file, as we don't have another work-around to move the registration from your website to BeTheme.

Did this topic with voocommerce and voocommerce membership instal. However, there are boxes that don't have 100% width in my bankroll and look weird on the mobile screen, something you could help me with? Hello, looks like you have a plugin running that hasn't been tried with our design, so it doesn't look good.

Hello, all faders are contained in the topic pack. When you don't see it, it means you have an old themes installation. Please see our Technical Resources section for more information on importing your slide. Hello, we're sorry, but we didn't add such a feat. Should you have any further questions, we would be thankful if you could always keep them in the Supportforum, because this is a place where we get all our suggestions from.

Hi, is this topic compliant with vc vendors like Marktplatz plugs? If I want to build a marketing place and use this topic, does this topic supports the voocommerce marketing place? Hi, topic is compliant with wraocommerce plug-in, but we've never tried any addsons for it as written above, so we don't know if it unfortunately works.

Hello, Favicon is not a logotype and should be modified under Topic Option > Global > General. There is a way to view the reversder in a different mobile phone view? If the reversdlider is perfectly on the mobile phone screen, it looks terrible. I need to make a manually adjustment in the text and ads, can I make two slide views? Thank you.

The WooCommerce plug-in is a stand-alone plug-in whose functionality does not vary depending on the topic. We know this plug-in didn't include such an optional feature, but if you asked writers, they might be able to help. Hello, Revolution Slider is always contained in the topic. You can also find the plug-in under betheme. zip/plugins/ folder. Download the archive.

Hello, I would like to know if the topic contributes with videos to the homepage. Thank you. Unlike most other designs, BeTheme not only adds functionality, but also refreshes the design to always fix topical errors. EVERY bug I found in this topic has been corrected by updating. And BeTheme also does support RTL very well... I commend this topic to all Worpress people.

Thank you, buddy. We're really glad to know that you not only like BeTheme itself, but also our services! Hello, hello, How can I correct the wallpaper of the headers on the mobile phone? Thank you, hello, if you mean the headers wallpaper altitude, you can reduce it on mobile phones with the following css:

The wallpaper of the headers does not react to the phone. Thank you, headers were created with css and therefore they don't react. Hello, this is the back area of the headers. When you don't need it, please activate the checkbox "Header | Minimalist" under Topic options > Headers & Subheaders > Headers section and the place above the sub-headers would vanish.

Hey, 1) You sound like you mean another head emblem and glutinous. For an example of such behavior, see http://themes.muffingroup. com/be/be/farmer/ So if that's what you mean, it's backed by our theming then. 2) Yes, that's how it works with our topic. When I have 2 tongues, do I have to double customize the design for each of the muffin setting tongues that are configured for both tongues with a memory key?

We recommend that you get in touch with the WPML technical assistance staff for a better understanding. WPML supports the WPML software. Depending on which plug-in release you select and what exactly you want to do. If we use WPML, we usually copy pages in the source languages and then only reconfigure text. In our view, this is the quickest and simplest way, but your technical staff would be able to provide more accurate answers to you.

  • If your topic has the possibility to choose the languages. In the mobile edition, the choice of languages is located under the logotype. It is possible to deselect the switch (simply display it in the main window, not under the logo). All I want to see is the logotype and the slide control below the logotype (no switch).

If I look at a lot of demo's, I realize that nobody has a sticker headers in the mobile one? By the way, the subject looks great. Yes, it is possible to uncheck the voice dial on mobile phones with special JavaScript. Link to sticking headers on the mobile phone, we don't have such a thing, because sticking headers just don't work correctly on mobile phones.

But I think that many topics are able to handle the sticking headers (button). It is not the whole thing in the menubar that is tacky, only the 3 strip knob. However, we are supporting the sticky buttons on mobile phones. Only we don't endorse sticking headers. Hello, Or probably you can refresh so that the head menus appear in the full versions, while the gooey buttons (when scrolling down) appear for the mobile layouts?

We' ve enabled a whole range of functions in Handy Menu for this demonstration so you can see how it works. Hello, did you turn on the Sticky switch on the mobile part of the spa demonstration? Ain' no tacky buttons. Do you think the gooey knob's gonna look like the one on the Carver demonstration?

Buttons are not on Spa Trial. It is an optional feature contained in the topic. However, to disable switching on mobile phones, it is necessary to use additional css. Final question: With WPML I have 3 combination of switches. Flags + voice name in the screen name. Does BeTheme support this?

Is it possible to use user-defined styles in your styles? Personally, I think the flag + linguistic pair is available by WPML by defaults. Hello Harry, it's not the response you're probably waiting for, but we've never tried this plug-in, so we don't know if it works with the topic or not.

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