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Hi, I have a question about the "Arrow-Link" portfolio. I see this grid is integrated by this theme BeTheme? BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Topic Debate (page 17)

Hello, I want to create different website portfolio with your BeTheme with the same licence (like 10 different BeTheme sites as portfolios), I was asking myself if it is possible to use the same licence key and create my different website portfolio as long as they are under the same domains from me?

For example,,, and so on? However, these portfolio would be different BeTheme topic demonstrations?

BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Topic Debate (Page 1)

Hello, for example, if you watch the demos for bemedia and bevole, the menus are very different. I' ve also made a new empty demonstration, but the menus are also different. Thought that all your styles were actually found in your user-defined style sheet, some were found there, but apparently there was no style sheet that designed the menus itself.

Can you help me to find out which style -setting guideline characterizes the menus here? I' ve tried to use the style sheets for both topics to bring them to my own page, but it seems that I'm not able to design the menus according to your demonstration. How can I find the complete set of available styles for each demonstration? Will all styles be refreshed in one place after the import of the demonstration set-up?

It seems that only some of them are found on your Betheme Option page, but what about the remainder? What directory and what files should I look for to find all the custom style sheets that characterize the particular demonstration I download? Obviously, if I want certain functions from certain demonstrations, I couldn't do that by doing a general purpose demonstration sync, I have to reference the particular css to include them.

BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Topic Debate (page 25)

Hey, 1. only muffin builders have developed this feature and you can fade out any section. We have also made our design WP Mobile Detect plug-in compliant and you can easily conceal anything you want with just a few shortcuts. Blog, clients, gallery, picture, photo box, portfolio, portfolio grid, portfolio photo.

We' ve developed "Layout Creator" so that you can make your own custom page designs (logos, menus and more), and while you are creating/editing each page, you can select whether to display a standard or one of the predefined one.

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