Betheme Responsive

Betaheme Responsiveness

Review for BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Thread ( page 3) but when i begin to use it, there are always new fixes. i'm tired of upgrading this themes. even its "bundles" plug-ins aren't fully working. and this themes also requires 2 sliders..


it' s extra, but it requires to activate it.) then many jumperscript scripts stacking up. and i'm not saying anything about Visual composer. its futile if you haven't bought any extra. if you're buying extra, there's a bunch of javascript/ss libraries again. that's no issue. that's like lego-like things.

Shall learnt to accept critique and not react with infantile "we're right and you don't" attitudes. It' a topic you created. Maybe we are not "always right" and I was never one to believe that "the client is always right", but discussing with your clients just makes you look inprofessional.

Visual Composer is better, but Show Post's Raster ONLY over AJAX is a horrible viewer runtime. There are no automated upgrades, which means that neither I nor my customer have to constantly review and update this topic. The WordPress itself has this for AGES, and saving the cupphin contents outside a back-up area is not possible on any topic, let alone a successfull and respectable one.

That'?s a great subject, but your backing is awful. Twenty-four to get an answer, twenty-four to get an answer, plus it will take several attempts to ask the same query to get an answer. Sure. I had enough after about 20 issues in your Supportforum, which are the most frustrating experiences with a supporter I've ever had in my Iife.

In my last one I asked a very basic questions just to get an answer that requests the page to be linked. "It' s easy, but no, you have to make it a terribly disappointing frustration. I' m happy to make a screenshots of the supporting threads available to anyone who wants to see it.

More attention is expected when looking after clients who buy your motif more than once. It' kinda Sad because it's a very good subject, your backing just shit. I' m sick of working on this subject. Supportforum is fast - but there is no way to open a tickets and solve a problem directly with a technician.

Even though this topic is very versatile, the help is not very kind or useful. I' ve got an error on one of the 4 pages I created with this topic. Normally the creator of a topic knows it well enough to provide a user-defined style sheet to fix something so easy. There is a need to enhance client service.

What I like is the way this subject is designed. What I really don't like about this topic is the client service, sometimes they help, sometimes it seems that they like to play the ignorant or just the service doesn't want to help. And another person says: "I'm astonished at how the help plays the fool" - well said!

I' m now using WPBakery, which is fully operational. This is a good topic, but the wallpaper doesn't work on portable equipment.

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