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BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Topic Debate (page 445)

I have a serious issue with that. There are 11 different parts on my page and when I try to put another one below it will disappear after refreshing the page. This is not only on site, but also from the back end. Seems like the page has some kind of restriction that refers to file sizes or storage or something like that.

Can you please give me a clue as to what the issue might be?

BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Topic Debate (Page 1)

I' m considering buying this topic, but in earlier commentaries I see a problem where it's not possible to make a side bar with the contents of the repository, and the development I' m doing would be basic. Hello, do you want to use Portfolioelement (from Muffin-Builder) in the side bar? Be like " related sites ", it now has at the bottom of the work page, but in the side bar.

I' m sorry, but it can't be at the side bar right now. It is possible to append a right and a left sidebar/widget to a given asset as on the double sideline. Hey, hello is it possible on the page WITH BAR WITH WORTFOLIO had the side bar on the side bar list on the right? Hello, yes, you can also adjust the side bar on the leftside. Ok, thanks, is it possible to adjust a second dropdown effect menue?

Can I display my portfolios in the side bar with a broadget? Hey, if the element you want to use is available as a short code, you can try using that short code in the side bar. Can' t I create a side bar for my asset classes? What I mean is the side bar that contains the listing of the portfolios categories.

Hi, how to show reviews from the portfolios in the right side bar? I don't know what happend to my Admin panel, I can't seem to find the side bar, the blogs portfolios and the shop, I don't know if it has been superseded? Sincerely, Hello, I don't see the "Shop" section to modify the side bar design in the topic selection below the side bar.

Item, page, portfolio, but no shop area. Where can I go to modify the shop side bar from right to left? How can I do this? Hello, to modify the right to right side bar for the shop page, you need to select the right item in the "Page Options" section while creating/editing the shop page. Hey, for the product range we used pictures of 1200×800px files.

If you want to get exactly the same type of portfolios, please use exactly this number. Hi, Category of products slot is reserved for WooCommerce plug-in, so if you use it, then you cannot use it as your slot portfoli. But if you don't use this plug-in, you can modify it.

Sincerely, I don't use voocommerce on my site, so where can I modify the address? When you are not using woo commerce, you can modify the above mentioned slot under BeTheme Options > Blog, Portfolio & Shop > Portfolio section. Hello, Sidebar on the categories page of Woocommerce and the product lists page has problems after the update to v7.0.

Category (or product list) is displayed at the top and the side bar is displayed in the next area, separated and moved to the right. Will you please lead me to resolve the issue? Hey, we're fairly sure that you have forgotten to choose the right or right side bar layouts for the shop page We added this feature quite some while ago at the user's suggestion.

Can' t find the shop side bar in "Sidebar" s under Getting Started. Can' t find the shop side bar in "Getting Started". There' a portofolio, mail and side bar. Where' s the shop side bar? Notice: I have the side bar on the products and categorie pages, but the categorie page has problems, but the products page works without problems. You can find the side bar called "Plugin | WooCommerce" at Appearance > Widgets.

These sidebars are always supplied with the standard WooCommerce install. WooCommerce I have the WooCommerce side bar and it works perfect with Betheme versus 3, but the issue arises after the upgrade to Betheme versus 7, which displays the side bar in a seperate section after the contents of the page. The Woocommerce side bar does not cause this issue, nor does the Topic item, because the side bar is displayed on the page.

Apparently the issue comes from theompatibility of the new class layouts and the Woocommerce side bar. Please note: The Woocommerce side bar works perfect on the products page. Sorry, the issue only occurs on the page containing classes. We have written that you have to choose the style of the SHOP page from the right or right side bar. Hi, first I have a trouble with the log in on your helpdesk.

The next thing I have to worry about is that I can use two sidebars (left and right) on the pages at the same moment. However, in Post and Portfolio I can only use the right or right side bar. Please help me with this issue so that I can use both sides of the side bar.

Please let me show you hundred of WITHOUT WooCommerce items that contain a side bar for the Breadcrumb, Tab / Chart / accordion each. So my query now is, can I have a portfolios list with all its subcategories in the side bar like http://themes.muffingroup. com/betheme/pages/dual-sidebars/?? even if I'm on a project page, say Fruits > Apples > Green Apples > Green Apple 123.... then the subcategory Green Apples in the side bar menu would be highlighted... then the subcategory Green Apples would be highlighted in the side bar menu.

We' re sorry, but unfortunately that would not be possible with portfolios. Hello, I'm using the shop topic and so far everything works well except one thing, when I open one of the shop catagories, the side bar below the contents is not on the page as it should be. but I can't find where I can fix that.

Hey, the side bar is below the contents (not on the page) because you have forgotten to specify the side bar for the SHOP page format. "Page bar is below the contents (not on the page) because you have forgotten to specify the page bar for the SHOP page format. Preferences in the side bar include page, contribution and portofolio choices.

It works well when I put it in Page | Layout, but I also have a page border on the title page and I don't want that. All I want to do is modify the back colour of the check out key in the side bars and continue with the check out icon in the shopping basket.

1 ) You can adjust the shop page side bar in the "Page Settings" section while editing the page. In order to modify the colour of the backgrounds of these icons, please use the following css: Under " Look " -> " Post " -> Layout " I have also chosen " Right side bar ". Just forgot to include a side bar in "Add side bar." Hi there, In the Portfolioraster it is possible to activate the light box only by click and not to link to the page of items in the portfolios.

Hello Chris, 1. please submit a shortcut to the portfolios page where you would like to do this. In order to show portfolioelements only in the pop-up window, you should choose the right project links under Topic settings > Blog, Portfolios & Shop > Portfolios section. We' re sorry, but we don't have a dossier listing widget. Well, I don't know.

Hi, when I'm in the BeTheme option, I can't see the on/off switches. If I want to select a side bar in the Blogs preferences, I can't select it. Is it possible to delete the "Back" and "Next" button at the top of each posting? Yes, you can delete the Back and Forward navigation under Topic Option > blog, portfolio & shop > General Area.

That' probably a stupid easy answer, but how can I get off the side bar on the homepage? It shows the side bar, but I don't want the side bar to appear on the homepage...just the sub-pages. I' ve found the removal options to delete the side bar, but that makes the modification for all pages.

Anyway, I can't have a side bar on the homepage and then a side bar on all sub-pages? Describes how to remove a generated side bar.

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