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While we will try to help you with any type of request, technical support takes precedence over change support. BeTheme Support - Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Topic Another frequent problem that can arise for new WordPress topic installation adopters is the "Broken topic and/or style sheets missing" alert that appears when they attempt to load or enable the topic. However, this does not mean that the design you bought is defective, only that it was wrongly submitted.

What should I do to get support for BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Thread? Best way to ask us your support request is to use the support forums. Every single working day we get more and more requests, we have already found many solutions for one topic and much more. Therefore, we recommend that you use the support forums (your query and our answer may also help many other users).

You can find some support forums below: There' also a second way to get in touch with us - by sending us a personal email (this is the best way to get us your administration panels, etc...). Use these to email us at 3pm (of course you must be signed in to your TF email address to email us).

P.S. Please be patience and do not submit the same question to us in the forums or at 12 noon because it will not accelerate anything We try to give you as soon as possible responses. Try again" alert while trying to reinstall the design? These authors answer buyers' queries and provide support through their own support system.

Article support includes: Article support does not, however, cover it:

Current Discussions - Be|Theme Support-Forum

Our forums have been set up to help all of our clients to correctly implement our work. We provide full help in configuring the topic and do the standard look, just like our beauty demonstration. There is no topic adjustment. Please, before you create a new discussion: Verify in the forums that a thread has not yet been generated.

Please use the search form on the right side. When you have not found what you are looking for and would like to ask a new Q&A, click the "Start a new discussion" icon on the right. After registering, you can still make posts in the forums (you need the order key to register). When you are beginning a new thread and have a problem with your site and you want us to verify what's going on, please always enter the page address, because without it we can't verify what's going on.

Please enclose with your request the page addressing the issue. As a result, the response to your questions will be much quicker. Please leave a personal note if you do not want to post your email adress to the Forums.

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