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Colour' as topic of the Art AND Science programme exhibitions, Activities

The Art AND Science programme by UW-Eau Claire presents "Color", an exhibit from October 20 to November 15 and a range of week-long activities with personal performance, seminar and lecture, all taking place at the University's Foster Gallery at the Haas Fine Arts Center. At the opening ceremony, the researchers and artist who made the exhibits will be presented with brief reflexions on colors by UW-Eau Claire creative scripting student, Ambient Inks colour print shows, and eating and listening.

Following sessions deal with the topic "Colour" of the Art AND Science Session during the whole period of the Foster Gallery. At 19 o'clock all performances start at UW-Eau Claires Foster Gallery: Join the scholars and performers behind the plays in the show "Color", listen to the UW-Eau Claire' students' brief reflection on colour and more.

UW Eau Claire students will be reading this sci-fi / thorror brief by H.P. Lovecraft. November 3 - "Observing Color: An Artist's Approach": UW-Eau Claire retired Tiit Raid, Claire Emeritus Prof. of Arts & Crafts, will consider the importance of colour in his work. David Lewis, UW-Eau Claire's chemical teacher, will report on how the chemical and technological aspects of paint have evolved over the years.

The painter Mary Pettis, an expressionist artist, will investigate the links between colour and work. This is the 4th time that Kunst AND Science is celebrating the shared drive of science and art: the curiosity. With a view to increasing interdisciplinary involvement, the programme's Management Board is planning activities to investigate how an appreciation of the universes through the use of the science approach is in many ways closely related to the manifestation of the various manifestations of artistic work.

UW-Eau Claire Foundation supports the UW-Eau AND Scientific Programme. The members of the programme Governing Board are Dr. Matthew Jewell, Adjunct Professors of Material Sciences and Civil Matters; Dr. Paul Thomas, Adjunct Professors of Physics and Astronomy; Dr. Jack Bushnell, Adjunct Professors of English; Dr. Jim Rybicki, Adjunct Professors of Physics und Astronomy; Christos Theo, Adjunct Professors and Chairs of Arts and Designs; and Jill Olm, Adjunct Professors of Arts and Designs.

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