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Similar items We will give you step-by-step installation and activation procedures for your WordPress page. 1x1 × Upload the topic zipped to your computer. At the top of the page, click the Add new button, and then click the Upload topic button.

Choose the Zero IP address and click OK. 1x1 × Upload the topic zipped to your computer. When your WordPress is in your web server's master documents directory, browse to "public_html/wp-content/themes" and when you have WordPress is in a subdirectory named WordPress, browse to "public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes".

After navigating to the topic directory in the cPanel Device Manager, click Download File(s) and download the stored PDF document. Once the themes filename has been loaded, click the name of this filename in cPanel, then click Extract Contents in the right pane, and this compressed zipped filename will not be compressed.

1x downloading the topic related IP address and extracting the included data. In the " wp-content/themes " folder on your hosting machine, load the compiled topic folder. Once the list of topics has been up-loaded. Sign in to the WordPress Dashboard. Enable the topic you just added.

Find out how you can customise your BeTheme-based website simply by modifying each item visual.

Find out how you can customise your BeTheme-based website simply by modifying each item visual. The Muffin Group's BeTheme, the largest WordPress topic of all time, is a multi-purpose topic that comes with over 220 pre-built Web sites. Based on a fully reactive platform and with a variety of embedded layout options, BeTheme allows a webmaster to set up and run a reactive WordPress site in just a few clicks!

Muffin Builder 3, Slider Revolution, LayerSlider and Visual Composer, BeTheme packages give you more ways than ever to build high-end Web sites from the ground up. More than 60,000 enthusiastic fans of the functions and adaptability of this unique design leave nothing to be desired. What's more, it can be customized to meet the needs of more than 60,000 people. Its design offers two basic grid - full width and box - and three different layout - LH side bar, RH side bar and double side bar - for the user who can be mixed and combined to build a high-performance website contents tree.

The BeTheme has 20 customisable headers that allow the webmaster to add a logo, customise a font, select a colour, size and more. With the Muffin Options-panel you have a rugged backend that lets you design your website, administer it and perform all your administration work. State-of-the-art administration makes it simple for a webmaster to update his WordPress site without coding a line.

The main functions of BeTheme: Supplied with a one-click trial version only. High-performance Muffin Options Panel for simple backend administration. Completely adjustable with Muffin Builder coupled with Muffin Options Panel. Supplied with a prefabricated children's motif. From your website's dashboard, browse to Appearance > BeTheme Demos Data to get to BeTheme' wide range of pre-integrated templatas that include a one-click trial contents importer to get you up and running.

Topic includes demonstration style for the Business, Entertainment, Creative, Blog, Portfolio, One Page, Shop and others category. The BeTheme has over 220 models to chose from! As soon as you have selected a topic that fits everything you need to do, is to substitute the demonstration files with your own.

They can also deploy the standard layouts, easily integrate demos for pages, articles, and customized articles, as well as imported menu, option, and widget layouts. BeTheme' integrated muffin option panel allows the webmaster to easily administer the look and feel of their website. Configure everything from your topic header, menu and advanced search engine (SEO) preferences to your favorite topics and even your favorite backgrounds - even backup your work.

The finest topic managment! Your website offers a variety of choices on the Globally page, including layouts, raster widths, style, picture frames, backgrounds, and icons. Customize a logotype, glue it, and set its thickness, cushioning, and orientation directly in the option board. It' s the finest in topic managment! Though BeTheme does quite well in the Customizing section, it doesn't provide real-time edit.

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