Betheme Wordpress Review

Beeheme Wordpress Reviews

Review for BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Topic When you want to use WPBarkey, use a different topic. I' m trying to refresh this topic and it keeps saying that the packet does not contain any file. All I want to do is refresh the topic and I don't want to buy anything. I have now used this topic twice, and both of them have immediately repented.

Extremely slowly and time-consuming. There were no updates for plug-in, no technical supports. But it' not good, the forums are old and have old functions like searching, which is bad (you can't put keywords in them, so the results are bad) and to post a personal email, you have to fill out a request page that is somewhere else/ threads /blah detail blue black blue black .... this kind of work is old.

You have to update the forums because they are about 20 years out of date. Technical assistance keeps pointing you to documents that contain minimum details and are a real waster, so go back and wait another or two days for a reply to your request. My experiences so far with the assistance I have been paying for have been bad.

The topic is not inflexible or easy to adapt. It'?s terrible the backup. It'?s almost like they're just offering assistance to help selling the subject. I tried to solve a problem with one multiple site licence for TAGE. I' ve purchased the topic to create demonstration pages for customers and I have THREE demonstration pages that I can show in the next 24hrs!

However, the assistance is very bad not only in terms of timeliness but also in terms of solving the problem. Thus this case this one actor if for you and your crime to demote my appraisal. This is the links to our technical assistance if you find it difficult. - Video Compiler compliant? - Type of .....

Because I had to start the website immediately, I decided to buy the topic. Lots of moves and upgrade in my servers to get this topic installed, then I have a lots of bugs and the forums are not specifically designed to resolve it..... Acquiring this subject, I thought it had ample room for customization, but in reality it's just inscrutable.

I' ve been spending countless hours looking for easy adjustments - no happiness. That subject totaled $72 and didn't match the prize. So many mistakes have been made on this subject and I am very unfortunate. I' ve paid a top prize for this Wordpress topic and I can't even put together a basic page that is to my liking with it.

In my opinion, it is very hard to use this topic. The topic does not work well in velocity testing. You have to combine CSS and JS, but the developer has reiterated in their Supportforum that they will not make any performance enhancements. However, BeTheme's answer to this review encourages me to lower my review due to impolite and proud client feedbacks.

Have a look at their answers to all the bad feedbacks on their topic. I am very dissatisfied with your system of assistance. Both BeTheme and BeTheme account fail. There is a site in my business based on BeTheme and it becomes a cause of sorrow. The BeTheme is a technological SEO-album.

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