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This plugin can't get me to work with BeTheme. Take a look at the BeTheme rating and the ratings of our experts and users. To discard the activation request for the WP Bakery Page Builder, click the X.

Theme Compatibility

I' m not against BeTheme. Could you show me the results form? Get_header() ; $translate['search-title'] = mfn_opts_get('translate') ? fn_opts_get('translate-search-title','Ooops...') : __('Ooops... ','betheme') ; $translate['search-subtitle'] = mfn_opts_get('translate') ? $translate['publiƩ']= mfn_opts_get('translateate-search-subtitle','No results found for:') : __('No results found for:','betheme') ; $translate['published']= mfn_opts_get('translate') ? ? $translate['at']= mfn_opts_get('translate','publishished by') : __('Published by','betheme') ; $translate['at']= mfn_opts_get('translate') ? ?

sl_opts_get('translate-at','at') : __('at','betheme') ; $translate['readmore']= mfn_opts_get('translate') ? ? Did you build the index with the right mail in it? Best, @brezelfelder, also BeTheme? If you change to one of the standard designs, does the system work?

Is there any warning when you are installing Query Monitor? There' s a big beTheme comunity " http://forum.muffingroup. com/betheme/ ", I also asked them if there are any changes in the wp-Suche. There are three ways BeTheme can save your information using your Visual builder - mainly by serializing or encoding it. Although the contents are saved elsewhere, Relevanssi should be able to find contributions by title.

This is one way to take a look at how Relevanssi sees your contributions. If this is the case, you must deserialize and descramble the Relevanssi files by hand.

Found a bugs in the BeTheme and already written a bugs log for the themeswriter.

WP (BeTheme) headline image stuck on your hard drive WP ("Wordpress")

It is possible to modify the location of the sticks? I' m using WP with BeTheme. I' d like to modify the value of the pixel scrolls so that you have to move down a little for it to appear. As you can see, I checked the sticksy headers checkbox. You can see here my top_bar and the scrolling value on the value 0 (I guess). Well.... and here you can see that after a few pixel scrolling the top_bar will disappear and the adhesive headers will appear.

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