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If I already have a domain name, what happens? Buy a domain It is the quickest way to apply a domain name to your shop and takes the least amount of set-up. Each domain receives a free, committed SSL Certificates, which is automated for you. A third provider registration is not necessary. Registry Block Policy The following Top level Domain (TLD) options: The domain redirection is not support.

The domain data protection (WHOIS data protection) is not support. Navigate to Server Settings'Domain Name' and choose Buy New. Type your domain name and click Verify Available. When the domain is available, you will be given an optional way to buy the domain. Press Next to continue registering the domain.

Choose the period for which you want to register the domain and check your invoice for detail. For each of the following domain contact, choose the appropriate e-mail adress. Please click on Confirm Buy to finish the domain registry. To the right of the domain you want to modify, click Admin.

The Manage area displays domain details: Expiry date - the date on which the domain name registration will expire. Refer to Automatic Extension of a Domain. The EPP is an authorisation identifier provided by a registrar that is used to authorise domain name transfer to a new Registrar. As a result, the token is sent to the e-mail address in the Registrant and Administrative Contact of your domain contact.

If a domain is registrated, the domain holder must provide the domain's contacts. We only use this information to get in touch with the domain holder if necessary. Under Contacts you can see and refresh the contacts of your domain. Registerant Contacts - The person or entity with the right to use or "own" the domain.

Is used to find out who has the right to a domain for a situation such as domain transfer. The person to be approached for questions related to the domain. Your e-mail address dropdown lists for your friends are preset from the e-mail address lists associated with your area.

Click Manage Contacts to refresh the contacts lists. Automatic Renewal defines whether a domain is extended 14 calendar Days before it expires. It is recommended to renew your domain automaticly so that nobody can buy your domain after time. It is recommended that you keep the Registry Barring activated unless you want to move the domain name to another Registry.

You will find this option under Registration Lock. And if your domain is currently being used on a shop and you want the shop to use a different customized domain, click Replace Domain from the drop-down list to change another customized domain. Any domain acquired by you that is not associated with a shop can be cancelled.

When a domain is released, the domain is immediately terminated and passed on to the registrar. In order to share a domain, click End Domain. This EPP-Codes entitles you to download the domain. Sign in to your account dashboard, click Domain names at the top of the page, and then click Manager to the right of the domain you want to administer.

In the Domain Detail area at the top of the page, click Submit EPP Code. In the same page, scrolling down to the Registration Block section, clear the Yes, check the Registration Block box for the domain under [your domain]. No, we do not allow domain names to be assigned to us. ICANN's validating procedure ensures that the Registry has a trusted way to communicate with the Domain Holder.

Refer to the Registrant Review FAQ on the OpenSRS website for domain review guidance.

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