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Beautiful BIG Emoji stickers for your texts, Facebook, WhatsApp, Kick, Snapchat and a variety of other messaging applications. In order to use the Big Emoji keyboard, the "Full Access" setting of the keyboard must be set to ON. Big Emoji Keyboard - Stickers for News, Text & Facebook in the App Store

  • Use the BIG Emoji sticker for your text, Facebook, WhatsApp, Kick, Snapchat and a variety of other message applications. - You can make your own EMOJISTICKERS from your pictures! - Choose from 100 free new emoji including: sweet emoji, sweet emoji, kiss emoji, make emoji friends, medium thumb emoji, thumb high emoji, ok emoji, taco emoji, brew emoji, drunken emoji.
  • Free Big Emoji keypad and sticker directly from the Messages application! - You will win additional Emoji in the Emoji Slots, including:, Emoji Marriage, Emoji Eating, Emoji Emo, Emoji Dogs, Emoji Cat, Emoji Pet, Emoji Pet, Emoji Religion, Emoji Christian, Emoji Scripture, & Emoji Religious, Emoji Sport, Emoji Chi, Emoji Chi, Emoji Babies, Emoji Mother, Emoji Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Emoji Christmas, Submit them for free via iMessage, other favorite Emoji messages applications, or as text (MMS).

To use the Big Emoji keypad, the "Full Access" option of the keypad must be set to ON. Turns out this is the only way how iPOS makes it possible to insert pictures from our keypad into an iMessage or other application. In addition, this Full Control option only gives us full control over the Big Emoji keypad.

What you enter into another keypad on your iPhone/iPad is not accessible to us, and we never keep tabs on the words or numbers you enter. An error with the purchase of sticker packages was corrected. Personally, I really enjoy this application, it's so simple to use that it has the keypad so you can do everything in one place without going back and forth.

I can hardly await to be informed that I have a free game to see what sweet little Emoji I am winning. Also, please include more emoji to make the costs of each kit worthwhile. but I don't like the fact that you have to put money on other mojis.

Nothing's free these days, I know, but paying for mojis?

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