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After registering for the 7-day free trial, I found only a few pictures that met my needs, and I would need a much larger amount of contents, but this site didn't have exactly what I needed to go forward, although the few pictures I download were of high resolution - it was far from being close to the amount of 35 free trial pictures.

So, I tried to terminate my bank accounts on the seventh but my bank transfer had already been debited and there was a note in my Bigstock bank transfer that my bank transfer would be debited 3 working days before. So, when I contested the fee on my ticket and told myself that I had already been switched to a "subscription" on the seventh trading day.... it took some emails back and forth, but finally Bigstock accepted to reimburse the fee and recommended 3-5 workdays.

So...maybe you try them out, but come to the decision to continue or thoroughly talk to them to stop your study 4 working days before the end of your 7 working day to prevent undesirable fees. As so many others, I registered for a free evaluation version and was included with an automatic one-year membership at $79/month, without my knowing or agreeing.

Unfortunately, I didn't see this on my monthly statement until a year later (this month), so I was billed $948 for a few February 2017 updates. In any case, BigStockPhoto didn't have the most high value photographs I needed for my bookshow, so I easily bought most of them from two other stock photography service providers.

Get away from BigStockPhoto!!!!!!!!! Registered for a monthly period and cancelled the automatic renewal on her website, but monthly later I find that she still charges me. My client support was horrible and they wouldn't reimburse me for several weeks if I obviously didn't use the help.

Bigstock just stole your cash. Test Bigstock memberships require you to provide your credentials and later you will find out why. At the end of a full week you will receive $79 with the start date as the first date of your free tryout subscription! They' ll be sending you messages about all the "FREE" things to help you believe you're still on probation while you're asking a hefty 79 dollars a months all the while, even if you're not looking at the website!

The free test and your approval of $79 a months will be the end of the honeymoon. You wouldn't give me any recognition, so I phoned Amex and got back to you. Horrible client services. You would not reimburse my funds after I cancelled my subscriptions and you kept charging me. After registering for a free evaluation, my £70 was immediately debited to my £70 free online payment account.

I still haven't got a response from support about the invoice failure or a reimbursement to my plastic during my seven-day free evaluation six full business anniversary with terminated members. With BigStock's free testing procedure, BigStock is quite misleading and I warn anyone considering the facility.

It attracts consumers with its so-called free study and then charges them for a whole months of service, regardless of whether they are consuming or not. If you are trying to contact service, reject the reimbursement and act like a felon..... After cancelling my unsub a long while ago, I just learned that I was billed $79.00 without knowing it.

Following the due termination procedure, I followed and reviewed everything so that I knew the conditions of the subscriptions where I had to do it again and did the same as before! I' m concerned that it still won't be cancelled because of this story, so I don't see why I'm being accused if I cancelled already month ago!

was unbelievably mocking. There are 3 cancellations requested on-line - yes, I am sure I want to do so. Don't suppose that the click is enough to abort the automatic invoice in the first or second menue - it is not. You automatically invoiced me on the subscriptions schedule before the schedule ended.

There is no reference to the fact that I am automatically invoiced three working days in advance. It is said that a given period is considered thirty (30) successive calendar months. You will not be notified by e-mail or text message that you will be invoiced for a fee.

You answered me, got my point and gave my cash back within 3 working days. I was asked by my business to do a free test to see if they or their rivals were better. Because the free evaluation version was so brief, I had to abort it before I could use it.

Instead of registering for another free evaluation, I was charged $91 instead. Immediately after I had not used a picture, I approached them and informed them of my error in thinking that they would pay me back so that I could resume the experiment. In spite of some adverse information on this subject, I am happy to be able to offer you a second check so that you know that I will receive a full 3-5 working day reimbursement.

Thanks BigStockPhoto and I sincerely trust that others can act with trust, that you are honest! I registered for a free evaluation and opted for a $59 month subscription. I used about 20 images and... forgotten to cancele. I paid $177 without using it, so I sent an e-mail to get it cancelled. BUT THEY WOULDN'T LET ME CANCELED!

No, not BIGSTOCKPHOTO! The BigStock has great pictures and videos for all types of project, that's the good part. When you begin a trailer subscription, please be aware that you will be billed 3 working days before your subscription is overdue. Even during your "trial period", if you miss a date, you will not get these files back.

You may not be able to use the material or pictures as you intend without raising some additional funds! All in all I think that Bigstock delivers great pictures and videos, very professionally done shit, but again be careful of the devil in the detail! Should I say that I have had a great deal of client support expertise, but your expertise may or may not be the same.

I have also registered for 2 attempts, but aborted before expiration. The system is however very instable, had to do it several times on one of them, but was still invoiced, so I continued to use it and successfully cancelled it after my first automatic invoice was debited. So I could never use the missing badges, it went on for a few whole nights and in the end I said, no matter, I want to unsubscribe and get my cash back, so they put a tag on myscription.

Free evaluation is cute, but make sure you void it before you receive an invoice. So I tried the free evaluation version and signed out before it was over, but they still charged me $95!!!!!!!! and now they won't even answer my e-mail where I demand a full refund for this scented fraud!

When I registered this weeks and got a bunch of great pictures, I cancelled my free evaluation before it ended. Humans have to reread the general conditions. Excellent services and great pictures. All the time Big Stock Photo bills me for a season ticket I don't even know I had.

Help me how to unsubscribe, please. My feeling is that I was cheated because my bank has 0 downloading datasets and no receipts for the $79 per month subscriptions. I' m sorry that I registered for the free evaluation version. Send an e-mail to and our customer support staff will be glad to help you.

Feel free to get in touch with us at and our customer support staff will be glad to assist you. We' ve answered you on Twitter and asked: "Please give us your e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Go to and click on "Live Chat" under Support at the bottom of the page.

Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail at and our customer support staff will be glad to assist you. Hello, Siow S. Thank you for considering Bigstock for your imaging needs. Because we want our clients to know exactly what they are registering for, how much they are billed and when they are billed, we want the information to be clear.

For us it is important that we show our clients mutual esteem and that we conduct Bigstock in an ethical manner. If you have any further queries about our subscription or invoice plans, please do not hesitate to email us at and our customer support staff will be pleased to help you. Discover million of fantastic royalty-free stills, pictures and more.

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