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Many thanks for choosing our topic! The online documentation helps you get started and provides all the information you need on your new topic. The Bitz WordPress Theme is a creative WordPress theme for news, blogs or publications. The Bitz is easy to manage with visual frontend and backend. The theme seems to be well structured from what I have seen in the source code of the Bitz theme of Themeforest.

MNKY - News & Publishing Topic from Bitz

An intelligent item pad item can show 10 different style articles in any format. There will be no duplication of contributions already displayed on the page if you wish. They can also select which information is to be displayed, for example, the show and hide of contribution excerpts. Contributions can be ordered according to all available criteria such as date, titles, contribution view and other criteria.

For example, you can show contributions from the grocery store categorie, but exclude all contributions with the day "Meat". If you work with Bitz, there's more to learn. You can fully customize your content by applying style to the items under the content item.

There are no more dull archival categories pages. With Bitz it is child's play to create nice items. Select from different fashions to highlight your work. Suppose you have chosen not to show the default text caption for the item, does that mean your item has no caption? themes examines what is shown and edits your tag if you opt to suppress some of the posting information.

In order to prevent duplication of information that is forwarded to searching machines, Metro tag will only be used when the item is not shown. When you want your site to be loved by your website's searchengines, the Bitz theme is the way to go. High-performance and intelligently structured theme choices make it possible to change the look and feel of your website with a few simple mouse clicks and without programming skills.

Enjoyment of varied free readings with an intelligent, gooey headers - it will hide when you scrolls down to view the item, and appear when you scrolls up. The Bitz theme has a user-defined timer that lets your users know if an item has been post "Just Now", "5 minutes ago" or " 3 Days ago"; after a weeks period, the default setting will be the timeframe you chose in WordPress preferences.

When an item is longer than the side bar, it always stays in the Viewer. Select the head texture, change the resize, change the colors or even put customized logo only for a particular head. Generated header files can be used on any page, posting or categorie to overwrite the standard page captions. Select effect, view previews and store - it's that easy.

The Bitz theme provides boundless advertising space. Ad Builder's unparalleled ad building capabilities with advanced features allow you to build ads and use them with our ad serving panel. Makes your articles unmistakable and provides your readers with important information. It is now simple to inform the readers that your item has been upgraded or that it is endorsed with our vibrant mail-tags.

We' ve put a great deal of work into making sure that our topic is prepared for seach-optimisation. The Bitz works with all common plug-ins for advanced web site management, so that you can align your web site with your own web site. Everything from the item name to the date of updating is correctly imprinted in your website HTML.

Full Scale Social Inclusion - this is what outlines what Easy Scale Social Shares Buttons contain plug-in. It really has no limit to what this plug-in can do, and we've set up our theme to work well with it. Societal splitting, societal consequences, after action, societal profile, analysis, optimisation of splitting and much more.

#1 WordPress slide control plug-in is built in and adds some great functions to the Bitz theme. You can now view your own online content directly on your website. Yes, you can also make fantastic post-based sanders. As soon as you have activated the slide control, you can easily turn the default WordPress Galerie into a slide control.

You don't have to individually append transparencies, just use the standard Append Media Buttons, pick the pictures in large quantities and pick the ad as a slide bar, that's all, beautiful. The Bitz has several different sub-menus types, among them mega-menus, full-width tabbed and full-width style, which can be used and mixed within each one.

Well, our specially related stories show more contributions to the reader basing on the category or tag they're currently in. This topic will support common comment engines like Facebook, Disqus, Google+ and more. With Bitz in your own or perhaps several different tongues at once? Perform paragraph or contents field for contributions.

Possibility to show items in the menue. Link to the next and preceding items after the user has completed the work. Categories and tag labels are shown when you use the standard page name. Page breaks for contributions, pages and archive. Several predefined quotation style blocks. Dedicated item for displaying up-to-date item information, useful for user-defined contributions.

Point-of-view counters with indicators of population.

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