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Please wait until you see the entries from our topic Black & White Photography! Unbelievable Black and White Photography Portfolio Examples of Portraits, Landscapes and Skateboarding Black and white photography has assumed a classical, reminiscent aura since the advent of colour in 1958. It is a universally applicable way for today's photographer to recreate a look back. The black-and-white photography can be a great challenge to stay interesting and vibrant - after all, the ultimate picture will not look like what you see through the finder.

In celebration of the artistic talents that are retreating from colour, we have compiled this roster of 20 artists who have a mastery of photographing black and white in their own styles. They' re proof that you don't need paint to tie up. Starting with the British Josh Nice, who documented scateboarders all over Europe, to the New York based Andre D. Wagner, who developed his own movie, these collections are setting the benchmark for what is possible in black and white.

Haruka Sakaguchi's black-and-white photography, which originated in Japan and is now located in Brooklyn, is full of vitality. No matter whether she makes portrait paintings or documents her environment on journeys through the United States and elsewhere, Sakaguchi's paintings are forceful and meticulously thought through. It uses a classical serial typeface to give her product range a professionally look.

The London boutique designer Rebecca Naen often films on 35mm and works with Coeval, Oyster and Client as well. It gives a brief introductory look at her portfolios with an overall view and organises the remainder of her work by splitting it into face-to-face and edited pictures. Headquartered in ?ód?, Poland, the Poles photographed the artist with a sharp focus on portrait and editing.

For her photography she has won a number of prizes, among them International photographer of the Year 2016, and she was admitted to New Dutch Photography talent in 2014. With a classical logotype, Serge keeps its product range easy. The Charlee Black is a Midwest resident geographer. Specializing in beautiful, close-up black-and-white portrait images, she shows them with a vertical scroll so that they attract the viewer's eye.

The London skateboard artist and London builder captured the achievements of a female skating team in open analogue film. Its black-and-white photography is particularly classical. Quickly presents its web site via a scrolling function of its best images, with a side bar menus referring to different sets. She is a Paris seated Filipino Charlotte Navio, a France photography artist.

Using a vertical scroll lattice motif, Navio displays her portrayals, many of which are classical black-and-white photographs. Hovering pastel-colored menus allow users to navigate to other pages in the suite without being distracted from their work. Lieke Romeijn, located in Amsterdam, makes wonderful, tender analogue profiles as well as photographs of the places she is visiting.

The Romeijn organises her pictures with a raster motif that makes it possible for individual serials to appear alone as complete works. The New York based artist Richard Rothman works in the regular collection of museums such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Museum and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Rothman's black-and-white photography is calm and contemplative, catching unforeseen deepness.

His work is immediately contextualized by using his About page as a homepage on his on-line inventory. Sarah Gallaun is a portraiture and photography specialist located in Austria. It blends black and white and colour imagery for a diverse and interesting on-line content mix. Andre D. Wagner works solely with analogue films and develops his own photographs in a traditionally dark room.

Its black-and-white pictures have a classical appearance. MAGNAGER shows his pictures one after the other and keeps the gallery brief. Cinthya Guillen, located in Southern California, specialises in analogue black and white photography. Their commuter series, which can be seen here, seems to show the most interesting railway station when surrounded by movie pictures.

In Guillen's work she uses a minimum subject, without much text, to concentrate on her work. High points of the portfolios of this Netherlandish artist are a convincing portraiture of Bredje Hofstede, the writer depicted here, as well as a black-and-white photographic campaign entitled Looking At The Other, in which Kars asked other passengers on the New York underground to take their picture.

Kar shows photographs individually for a minimum, distraction-free inventory. No matter if it is about taking pictures of old Utah remains or Montana hills (as seen here), the artist Rob Outlaw knows what a scenic is. For over thirty years, the incumbent US geographer has been recording the landscapes of the USA. Create an stylish on-line digital collection with a subtle gray backdrop that makes his black-and-white pictures popular.

Sebastian of Seattle, Seattle, is a specialist in analogue photography, recording distinctive black-and-white profiles and vivid road-shots. The aim of Avitanic is to take photographs that are simple, attractive and work in a classical, linear way. The organization of pictures in separated galeries with black-and-white profiles, colour pictures, pairs and other catagories provides an simple navigation on his portofolio site.

Besides two sets of self-portraits, she has also taken black-and-white photographs of a number of musicans. Often, her self-portraits, in which she often floats under water, are placed over plant pictures, giving the work an organically evocative, abstracted impression. Pernille Sandberg, a Berlin-Scandinavian living artist, photographs in black and white photographs of fashions and works of arts.

No matter if she creates abstracted profiles or documents background scenes on catwalk shows, Pernille's pictures are strong. It uses a minimum side bar subject to divide its works into classifications such as artwork, portraiture, and fashions. Darryl Richardson, a boutique photography professional, filmed zombies for Brooklyn's Flatbush and did background shootings for Hood By Air, Maison Kitsune and Alexander Wang.

Richard divides his portfolios into trendy and travelling photography, making it easier to navigate through his work. An ultra minimum meal adds a contemporary touch to its range. Jean-François Flamey, located in Belgium, makes mysterious photographs on video. Its black-and-white pictures are sinister, artistically blurred and capture short instants in space.

The New York based artist Lee Bullitt photographs private profiles on analogue films, which are often shot in black and white. Bulitt presents her work through a page that features a selection of photographic galleries, and contains seperate pages for her organic and media references to organize things. Your distinctive corporate identity will help make your product range unforgettable.

The black and white photographs of the British Jack French are unbelievably serene. "I am interested in how photography can be used to penetrate ever nearer and more deeply into nature," says French in his PortoGio. This minimalist approach suits the calm, reflective photography of the French.

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