Black White Wordpress Theme

White Black Wordpress Theme

WordPress black-and-white theme for black-and-white combo pages WordPress black-and-white theme is designed to appeal to all those enthusiasts of minimum web designs who want something minimalist and yet very appealing and contemporary. Top slide provides a pleasant viewing sensation with a full-screen image and is a standard slide with 10 sliders available with break times and motion controls.

You can change the slide control in the standard mode and any other slide control plug-in can be added and even converted into a videoslider. Specifically, the 6 smoothes we' ve been testing with this black and white WordPress theme are namely, the Accordion Clider, the Maestro Clider, the Metal Clider, the Crelly Clider, the Zyklon Clider 2 and the Layers.

Other sliders are available that are compliant with this theme. The topic also prides itself on the beautifully designed section on the homepage, which can be filled very simply via pages. That means no additional encoding beyond the WordPress kernel has taken place, and according to our testing standard, all encoding is done with great comments.

You can see that this black-and-white WordPress theme prides itself on being compatible with page building sites such as Biber-Builder, Site Builder, Site Origin, Elementsor, Visual Composer, and others, so you can easily append any of these building sites and build your own page layout as you like. WordPress's black-and-white theme was designed to be as vibrant as possible, with each individual item being represented by colour selections so that different colour selections could be made for the whole site.

The typographic typefaces with over 800 typefaces that are given in this topic can also be changed slightly, with subset and RTL options in Kirill and Roman, and custom character set that are also considered. And if that's not enough, this theme is compliant with most of WordPress's favorite plug-ins such as WooCommerce to give you simple accessibility to have an on-line shop that can be readily built within the website.

You can also have Contacts plug-ins, Events calendars, galleries, sliders, videoplayers and analyses, apart from anything else you want to do. The black -and-white WordPress theme was designed with an easy-to-use navigational system that also makes it accessible to everyone from mobiles to tablets.

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